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It's almost insane how often Wesley got his ass kicked on a daily basis. The Repairman. The Butcher. Then Recovery. Then the same routine again. But today was different. Fox was quiet. Well, quieter than she usually was. She was sitting with him in Recovery. He'd just woken up.

"We have a surprise for you today."

Wesley blinked, getting the last of the candle wax out of his eyes. "I have a feeling it's not the kind of surprise I'll like."

Fox smiled a little bit. "Because it isn't. You have a new trainer. Get to the textiles in ten minutes and you'll meet her.", she said simply. She stood and walked out, not waiting to hear his response. Wesley just merely sighed, sitting in the boiling water.

Ten minutes. He was always a little bit early when it came to Fox. Mostly because, well, he didn't want to get his ass kicked more than was nessecary. Though she wasn't alone today. There was another woman with her, slightly shorter, and all he could see of her was the tan trench coat she had on and her black and blonde highlighted hair. Fox looked up and met his eyes, making a small motion with her hand to summon him. Wesley made his way over quietly, and nodded to his trainer.

Fox gave a small smile. "Wesley. This is your new teacher, The Gymnast."

The woman turned around and now Wesley could see her. She was pretty, with sweet features. Her golden eyes had a thin outline of black eyeliner, pink cupid's bow lips and a tan complexion. The pale blonde highlights he'd seen from the back of her head were strategically placed yet somehow random. She was thin from what he could tell, and she came up to maybe his chin. This lady was going to train him?

She gave him a smile, and offered her hand. "Hi, Wesley. Don't worry, I'm not going to beat you too bad like the rest of these bullies do.", she said with a voice like a light bell. The Gymnast looked back to Fox. "So. Where's my room? This kid'll be fun to work with."

Fox smiled her signature smile again, and motioned for them to come with her. Up the stairs to the top floor, where he could overlook the entire compound from just the window. The Gymnast liked what she saw up above their heads. Rafters. Lots of good points in this room. Fox took her usual seat in the corner to watch the festivites.

"Wesley," the Gymnast said, "I've seen how you perform when fighting. I've heard from Fox that you are doing wonderfully. But you focus too much on avoiding being hit just by dodging. Well, I'm going to teach you something different. How to avoid attacks completely and come at your opponent without being seen. You have to be quiet. I know it's hard, I know. When your adrenaline is pounding it's hard to be quiet. But you'll learn. I'll teach you. By the end of it all, a falling leaf will make more noise than you. Being an assassin is about more than getting to your target to kill them. You also have to get away when everything's said and done. Please mind you this will only be if you HAVE to get close. Most jobs you can do from far away, but we all get the occasional job where we have to get close. It sucks."

She sighed before tossing her trench coat to the corner of the room and taking off her shoes. She was wearing a small pair of black flats that led up to her leggings. A long red tank top covered her torso down to about the middle of her thighs. "I'm going to teach you to use every part of the room EXCEPT the door to get out. We'll focus on that first, then eventually move on to using the room to attack."

Wesley almost gulped, and did himself a favor by taking off his shoes and the oxford sweater he had on. He could see right then that he'd be sweating a lot and he did not want to get his father's sweater all nasty.

This was going to be an interesting day.

Almost three hours after his meeting with the Gymnast, Wesley was back in recovery. He sighed, letting the hot water and candle wax do it's thing for him. She'd been telling him the truth when she said she wouldn't beat him as bad as the others, but she had beat him. Mostly when he'd missed something incredibly simple, such as climbing on a desk to get to a rafter and out of her reach or using a coat rack to jump down onto the floor. He'd been surprised when she started throwing things at him, but she'd rationalized it by saying that someone in a panic would use whatever they had on hand as a weapon to keep him at bay if even for one or two more seconds. The dictionary had left a pretty little mark maybe half an inch from his temple. But he breathed deeply and relaxed for the time being before he was called to another fight or more training.

"Hey, Fox. Where's Cross? I havn't seen him since I got here and he's usually the first one to greet me."

Fox stopped rubbing her gun and looked at her long-absent friend. "Cross broke the code. He left. Killed another on his way out too."

The Gymnast looked at her with raised brows, her gold eyes clearly confused. "Well that doesn't make any sense.", she muttered. Cross had never been one to do anything without good reason, let alone break code. No one broke code. She looked back down at Fox and sighed. "Well. He was a great man. I feel sorry for whoever has to hunt him down. They've got a fight coming their way."

"That's why we brought you back," Fox said quietly. "You're training the person we're getting to kill him."

The Gymnast looked down again, but not so much in confusion this time as in shock. "Wesley? No, that won't work. Fox, he's far too sweet-hearted to take Cross out. You'll get him killed."

Fox blinked, deciding it would be best for her and Wesley to not know the truth just yet. "No. He'll do it, and he'll succeed. Just watch."

Her friend closed her eyes and shook her head. Now she didn't feel so good about training the kid. There was something they weren't telling her. She could tell that much.