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Day 5 Friday Part 2

Tei Sukone

"I do really, really hate you." Tei said looking at me. "I hate all of you vocaloids, you having had me locked in an asylum really didn't help." She brushed white hair from her red eyes, hatred glaring down at me.

"How did you even get in here?" I shouted at her. I was afraid. I've seen a taste of what she could do…. And Miku told me stories of the evil mastermind Sukone Tei that tired to take down the Vocaloids and kill them all. To believe Luka could attempt to get her help after that…

"IA? Why are you holding that doorknob?" A voice! Someone's out there they could help me!

"Oh it seems to be locked from the inside, I'm searching for the operation to unlock it." Ia said with a kind voice.

"You can do that! That's kinda creepy." It's Cul! Cul could definitely help me.

I opened my mouth to shout but…

"Told bother, this room is completely sound proof. The only one how could have helped you would have been IA herself, but she's helping with the situation…" Tei says smirking. She jumped down from her high perched throne and stood in front of me.

"You're the popular boy. You've been a vocaloid for all of 5 days but the whole world has gone completely crazy over you." Tei said, the tone of insanity in her voice going haywire all over the place.

"I could sing you a song… before I truly do what I want with you."Tei said. Spotlights suddenly shined on her as she climbed back up to her throne.

IA: "Alerting all VOC LOIDs."
Tei: From now on, I'M going to be the main character
"If you have any objections, then please leave."
IA: If you have any objections, then please leave

Tei: You should be scared
Because I'll destroy you in the most brutal way possible

IA: "Suddenly, a notification appears."
Tei: From now on, I will become one with the world's rules
"If you have any objections, then please leave."
IA: If you have any objections, then please leave

Tei: You should be scared
Because I'll destroy you with the most brutal torture possible

The light changes into darkness
This world of 0s and 1s falls to the ground
I will control this world
And when I do, I will be known as GOD

The sky radiates ultramarine as everything ends
Yes, this living robot has a message to tell everyone


Tei: "All VOC LOIDs, listen well."
From now on, your voices will never be used again
"I alone will lead all of your existences."
A special existence will lead the world

I will control all of you
Because I am the most appropriate for the job

"I don't like that song! It makes fun of my dear Mikuo!" A voice shouts, breaking through the wall with a huge chainsaw. Black hair shined alongside leather as two figures jumped in.

"Normally I'd follow the saying 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend', but it seems that isn't that case her, is it Tei?"

"Zatsune…. What are you doing here! What do you care what I do to the Vocaloids?!" Tei shouted. Miku Zatsune stood there, Mikuo Zatsune brandishing a chainsaw in front of her.

"I had planned a visit to the Vocaloids, and I was going to pull a little stunt to ruin their recording material, but the android blocking the door to this room was suspicious." Miku says.

"And I couldn't find my Mikuo!" Mikuo Z. shouted at Tei. Tei glared daggers at him and the two gave off a deadly aura. I stepped back, falling against the door turned into a wall by the heavy android on the other side."

"I do want the Vocaloids to go out of business, but I would never want them dead. I'd have a weird sense of lose if they were to die." Miku says. "Mikuo, do whatever you wish with the psychopath and we'll save your precious Mikuo."

I wasn't sure if I should be happy or scared still. I was being saved from one psychopath, to be handed over to another psychopath who just saved me.

Mikuo dashed forward the chainsaw brandished and Tei confronted him. Mikuo swung over towards her head and she ducked and punched him in the side. He didn't even budge and swung the chainsaw down at Tei. Tei jumped back, some of her hair being chopped off.

"What's with you? A pressure point should have had you collapsing onto the floor!" Tei shouted. Mikuo gave her a killer slasher smile.

"That was a weakness, and I make sure to get rid of weaknesses." Mikuo says running towards her at a furious speed and swinging the chainsaw at her again. She jumped away and it drove through the wall. A huge gash in the wall soon brought attention.

"What's going on in there!" "The wall!" Voice after voice of vocaloids shouted.

"IA! What's wrong with you?!" The commotion was rising.

"Mikuo!" I looked over and saw Dell looking at me through the gash in the wall. The fight soon traveled to my side of the room and I dashed over the gash in the wall on the other side of the room. I looked at Dell through the hole.

"Help! Please!" I shouted desperately. He nodded and I saw him rush over. I heard huge slams.

"What are you doing Dell! You can't move her she weighs a ton!" I heard Haku shout nervously.

"Someone find Big Al!" He shouted. "Help me move her, Mikuo is trapped in there with fighting psychopaths!"

"Let me try!" I heard Taito and Akaito rush in to help too, followed by the voice of Kaito, Gakupo, and my sister.

