A/N: At long last! The SEQUEL is now posted! It's entitled "Lily's Last Wish". Summary: When death eaters attack Harry Potter and his friends, who is left to pick up the pieces? (Harry, Hermione, Snape, and more). Complete and posted in chapter installments. I have posted the first chapter of the sequel here so that all of you following this series will get an update that the sequel is now available. Enjoy!

Lily's Last Wish – The Sequel – Chapter 1

It was a warm, mid-August day when Snape apparated to the alleyway he used when visiting the Grangers. He had left Potter there two weeks ago, against his better judgement but on Dumbledore's orders. It still chaffed. As he made his way up the walk to the Grangers home, he checked the wards. They were still holding strong. Just as he was about to raise his hand to knock, the front door was flung open.

"Professor, please come in."

"Miss Granger," Snape said with a curt nod, stepping inside.

The young witch ushered him into the sitting room.

"Hello, Professor," Potter said, getting up from his seat.

"Potter," Snape replied. The boy walked up to him and stood awkwardly before him. Snape felt suddenly ill at ease. Was the boy expecting a hug? He shivered to think it. Yet a handshake seemed equally out of place. To cover the uneasy moment, he placed a hand briefly on Potter's shoulder. "You are looking well," Snape said.

"Thanks," Potter replied, a look of relief crossing the boy's face. "And thanks again for the robes."

"They fit, then?" Snape inquired.

"Brilliantly," Potter said with a smile.

"Want to have a seat, Professor?" Miss Granger asked.

"No thank you, we need to be going."

"Dr. Snape," Mrs. Granger said as she entered the room. "It's a pleasure to see you," she said, offering her hand.

Snape shook it. "The pleasure is all mine." Gesturing at Potter, he said, "I hope he hasn't been any trouble?"

Mrs. Granger waved his concern away. "None at all," she said. "Harry is a lovely house guest. Now, can I get you something to drink? A lemonade or iced tea perhaps?"

"I appreciate your offer, but we must be on our way. I would like to have them back to you before dinner," Snape responded.

"Of course," Mrs. Granger demurred. "Would you like me to accompany you?"

"That won't be necessary," Snape said. "I am sure you have much to do, and if not, you have certainly earned a well-deserved break from these two," Snape said, indicating his two students who stood, identical innocent expressions on their faces.

Mrs. Granger laughed. "They really are no trouble. It's nice to have them here for the summer." Smiling, she added, "Well, I best leave you to it then." Turning to Potter and her daughter, she added, "Have fun getting your school supplies."

After she'd left the room, Snape turned to face the two teenagers. "There are some preparations we need to make." He removed two bottles of potion from inside his robes.

"Polyjuice?" Hermione asked.

"Indeed," Snape replied, handing a bottle to each. He removed a cloth satchel from his robes and handed it to Potter. "You may wish to change in the loo, Potter."

"Will I need to change as well?" Granger asked.

Snape looked at her Muggle clothing and said: "You should be fine." Then he glanced back at Potter pointedly. Potter was wearing jeans and a button down shirt, and was clearly unsure as to why he needed to change. Shrugging he made his way to the restroom.

The door closed behind Potter, and Snape gazed out the window.

"Shall I drink this now?" Granger asked.

Snape nodded as Granger forced down the potion. He observed clinically as her features changed and she stood before him with short dark hair and even darker eyes, her complexion more olive, a touch of acne on her skin. She was about 2 inches shorter and only slightly heavier, so her clothes still fit well enough.

Just then, they heard a curse and a moan.

"Professor?" Granger asked, concern bright in her newly dark eyes.

Snape bit his tongue in an effort to keep a straight face. Then he cleared his throat. When Potter stepped out of the bathroom, he had to turn away to prevent himself from bursting out laughing.

"Ohhhh," Granger breathed.

Potter stood, his face rigid.

Granger bit her lip.

Snape turned, an eyebrow raised.

Indignantly, Potter said, his hands on his now curvy hips, "I can't believe you gave me knockers!"

"Well," Granger said, tilting her head, trying not laugh, "you do make a very… umm… attractive… girl." And then she giggled.

Harry started cursing, trying to adjust his unwieldy large breasts. "I have a new appreciation for girls and bras," he muttered.

Snape sniggered.

"Is this really necessary?" Potter asked, his voice high and feminine.

"I believe it is," Snape replied. "You two are sisters. Pure blood. Regina and Charlotte Norgrass. From Devonshire. You live with an elderly aunt who is unable to accompany you."

Potter groaned. He pushed his shoulder-length long, dark hair from his face, and then looked at Snape. "Why would you ever want to keep your hair long like this? It's so annoying!"

Snape only smirked. "Are you ready?"

Potter pulled on the legs of his pants, trying to lower them and muttered something about girl bits. "I am so glad I'm not female," he muttered.

"Too bad Ron isn't here to see this," Granger commented as she laughed.

Potter groaned again. "I'm glad he's not. I'd never hear the end of it."

"Are you two witches ready?" Snape asked.

Potter glared at him, and Snape chortled. "Rest assured that no one will recognize you, Potter. You did say that was what you wanted, did you not?"

