(Fade to: Hospital lounge)

Ed: I'm never letting you be the narrator ever again.

Gail's Inner Monologue: Whatever.

Ed's Inner Monologue: So, in the end, this episode makes new plotholes. The rangers wait for another monster whole Kent, Bebe, and I continue our journey of something important. Something very important.

TJ: Man, entertaining those kids was hard to do.

Kent: I know. But at least we spread smiles.

TJ: All you did was purposely hurt yourself.

Kent: To be comic relief.

TJ: It was pretty funny.

Kent: It's amazing what you can use to hurt yourself in a hospital.

TJ: Ironic isn't it?

Kent: Yeah.

Ed's Inner Monologue: But I think we forgot something important.

Gail: So what did you find at the hospital.

Kent: Oh it was a security camera. It had footage of something.

Gail: What was it?

(Flashback to: The hospital)

Bebe: Guys, check this out!

Kent: What is it?

Ed: It's the hospital security camera.

Bebe: Yeah and check out Easter, when Ben was checked in.

(The hospital footage is Ben in bed. He struggles and eventually wakes up. He gets off the bed and walks out the room)

Kent: What?

Ed: That is unreal.

Bebe: I know right?

(End of flashback)

Ed: Nothing important.

Bebe: Nope nothing.

Gail: You're lying. I'll get the truth out of you guys somehow.

(She walks away)

Kent: Yeah, she will. Sooner or later. I pick eventually.

Ed: Yeah.

Gail's Inner Monologue: Wow. They all know I can get a secret out of Kent.

Kent: I heard that!

(They all laugh)

(Fade out)