Wesley, sitting in the living room, waited while the girls got ready for the picnic, a process that seemed to take an inordinate amount of time. After all he'd managed to prepare himself in less than half an hour. Donning his baby blue shirt, the one that went so well with his cream colored summer suit, had reminded him of his mother and last Christmas when she'd given it to him. Dressing casually had taken less time than putting on his usual Watcher's suit and he'd started wondering if he could forgo the formality of his usual outfits when Aidan stepped into the room. As the man's appearance reminded him of Grace's comment at breakfast, when she'd called him Aidan's evil twin, Wesley pinched his lips together. When he'd asked her to explain, she'd muttered something about their color schemes, how Aidan's silver hair and dark clothes contrasted with Wesley's dark hair and pale suit. He didn't see how that made him evil. If anything they were mirror images of each other or more along the lines of those tricks with photographic film that switched colors to their opposites.

"Do you have a minute? I've got a question," Aidan said.

Glancing toward the stairs that led to the bedrooms where the girls were getting ready, Wesley said, "Apparently I have a good number of minutes. We were supposed to have left ten minutes ago, but Claire, Grace, and Faith haven't even made it downstairs yet. I'm not sure what's taking them so long. I'd thought they were appropriately dressed this morning."

"Good," Aidan said. "My study." Leading the way, Aidan added, "I understand you're thesis was on daemoniogenesis?"

Wesley, who'd been wondering why people seemed to ignore half of everything he said, glanced up, his eyes wide with surprise. "Yes," he agreed, a hint of a smile replacing the frown he hadn't been able to keep at bay as he'd sat there waiting. "My focus was on the creation of werewolves. While some of the more modern researchers, such as Collins, believe the transformation is caused by purely physical, that is chemical, changes in the blood, I agree with DeRosa that there is a more mystical component, the prima daemoni, a pure demonic energy, that is the true cause of the changes. If we could only learn more of it's nature, werewolves might not need to change at all. The curse could be completely negated."

"I'm more interested in the Hellborn."

Wesley, who'd been leaning forward, engaged in the discussion, sat back. "But that's nothing more than a myth."

"I've been told DeRosa's On Demons devotes three chapters to the Hellborn with at least two dozen pages theorizing how daemonion can be made human again."

"But, but Evans discounted those theories over fifty years ago," Wesley said.

Aidan waved that aside. "Evans was an idiot. What do you recall of DeRosa's theories?"

Before Wesley could reply, there was a short knock on the door and then Brigit stepped in. "Sorry for the interruption, but if you want to come to the picnic, we need to go now before Grace decides to change again."

"He's busy," Aidan said, his voice sounding so firm that Wesley was surprised when Brigit said his name and missed her question.

"What?" Wesley asked.

"I said are you sure you'd rather stay here?" Brigit replied.

Wesley glanced around the book filled room. "Actually, yes," he said, trying to sound apologetic. "I so rarely get an opportunity to discuss my thesis, you see."

"The Hellborn?" Brigit asked.

"Well, they weren't my specific focus, but I do have a good understanding of them. How did you know?"

While Brigit was shutting, not replying to Wesley's question, Aidan said, "Back to those theories, I don't suppose you took any notes?"