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I wrote this one to get back into the swing of fiction, since I've been writing nonfiction essays and social commentary for my homework all semester! Here we have Kiba, his crush, and the evil eye. Plus everyone else. Enjoy!

A quick note before we begin, the story's character classification is now Naruto and Sakura. I changed it according to the central characters of the latest clip previously, but I'm keeping it in place now, because it is less weird and spazzy and why was I ever changing it to begin with uhhhh.

Backyard Jungle: Check Out

"Is that her?"

"She's cute!"

"Go away! Stop shoving, she's gonna see you!"

Kiba had a crush on a girl.

This is big news. When Ino found out, she told Sasuke and Naruto, and Naruto in turn told Sakura. Naruto had then made a point of ditching his Saturday boxing lesson and gathering everyone up to go "scope out" the girl in question.

Kiba is a man of war, as the eighth grade jocks once said. He is concentrated on being active and winning fights and on taiko festivals, not on things like girls and their hair and what they liked to do with their time. As any twelve year old should be. Apparently. Naruto had called them full of horseshit, of course, because he wasn't like that at all, even if a good fight every now and again was nice.

Of course, he wouldn't tell any of them why, but Ino knew without having to ask. She saw where his eyes went and she is a Yamanaka. She isn't an idiot.

Returning to the issue at hand, she is cute.

Kiba, at the bottom of their little stack of spies and grumbling some very nasty things about her weight and Sakura's, calls her Hinata. She is short and petite and pale, wearing a cute sundress that Ino knows she saw in a designer shop recently, and her hair is in a neat little bob- the cute girlish kind, not the freakish one Lee-senpai from the soccer club wears. She is browsing in an open air market with 'her cousin' or so Kiba says, and is totally oblivious to all of them.

"She's Hyuuga Hinata, right?" Ino asks, "The daughter of Hyuuga Hiashi? The head of Gentle Palm Hospital?"

It is the place where Ino's mother died. The food was decent, but the doctors all had metal rods up their asses. She never liked that place much.

Kiba nods vacantly. "She brings her cat in to our clinic."

"And you think she's just the prettiest thing." Naruto says it with such dripping sweetness that Ino literally gags. She enjoys her friend's antics, but there is a limit. She draws it and elbows him in the stomach. There is a satisfying sort of gag after the initial impact, and then the even more satisfying sound of Sakura both scolding him and checking to make sure he isn't permanently damaged.

Such a sweet couple.

"Do we have to do this?" Sasuke suddenly pipes up, "My brother's friend works at that coffee shop over there and I'm gonna get in trouble if he sees me and tells him I'm not at soccer practice.

"You mean Sasori? He's my cousin's friend too. And Kiba's sister's. And I'm not studying at the library. Really, if he sees us were all screwed."

"Then don't sound so cheerful about it!" Sasuke snaps, Ino giggles, and Hyuuga Hinata continues looking at her books.

Her cousin, on the other hand, looks up. Straight at all of them. Specifically Ino.

They freeze.

It is the sort of glare a man gives to someone about to be executed for the worst crime imaginable. Cold and calculating and confident that retribution is at hand.

"Shit!" Kiba hisses, "Neji saw us! Book it!"

They do. By the time Hyuuga Neji has taken two steps they have all made it to the bus stop, paid their fare and begun making plans for ice cream to celebrate their narrow escape. Naruto is congratulating Kiba on "joining the club," Sasuke is talking about some new shaved ice booth that opened up, and Sakura is gasping for air.

Ino glances out the back window. Neji is standing on the street corner staring at you. I'm going to find you, says his glare.

She sinks into her seat, combs her fingers through her pixie cut, and hopes that Hinata is as sweet and charming as Kiba makes her out to be.

Unlike Neji.

End Check Out

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Just one quick note- these installments are not in chronological order, necessarily. They were up to now, but we've suddenly skipped to where everyone is twelve, haha. I may be going backwards again for the next one. Also, Ino's cousin is Deidara.