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The five toms went speeding from their meeting place to Jennyanydots' den. Another scream was heard. Munkustrap was the first one to burst into the den. He saw that Griddlebone had her claws unsheathed and aimed for Demeter's neck. "Take a step closer and the queen dies." She hissed. "Now, if you want to make that this pretty kitty lives, I want you to do a couple things for me." She glanced at Demeter whose eyes were filled with fear. "I want to walk away from the murder. I was just the poor little cat whose love who murdered." She then looked at Demeter and looked into her eyes. "You know… this is how my beloved Macavity looked before he died. That is… before I killed him."

"Murderer!" Demeter screamed. Griddlebone pressed the pad of her paw against Demeter's throat.

"I don't want to hear anything else out of your mouth!" Griddlebone hissed loudly before putting some pressure of her paw. Demeter started to choke a bit.

"We don't make deals with murderers." Tugger said.

"Aw, it looks like it's Tugger to the rescue. Well guess what, Tugger? You'll have to make an exception." She snarled. It seemed that Griddlebone never took her eyes off of Demeter.

"Griddlebone, look us in the eye and tell us what you want." Demeter could see what she need to do. Once Griddlebone looked away, Demeter unsheathed her claws and dug them into Griddlebone's leg. She yowled out in pain and let go of Demeter. Griddle held onto her leg and looked at the little holes the claws made. She snarled before couching down low in an attack position. But, a shadow appeared behind her and hit her in the back of the head. Griddlebone fell to the ground and everyone thought she was dead. She stirred a bit and the toms jumped her to restrain her. They turned to see who helped them, but, there wasn't anyone there. They seemed to flee. Griddlebone came to her senses and realized that she was caught.

"I would have gotten away with it too! If it weren't for you meddling cats!"