Author: Geri k : This is a story that I wrote nearly five years ago and posted elsewhere I am fixing my errors as I go probably won't catch them all, but that is life.
Rating: PG
Time Period: AU TPM and beyond
Characters: Obi-Wan, Anakin, Xanatos, Qui-Gon -Jedi/Sith.
Genre: Angst, Drama Obi-torture (not graphic)
Disclaimer:Star wars belongs to George Lucas and Xanatos belongs to Jude Watson and I am just writing for fun.

Summary: Qui-Gon makes the biggest mistake of his life, although he had help in doing so. Nevertheless he sets in motion events that will have a lasting effect on everyone around him.


("What?" )

(What! Master Please No!)

The query shot through Obi-Wan's mind, his attention was immediately drawn to his Master Qui-Gon Jinn. He couldn't believe what he'd just heard. Qui-Gon was boldly standing in the middle of the Council Chambers with his hands on his hips. He'd just shattered the confidence and faith of two young humans, with those few damming sentences.

Obi-wan almost lurched forward at the spoken words and had to shift his feet to steady himself.


The young boy Anakin was thoroughly confused, and hurt by words he didn't understand. In Anakin's mind he thought Qui-Gon really liked him as a person - not because he was something-chosen- (whatever that means)he thought. Qui-Gon had promised him that he would be a Jedi.

Anakin had saved them by competing in the Boonta eve pod races. He'd won enough money to repair Qui-Gon's ship and Qui-Gon had freed him from slavery. Anakin presumed Qui-Gon was going back to Tatooine with lots of Jedi to rescue his mother. He'd even said as much to Anakin.

Anakin remembered what Qui-Gon told him. (I only have enough money to free you child, but one day slavery will be abolished and we shall save your Mother and others like her.) Yet this! -These things he was saying now - How could he say that!


The Council was mortified, that a Master of Qui-Gon's status and training would say what he had just said. Each member of the Council was infuriated that he would belittle and humiliate his Padawan of eleven years in such a way. They sensed Qui-Gon's resentment through the Force, all because the Council had refused to bow to his demands. They felt his fury that they hadn't immediately agreed to his interpretations in allowing Anakin to become a Jedi, and elevating his Padawan to a Knight without facing the trials.


Obi-Wan stiffened and tried to clear his mind of the sinking feeling that permeated his soul, the feeling of rejection, of morbid humiliation. He quickly glanced around the room and felt discomfit radiating from the venerable Council members. Could it be pity he saw in their eyes! No… it was more than that… it was utter disbelief...

The unacceptable words that his Master had uttered kept screaming through Obi-Wan's mind. (Had this boy been an average- force sensitive child- and not the chosen one, I would not have brought him here, and I would abide by your decision not to Knight my apprentice. But my apprentice - is- ready for the trials, and I have nothing more to teach him. If you do not agree with me, then it is my duty to the force to relinquish all other commitments I had, and 'I will' train the boy! Therefore, unless you agree to 'knight', my apprentice, and allow the Chosen one's training to commence, I must discharge him in favour of the chosen one!" Qui-Gon exclaimed glaring at the council members. He- is- the chosen one! Can't you see that? The one prophesised to bring balance to the force! He is more important than any padawan and must be trained".)

Obi-wan thoughts were reeling. ("What! he is going to discharge me!... How can I be ready for the trials, when my own Master told me only yesterday that I still have much to learn, and I should keep my focus in the here and now. I know I'm not ready… the Council knows I'm not ready... My Master knows I'm not ready… So why is he doing this... This cannot be my master speaking. Is he so obsessed with prophesy that he would push me aside so he can train his perceived chosen one, and even so, how could he lay such a burden on Anakin telling a child that he is the prophesised one. Anakin is too young to handle such a responsibility and he doesn't even call Anakin by his name.)

