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I woke up and stretched, yawning. I opened my eyes and saw eyes looking back at me. It's sad that I'm used to this weirdness by now.

"And who might you be?" I asked simply.

"Aele! He's awake, introduce yourself!" The red haired boy shouted, looking at an older girl, who's probably his elder sister.

"Aele" shook her head shyly and stepped behind a fellow green haired person, Suse, we met before.

"Aww, your no fun!" The boy shouted. He turned to me, "I'm Yoru Ikusane, my sister's a little shy, but she's Aele Ikusane."

"Hiya Mikuo, we met at my initiation. You slept through theirs lucky you." Susu remarked.

"Shut up Susu!" Yoru said putting his tongue out at the girl. She glared at him.

"What did you just say brat!?" Suika shouted. Yoru jumped up hiding behind me.

"Protect Yoru Mikuo!"

"I'd rather not… Why did you come anyway, I met you before or something…" I said, rubbing my eyes, grumpy from the rude awakening.

"Everybody does, even Yoru and others who've only been here a short while. You're the one whose going out on trial dates with a bunch of guys." Yoru said. I saw Aele twitch behind Suika.

"It's there something wrong with Aele… wait, get outta my room! I'm not even dressed yet!" I shouted. Yoru immediately jumped up and dragged his sister out of the room. Susu shrugged and followed.

"Some people I swear…" I mumbled. I heard a knock on the door.

"Oh, give me a second." I shouted, quickly brushing my hair and putting an outfit on.

Roro walked in with a large crowd of new faces behind him.

Prima pushed to the front of the crowd.

"Hiya Mikuo, since you overslept, we came here to introduce all the new Vocaloids to you. We've been finding a lot of good signers lately, so they all got initiated." Prima explained.

"You met Roro." Prima said.

"My real name is Yuma you know…" He mumbled.

"Then why'd you introduce yourself as Roro to me?" I asked. He shrugged.

"I can't think clearly around hotties?" He wondered. I blushed.

"And there's Mizki creeping in the back." Prima said, pointing at the black haired girl in a kimono, who was indeed creeping in the back of the crowd.

"Eh! I told you to let me creep, Prima!" Mizki shouted, "And he already knows me."

"I found the need to tell him, because it was funny." Prima said, clearing her throat, she continued.

"And the newbies here are people that SeeU introduced to the founders, Leon and Lola." Prima said.

"There's Aoki Lapis." Prima pointed at a girl with blue hair and a white and blue outfit with pale pastel colors. "Hello." She mumbled.

Prima sweat dropped, "It's alright, I guess, she's a bit shy, but a great performer."

"Then behind her is Cul." She referred to a girl in a black coat worn at her elbows, blood red hair, and piercing eyes. She smiled at me with a mischievous smile.

"You are the infamous Hatsune Brother!" She said. I shook her hand as she stuck it out. I twitched, realizing how many people where in my room.

"OCD?" Prima asked. I nodded vigorously and Prima rushed everyone out of my room and I calmed down.

"Hey! Mikuo, come out here so I can finish introducing everyone, well the last person per say….. But two more singers!" Prima shouted. I sighed, going into the hallway.

"There's Yukari Yuzuki, she's very cheery, so you'll never have quiet when she's in a mood." Prima said. A girl with lilac hair in two big braids and a black and pink hoodie with bunny ears on it waved at me. I waved back and she rushed over to me.

"I wane hang out with you! You seem cool!" She shouted as she pulled my arm. Cul ran out of the crowd.

"I met him first; I want to hang out with him." She shouted at Yukari. Both sent a death glare at one another.

"You both are aware he is gay right?" Prima asked.

"YES!" They both shouted at her while playing tug of war with me.

"Ok then, continue." She said. "While they do that, I will introduce you to the new security system, IA, a new vocaloid and the Vocaloid's security system. She usually will use a hologram to show herself, but we do have an android for her in the mansion."

A hologram formed in front of me, taking the form of a girl with long blonde hair.

"Hello. I am IA. I have to report an attempted brake in by a Mikuo Zatsune to Ms. Prima." IA said. Prima sighed.

"See him off the property." Prima ordered.

"Very well, it has been done. In case of problems, shall I alert Big Al or shall I activate the android IA?" IA asked.

"Alert Big Al in the case of an emergency." Prima ordered. IA bowed.

"Very well." IA said. She looked at me.

"It has been a pleasure meeting you Mr. Hatsune. Would you like to set an alarm so you do not oversleep again?" IA asked.

