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It was prom time at McKinley High and things were hectic. Prom king and queen campaigning had started and prom posters had gone up covering the walls. A shaggy blonde hair boy was walking down the hallways in school on his way to his next class. He turned his head and saw a crowd of people surrounding a poster , he shook his head and continued walking down the hall. At the end of the hall there was a poster for prom queen and king. He looked at it; there she was the most beautiful girl he'd seen smiling next to a douchey looking boy. He lifted up his right hand and covered up the boy's picture.

"Finn Hudson you can go die." Sam muttered under his breath. He looked at the girl and smiled. He closed his eyes and reopened them. He was sadly with Santana now, and she treated him like trash. Just the other day Santana had told Sam to go to a doctor's office to get his mouth resized. It was Santana's job to make Sam's life a living hell. to make fun of Sam's mouth. Your mouth this, your mouth that, Hey trouty mouth. He was so done with it, but he couldn't break up with her he was still hurting from his breakup with Quinn.

Quinn Fabray wasn't head cheerleader anymore but she was still pretty popular. She turned the corner in the hall and saw a group of people surrounding her prom queen poster, she smiled with satisfaction and looked down the hall. She saw Sam her ex-boyfriend looking at her other prom queen poster. She looked down at her feet and smiled. He had been the perfect boyfriend and she hadn't treated him the same. She looked down at the ring on her finger, she always wore it. When Finn asked her about the ring, she told him that it was a ring her mom gave her. But in reality, Sam had given it to her and it was the sweetest thing ever. Quinn had forget about Sam , she had hurt him bad plus she was dating Finn now, even if it was just to get the crown. She had to get to her next class so she continued walking down the hall. She knew she would be passing Finn's locker on the way so she put on her best fake happy smile and walked towards Finn but she suddenly stopped and anger burned in her eyes. Finn was laughing and talking with Rachel. That wasn't the worst of it. After Rachel turned to leave Finn grabbed her shoulder, turned her around and hugged quickly pulled awat from him

"Finn your dating Quinn now stop hugging me all the time!" Rachel exclaimed before smiling at him and walking away. Quinn decided not to even bother talking to him so she just walked past Finn and didn't say a thing.

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