"Mikuo! Mikuo, are you ok?" She shouted. I heard the vroom of the chainsaw get louder and I turned. I saw Tei jump out of the way as Zatsune dashed towards me with the chainsaw. I immiedately ducked and the chainsaw went into the wall again, making the hole into a "x" shape.

"Ahhhhhh! That almost hit me!" Miku shouted from the other side.

"Grow a pair Hatsune!" I heard Miku Hatsune shout at me.

"Have you forgotten about the hole we came in through?" She asked me. I looked at her and immediately ran for the hole. Suddenly the huge chair Tei had sat in before flew over my head. I ducked and it flew into the hole.

"I won't let my prey get away! Just let me finish playing with these competing predators." Tei said, dodging more attacks from Mikuo. I looked back and suddenly heard a big electric pulse along with a huge flash of light.

"Piko! Piko are you alright?!" I heard people shouting.

I rushed through the danger and looked through the x in the wall and saw a burnt Piko lying on the ground. Kaiko and Iroha surrounding him, Cul, Rinka, and Len among many others had joined the attempt in trying to move IA out of the way.

I'd felt so loved….

I suddenly saw a large chunk of metal on the ground. The adrenaline peaked again. I felt that urge like back then. When I had first killed….

Without even thinking I picked up the dagger shaped debris and threw it. It flew straight into Tei's arm and she stumbled. Mikuo Zatsune suddenly kicked her and she flew into the wall. I saw her blood red eyes glare at me as she dodged another swing from the chainsaw.

"You piece of shit! You don't deserve to be a vocaloid! To don't deserve to be alive!" She shouted in pure rage. She dashed at me faster then she had been moving before. It almost felt like my life should have been flashing before my eyes and she stopped in front of me.

A huge pole crashed through the wall with a x behind me and struck Tei on her side. She flew into the wall on the other side of the room. I saw blood splatter out of her mouth.

"This is really ruining my sleep you know." Ruko grumbled from behind me. I turned around wucikyl and saw her towering over me, a huge scythe in her hands.

"Well, it's not like you don't sleep all the time!" Ritsu shouted at Ruko.

"Mikuo!" Everyone immediately grabbed me and pulled me away. Suddenly the wall crumbled behind Tei and arms shot through it grabbing her and holding her in the air.

Ruko stood in front of us as well retreated back.

"Calm down! This is enough for today!" Shouting reverberated through the wall. Big Al held Tei in the air with Prima walking up behind them.

"This troublemaker got out of the asylum…" Prima grumbled. "They really should tell us something important like that!" She immediately pulled out her phone and turned around.

I felt arms suddenly wrap around me gently.

"Are you alright Mikuo?" I immediately stiffened up.

"She didn't hurt you know did she you poor thing?" Luka holding my head close to her chest.

"She almost did…" I grumbled angrily.

"You! Pink haired witch, you planned this didn't you when you let me out?!" Tei shouted. She kicked her leg into the air into a split and kicked Big Al in the face. He stumbled back and dropped her on the ground. She kicked in him and he fell onto Prima. She pulled the remote out from her sleeve and began vigorously pushing buttons.

"This woman set me up! Kill her! Kill her!" Tei shouted. The door exploded as IA dashed through it. Luka dropped me and turned and I felt Miku grab me and throw me over her shoulder as she ran out of the way. Ia dashed through but hit no one. Luka has dodged to the side, held bridal style in Gakupo's arms.

"Kiku." Luka whispered with a sadistic smile on her face. The red hair assassin dropped from the roof and cut clean through the android with her cleavers. She looked over at me and then Miku.

"Should I take the traitor too?" Kiku asked.

"Are you going to hurt Miku? That would make Mikuo sad!" Zatsune Mikuo shouted dashing at Kiku. He swung his chainsaw down at her and she parried with her cleavers. The cleavers crack and Kiku jumps back.

"Take me out of here, Gakupo, it's scary." Luka says in a fake innocent voice. Kiku looks back and jumps back with them.

"Stop it Mikuo!" Miku Zatsune shouts. "We've done as much as they'll let us do before they turn on us as well." Mikuo Zatsune looks at her and sighs, stopping the chainsaw and walking back to Miku Zatsune.

"There is your favor, I don't owe you anything any longer." Zatsune said, facing towards Ritsu, and the crowd of Vocaloids. Yuma looked at me and I turned away. I pushed myself onto my feet and Miku hugged me.

"Are you OK Mikuo?! I was so worried about you! I should send you home! It's too dangerous!" Miku shouts. I shake my head.

"No! I want to stay, I'll be fine." I say smiling at her. I look to the corner and see Rin sneaking off and I sigh. A lot of people surely have it out for me…

"Uhhhhhh…. It's alright if I just… clean all this up…." I mumble.

The urge has never been so strong.

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