"No thank you, and called me Mikuo." I said. IA bowed.

"Mr. Mikuo, would you like me to remove Ms. Yuzuki and Ms. Cul from you?" IA asked. I nodded and a beam from the ceiling removed Cul and Yukari off me.

"You two should behave yourselves." IA said. "Is that all Mr. Mikuo?"

"Could you please just call me Mikuo? No honorifics." I said.

"Very well Mikuo." IA said, putting Cul and Yukari onto the ground.

"Would any of you like anything?" She asked. We all shook out heads.

"Very Well, I will begin preparation of Lunch with Ms. Meiko and Ms. Yowane now. I will alert the entire manor when the meals are ready." IA said before she vanished in pixels.

"If you ever need me, simply state so, I will appear; I have cameras, microphones, and hologram projectors in all places of the manor excluding the restrooms for privacy reasons. If you would like me to stop monitoring a specific room, call me a request it, the cameras, microphones, and hologram projectors will be deactivated in the requested room until you request it be reactivated, I will not deactivate anything in another person's room without their permission, nor will I show or play anything from another person's room without their permission." IA explained over a PA system before going quiet.

"She will help care for the mansion and with daily chores. She can be everywhere at once and never turns off, so call for her whenever, except in bathroom, she can't hear you in there." Prima said, before leaving with her hoard of new Vocaloids.

Yuma stayed behind with Yukari and Cul. IA reformed besides us.

"Excuse me, Ms. Yuzuki, Ms. Cul, Mikuo; I have 3 messages, 1 for each of you." IA said. "Firstly, let me apologize for forgetting to mention that I can relay information to other Vocaloids as long as they are in a part of the land I can access."

"That's alright." I said smiling. IA smiled back to me.

"The message is from Mr. Kamui, from the Main Hall, your refill of Anti-Obsessive Compulsive medication has arrived in the mail, I checked to make sure it had not been tampered with my Mikuo Zatsune." IA said, bowing. She turned to Cul.

"Ms. Cul, you have a phone call waiting in the Main Kitchen. He refused to reveal who he was to me, should I hang up on him?" IA asked. Cul shook her head.

"I'll go see who that is, thanks IA." Cul said, saluting the hologram as she walked away.

"Lastly, Ms. Yuzuki, you have a rehearsal scheduled with Ms. Kagamine, and Mr. Kagamine for this morning." IA said. "It is scheduled to begin in the next 10 minutes, and is in Rehearsal Studio 24."

Yukari nodded and waved by to me.

"IA, can you send a message to Piko for me?" I asked IA.

"I am sorry Mikuo, I cannot, Mr. Utatane is currently not at the Mansion." She said, bowing apologetically.

"Alright then, is Rinta in the building?" I asked. IA shook her head.

"No, the Elder Mr. Kagamine is not in the Mansion either." IA said, bowing apologetically again.

"Oi, you looking for Rinta?!" I heard a somewhat familiar voice shout at me.

"Ah, yes, news. I assume you have not noticed the holographic information bulletin I put in your room, I assume." IA said. "So, I will inform you that the Elder Ms. Kagamine has returned to the mansion from her trip."

"I was just coming to see that guy that stole both my brothers' hearts!" Lenka said as she walked over to me, tossing her arm over my shoulder. She's taller than me... I'm not masculine in the slightest….

"I'll kill you if you hurt them." Lenka said, her eyes shining a murderous yellow for a second before calming.

"I-I-I…" I stuttered, not knowing how to respond. She gave me a box.

"Since I was coming over here from the main foyer, I decided to bring you your meds." She said. "Don't go all OCD on me, that is unless you're cleaning bathrooms, IA can't clean those for us."

"I apologize Elder Ms. Kagamine." IA said bowing. Lenka waved at IA dismissing that subject.

"It's not a problem, I would rather have the privacy then an android cleaning my bathroom." She said. "It was sure dusty in there too…"

"So, I heard about your big dating game here, and while it makes you look like a slut, I'll admit it's entertaining. Just don't play with their hearts, got it?" Lenka said.

"I would never, its horrible breaking someone's heart…" I said. She smirked.

"Done it before? Ah, isn't it hard if you care about the person, just not in the way they care about you." Lenka said.

"I will excuse myself now, call if you need me." IA said before vanishing.

"It is... I wrote a song that Luka turned into a hit that was meant to break up with her…." I mumbled.

