eatspeaches: Sort of drabblish. First in an AU series of connected oneshots. Relationships and pairings are kind of whimsical and arbitrary, partially because I like to experiment and partially because I have a taste for crack. Others are because I have OTPs. Regardless, I hope you can enjoy.

Chapter 1 Summary:
Title: Dynamic
Characters/Pairings: Naruto, Sakura.
Subject: Naruto has so much he wants to do. He never stops moving. And then, he meets Sakura.

Backyard Jungle: Dynamic

Naruto was five years old. He hadn't been around very long, but he had a lot to say and a lot he wanted to do. Slay dragons, save princesses, be a great musician like his (SUPER COOL!) momma, become a good dad like his dad, beat Grandpa Jiraiya at video games, finish reading the new book Shizune-neechan brought him...Naruto's mind was full of all the great things he wanted to do.

He was going to beat Ino-chan from kindergarten at the alphabet game, and be the fastest kid in the class by the end of the year, and go to the same elementary school as all his friends (Ino-chan and Kiba-chin and sometimes Uchiha Sasuke, if he was being nice) and even if he wasn't smart he'd be the best at sports and music! (The music part was important! Naruto loved music!)

There was so much to do! And there were only seven days in a week and …..twenty-four(he was pretty sure) hours in a day to do it all, and on Saturdays he had to go to the karate dojo with dad, so that was less time to do his favorite things. That meant he always had to be moving! There wasn't time to stay focused on boring things like homework- why should kindergarteners have homework anyway? He was a busy guy!

Then, one day, busy little Naruto met Sakura.

Naruto's back yard was green and vibrant and flowery. There was a big maple tree in the corner next to the dividing fence where Dad had hung a tire swing for him last year. He used it a lot- it felt like he was flying, and it was super fast! Dad was the best at making Naruto's favorite things. (Mom was a better cook though.)

There was also a picnic table. Naruto and his family ate there when Momma and Dad's friends came over. He didn't play over there unless there was food, and there wasn't food today, because Dad had to work (even though it was Sunday) and Momma went across the street to borrow some milk.

So Naruto went to the tire swing. He pushed it around with his hands and watched it sway, and then he climbed on and shouted as loudly as he could while he swayed. It was kind of boring with no one to push him though.

When the swing finally creaked to a stop and hung like a dead weight, he squeaked, "Maybe I can ask dad for a sandbox."

One of the plastic ones they had at the big supermarket where momma shopped, he'd like that. Shaped like a turtle or a lobster or a frog, something he didn't need help to play with.

He'd finally finished the picture book Shizune-neechan brought him, and he wasn't allowed to play in the music room if momma wasn't with him because there were expensive things in there.

"I'm booooooored!" he sang at the top of his lungs. He kicked his legs wildly, forcing the poor tire swing to wobble and spin.

He was almost always in his own little world, but today Naruto noticed a little blotch of pink on the other side of the picket fence. It made him quiet down, because it wasn't usually there. He stopped kicking his legs and paid attention, for once, and he was able to see that the blotch of pink was somebody's hair.

When the blotch moved (it was noticed!) Naruto was so surprised that he fell out of his swing.

"Wah!" he cried, and gracelessly fell on his back with a whumph. But he didn't want to lose sight of the pink haired person before they had said hello- so he scrambled back onto his feet and dashed to the fence to fast that he crashed into it, and the blob of pink (wearing a dark blue shirt, he was pretty sure now) stopped in its tracks to see if he was alright.

Reeling from his collision, Naruto shouted "Hi!"

The pink haired little girl (Good, a pink haired boy would be weird!) turned around and looked at him through her long bangs in shock at his loud voice.

She had pretty eyes.

"What's your name?" Naruto squeaked anxiously. He had to know! She had pink hair and pretty eyes, and she lived nearby, and she looked about his age. They could be friends!

"...Sakura..." the little girl said quietly, faltering backwards a little.

All thoughts of anything but Sakura fled his mind immediately. There was no beating Sasuke at soccer, playing alphabet with Ino, going to Ichiraku Ramen with grandpa. There wasn't even the baby grand in the music room. Sakura was in front of him and she was suddenly the only thing in his world.

"Sakura-chan, have you ever ridden a tire swing?"


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Yes, there will be narusaku at some point. That pairing infects me like a disease.