Obi-wan glanced at Anakin and saw the shaken expression on his face. Qui-Gon had practically told Anakin he was only worth training because he was the chosen one, how could Qui-Gon do that to Anakin... What was he thinking…..? Was he even thinking…. or has the idea of being the discoverer of the prophesied Chosen one, relieved him of his rational thoughts. Has he gone mad?


Anakin shifted back a step so he was standing next to Obi-wan, and he looked up beseechingly at Obi-Wan with painfully sad blue eyes. Obi-wan felt compelled to comfort him and placed his hand on Anakin's shoulder and smiled a heartbreaking smile as he squeezed gently…...

Anakin glanced at Qui-Gon for any explanation, but he was standing facing the Councillors with his hands on his hips, waiting for an answer to the statements and demands he had just presented them. At that moment Anakin realised, that it wasn't him as a person that was important…. it was a myth, a legend about prophesies. Qui-Gon was prepared to abandon his apprentice, just like that, so he could be the Master of the chosen one.

Anakin had read about myths and legends on the ship's computer coming back to Corruscant. When Anakin had heard Qui-Gon speaking to Obi-Wan about something called prophesy, he had asked one of the handmaidens if there was any information about it. The handmaiden opened the files on the computer so Anakin could read about it.

Anakin was certain Obi-Wan didn't know that Qui-Gon was going to do what he had just done, because they had talked about being an apprentice on the ship, and he remembered Obi-Wan telling him that he'd been Qui-Gon's apprentice for eleven years and would not be knighted for another year or more. He still had many things to learn and Anakin liked Obi-Wan he was kind to him on the ship, as matter of fact Anakin didn't see much of Qui-Gon the whole trip, it was Obi-Wan who fed him and tucked him in bed. Not Qui-Gon!

He looked back into Obi-Wan's eyes and they were misty. He smiled and Obi-Wan smiled back, however it was a sad smile. Qui-Gon had hurt Obi-wan too, and had hurt him badly. Anakin was getting angry, and he began to shake, but Obi-Wan squeezed his shoulder and Anakin sensed Obi-wan calming him.


The young man and young boy seemed to be frozen to the spot waiting for a response from the Council.

"Master Jinn! Have you lost your senses?" One Councillor said trying to stay calm.

"Your duty is to the Jedi Order, not a Prophesy!" Another Councillor exclaimed.

"Your duty is also to your Padawan and we are appalled at your behaviour. We are shocked that you would stoop to this bizarre conduct, and especially in front of your Padawan, and young Anakin. The council will not abide your destructive words, you are censured…. Please stand down and wait in the reception chamber for us to call you back in here." Master Windu said standing to face Qui-Gon.

"What! I am censured. 'Why' I have only told the truth; the chosen one must be trained, I have to make you see that." Qui-Gon blurted out not remembering his place.

"What we see Master Jinn, is a Master who has disparaged and humiliated two young beings both of whom at this point look to you for guidance and assistance. Neither of which you have given! - Now leave this chamber and wait for us to recall you." Master Windu stated.

Confusion filled Qui-Gon's face for a second and he spun around taking in the mortified looks on the council members faces and lastly his eyes met those of Obi-Wan and then Anakin's. ("My apprentice is ready for this task I felt it through the force? I am honouring him in what I want him to do.") Yet what Qui-Gon saw when he turned to face them both was desolation, heartbreak and resentment, both boys were visibly distressed. Qui-Gon attempted to open his bond, yet all he sensed was an echo of (What! Master… Please No!)And now all he could sense was a jumble of feelings, pain, humiliation, and shame fleeting across the bond.

Qui-Gon drew the Force around him trying to dispel the slight headache he had. He pulled his shields even tighter than they were before. He felt he had spoken logically and yet they were looking at him like he was an ogre. He stared at the boy, who was practically clinging to Obi-wan, and he could feel an immense amount of anger and resentment, but he couldn't tell where it was coming from. He looked back at Mace who was standing in front of him ordering him to leave. He had no choice and he turned suddenly and strode toward the door. (What is wrong with them all?") He thought as he left the room.