"You wrote "Just Be Friends"? You are as good a writer as they say you are then." Lenka said. She brushed her hair out of her face and pulled something out of a pocket on her jacket and held it out in front of my face.

"I can see it in your eyes. You've done so many things you regret." She said. "This here, is a special medication that will help you forget them. It's not addictive or illegal or anything, it just has some bad side effects. It helps you forget your guilt. Trust me, I'm sure I started them for a reason; a reason I don't recall anymore."

I looked at the small packet of pills. "These are extra's I had, my doctor said I don't need to take them anymore, my memory won't be coming back and it's a good thing."

I took them for her and looked at the medication.

"What kind of side effects?" I asked.

"Only one really, there's no guarantee you will forget the things you want to. It was pure luck it worked right on me. Just think of the thing you want to forget when you take the pill. Each time, it should be harder to remember that event clearly. Once you can't recall it at all, stop the pills, simple as that." She explained.

She walked away, pulling out her phone and dialing someone as she did so.

I looked at the pill and shook my head, stuffing them into my pocket. As I did so my phone rang.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Hello Mikuo." It was Piko. "I just got back from my appointment thing I had with Rinta about our next public appearance. Len should almost be done with rehearsal; you wanna come down to the main hall and wait for him so we can go to the mall?"

"Sure, I'll be down soon." I said smiling. We said bye to each other and hung up. I made my way down to the main hall, actually knowing how to get there.

"Mikuo, on your way to another long day?" Ritsu said as he walked down the stairs I was walking by.

"Yeah, tonight is my date with Len." I said, scratching the back of my head.

"Be careful, Luka's bound to want to sabotage you again at some point. We know Rin's working with her, then Kiku and Miki. Stay away from them." He told me.

"Yeah, I know. I'm careful. I'm going out with Piko, Luki, Rinta, and Len. I'm sure I'll be fine." I said. Ritsu crossing his arms and sighed.

"I'd send Ruko to watch you from the shadows, but with her height it's kind of hard. And I don't have any quiet shoes." He mumbled. "I'm going to ask your sister to keep an eye on you."

"What? Why? She won't be able to be quiet for the life of herself! She'll embarrass me in front of the boys…" I exclaimed. Ritsu sighed.

"Fine then, I suppose I'll keep an eye on Luka throughout the day. I'm going to call you every once in a while though. After Rin nearly killed you, I'm being cautious." Ritsu said, he flipped his hair and walked past me down the hallway. I kept walking, passing many other Vocaloids, where we would just give each other a quick greeting and keep walking.

"Mikuo! Mikuo! Have you met IA?! She's so cool!" Iroha shouted as she ran up from behind me.

"Slow down Iroha! Let me catch up…" Kaiko said panting as she caught up to Iroha. Iroha rubbed the back of her hand and smiled.

"Yeah, I met her, she is cool." I said.

"We're getting a bunch of new recruits lately! Soon we'll be all overshadowed!" Iroha said worriedly.

"Nobody could forget you two, what are you talking about?" I said.

"B-but, SeeU is really pretty, and Mew's got a great voice! Th-then who could forget CUL's red hair and Yukari's so cute! Then IA's all cool and High tech!" She said.

"Nobody's going to forget you." I told her, I looked over and saw Kaii walking by.

"How about you go make a friend with one of the newbies?" I said, suddenly realizing that I'm still technically a newbie, only being a Vocaloid for several days.

"Ok…" Iroha mumbled. She grabbed Kaiko.

"Let's go meet someone new!" she said happily running towards Kaii, scaring the girl to death, dragging Kaiko with her.

"I'm meeting everyone before I even make it to the main hall." I mumbled.

"Mikuo, could you please come into their room for a second?" IA asked, pushing open a door. She must be in her android body.

"Alright, what is it you need IA?" I asked.

"Oh, I just need help moving something. I'm afraid I may break it with this body's lack of gentleness." She said. I nodded and walked into the room in front of IA. I heard the door slam behind me and looked back. I went for the doorknob, seeing it was locked, likely held back my IA's android too.

"It's not going to budge, Hatsune." Someone said, spitting my last name like it was poison. The voice is familiar.

"I have the controls of the mansion if I control IA."

I turned and saw the person sitting on the fancy armchair; her white hair sprawled across it messily as she sat with legs crossed, a remote in her hand, smiling at me evilly with shining red eyes.

"Sukone Tei? Why?!" I shouted at the intruder. "How?!"