Potter made a derisive sound. "You could have made me an unrecognizable wizard," he complained.

"I could have," Snape agreed, opening the front door to usher the students out. "But it wouldn't have been nearly as enjoyable."

Diagon Alley was busy as usual with many students and their parents shopping for the upcoming school year. Snape found Hermione invaluable in her ability to keep Potter on task and make sure that he got all of his supplies. It made his life much easier.

Snape had spent the last hour supervising as they purchased books, potions supplies, owl treats, candy, and whatever else they felt they needed. Nearly at the end of his patience, he'd agreed to one last stop for ice cream before they made their way back.

"Charlie," Granger simpered, the shortened version of Charlotte that Potter had agreed to, most likely because it sounded a bit manly. "You must try the strawberry crème ice cream. It is simply divine."

Potter rolled his dark eyes. "Fine, Regina, I will," he bit out.

"Now girls," Snape intoned. "Play nice."

Granger smiled while Potter looked annoyed. Snape was quite amused at how Granger had slid into character. She seemed to be enjoying herself. Potter seemed a bit miserable as he kept trying to adjust his clothing about his new body parts, but overall he seemed to be managing.

As they neared Fortescue's Ice Cream parlor, Snape leaned over to whisper in Potter's ear: "At least people aren't staring at you."

Potter grunted and Snape's lips twitched. He imagined Potter would get him back for this someday.

They ordered and took a seat at an outside table with a colorful umbrella overtop to provide shade. Potter and Granger had large ice cream cones, while Snape had merely ordered a glass of ice water. Snape sat back in his chair, stretching his legs, as the two teens chatted easily. He'd been on high alert since they'd arrived, but nothing had seemed amiss so far. He watched the street in both directions nonetheless.

"Snape," a cold voice said from behind him.

Snape stilled and sat up straighter. A dagger of fear ran through him. Pulling his features into a stony mask, he got to his feet. "Yaxley," he greeted, looking the wizard over.

"I'm surprised to see you here, Snape," Yaxley said, glancing appreciatively at the two young witches accompanying him. "And with youngin's no less," Yaxley said snidely.

Snape took Yaxley's arm and led him a few steps away.

"Fine day to be shopping," Yaxley continued. "I didn't fancy you ferrying others' children about." Yaxley scoffed. "Unless they are yours?"

"Certainly not," Snape retorted. "Orphans," Snape said coldly.

"In Slytherin?" Yaxley asked, suspicion clear in his tone.

"Of course," Snape said. "Did you expect me to shuttle around brats from other houses during my summer vacation?"

Yaxley studied him, pushing at his Occlumency shields. Snape quickly slipped in a few images of him picking up the children from a countryside manor, an elderly woman shooing the children out. Another image showed the two girls each purchasing new Slytherin robes.

"What happened to their parents?" Yaxley asked, pulling out of Snape's mind and clearly presuming that Snape hadn't noticed the intrusion.

"The mother had an affair," Snape spat. "The father took matters into his own hands. Killed her lover in front of her. Then killed her for good measure," Snape said, as if he relished such slayings. "Offed himself when the Aurors arrived."

"Pure bloods?" Yaxley asked.

"Of course," Snape replied.

Yaxley shook his head. "Shame."

Snape made a non-committal noise that could be taken for assent.

Yaxley looked speculatively over at the two girls. "Orphans, you say?"

Snape suppressed a growl. "I must be getting them back," he said through gritted teeth. He knew Yaxley's predilection for young witches.

"You are a very busy man, Snape, what with the potions you need to brew, both for the Dark Lord and that excuse of a school." Yaxley puffed out his chest. "I'd be happy to escort them home for you, save you the trouble."

Snape glanced back at the table where the two teens sat rigidly, their ice cream cones dripping forgotten onto the glass tabletop.

"That is quite all right, Yaxley. I am more than capable…"

"I wasn't questioning your abilities, Snape. I was offering my services," Yaxley said, practically purring, as he leered at the polyjuiced teens.

"I know what you were offering, Yaxley," Snape spat. "But they are Slytherins, and as their head of house it is my responsibility."

Yaxley waved such concerns away. "No one would be the wiser," Yaxley said conspiratorially.

"No," Snape ground out.

"Ahh…" Yaxley said with a nod. "Saving them for yourself, eh?"

"Something like that," Snape spat. Snape pulled out his pocket watch, squinted at it, and said, "Now if you'll excuse me, I need to be getting them back."

Yaxley gave a bitter laugh. "If you change your mind…"

"I won't," Snape said. He brushed past Yaxley to his two students. "It is time to go," he said, his voice brooking no arguments.

The two stood, and one look at Snape's face had them ditching their ice cream cones and grabbing their shopping bags.

Knowing that Yaxley was still watching, Snape grabbed their arms roughly and apparated them away. They came out in a back alley in London.

"Professor?" Granger asked.

"Be quiet," Snape snapped. He had to think. Would Yaxley suspect? Would he check up on Snape? Would he try and follow to gain access to the girls? Snape cursed, grabbed their arms again, and apparated them away.