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The Promise

Chapter 1


"No, no, you've got it all wrong!" the girl exclaims. "I didn't mean anything by it, I swear!"

"That's exactly what you said last time, Cassie," Lorian says. "How do you expect me and the Tribunal to trust that you won't betray us, given all the evidence we have against you?"

"I don't know!" Cassie replies. "Just please, can't you give me one more chance?"

Lorian sighs. "This is your final chance," he says reluctantly. "You're lucky you have such a useful skill, or you would have been kicked out long before now. Go."

Cassie races out of the room without further prompt. Now it's finally time for what we came here for; the Initiation of a new member of the Guard. At the moment, Arkarian is her Trainer, but I heard that Lorian's going to change that today. Or tonight, however you want to look at it.

Arkarian walks in with the new girl. This is my first time actually seeing her – up until now, all I knew about her is that her name is Katrina. Looking at her, even from the eyes of a guy who has the girl of his dreams, I have to admit that she's quite beautiful. She has waist-length, curly brown hair, and yellow-green eyes. She has a very shy look on her face right now, but I can tell that this isn't her normal demeanor.

Arkarian introduces her as Katrina Adams, then leaves her to sit on her stool, and comes to sit next to me. Rochelle sits on my other side, holding my hand and trying to gage my reaction to Katrina. I look at her briefly, giving her a sincere smile that I hope shows I'm not going to leave her for this new girl, and then return my gaze to the ceremony – for lack of a better word.

The Initiation goes fairly well and uneventfully. The gifts she receives are pretty average, and nothing very unusual happens. Until it's over, that is.

"Oh, Ethan, I'd like to speak to you alone," Lorian says as Rochelle, Arkarian, and I start leaving.

Rochelle looks at me. "We'll wait for you," she says. I smile and turn back into the room. Even the other Tribunal members leave.

"What's up?" I ask, trying to be casual.

Lorian looks at me. "Firstly, I've decided that you should be Katrina's Trainer from now on."

I blink in surprise. "Me? Why? What happened that Arkarian can't Train her anymore?"

"I'm getting to that." He sighs. "Ethan, sit down." I do so. "There's something you should know about your new Apprentice. She's...not exactly new to the whole time travel thing."

"What do you mean? She was already a Guard member?"

"No...not a Guard member."

I blink again. "You want me to Train a former Order member?"

"My suspicions are probably wrong," he says. "For all I know, this could turn out the way Rochelle did; completely fine. But you need to understand something. Katrina was one of the Order's top spies, which means she's good at lying and faking things. I'm not stupid. I won't take her in and let her know all our secrets blindly. Even with Rochelle, I had Arkarian monitoring her at first."

"So why can't Arkarian keep on 'monitoring' Katrina?" I ask.

"Because, since Katrina is a skilled spy, it will take more than careful observation to determine whether or not she's still working for the Order. I need somebody to get close to her, find out if she really has 'seen the light' and joined the Guard simply to help. I can't ask my son to do that."

"So you'd rather make me do it?"

He sighs again. "You know as well as I do that Arkarian has waited for over six centuries to find Isabel. I don't want to rip them apart. I can't do that."

"And yet you have no problem with ripping me and Rochelle apart, when I almost lost her."

"Ethan, it's not like that. If I had a choice, this wouldn't be an issue."

"You could just get Rochelle to put her hands on Katrina's head to figure out if she's a spy." I'm really not liking this plan.

"And risk her losing faith in us if she's not?"

"I'm sure she'd understand why it was necessary."

"Don't you think I've already considered this option, as well as every other possibility? You are one of the Guard's most valuable members. If I could find any other way to make absolute certain Katrina won't betray us, I would use that. But this is the only option I think will work. Will you help the Guard in this?"

I hesitate. If I say yes, my relationship with Rochelle will no doubt crumble. But if I say no, there may not be a Rochelle to have a relationship with. "Fine," I say. "I'll do it."

Lorian smiles. "Thank you, Ethan," he says. "But you have to keep this a secret from everybody, even Rochelle. You and I are the only ones who will know about what you're going to do until you're able to tell me what's going on with her. If everything is fine, and she's not with the Order, that can be the end of that, and you may tell anybody you wish about what happened. If not...we'll cross that bridge if we come to it. One more thing before I let you leave; you must do whatever it takes to earn her trust."

I gulp, not liking the way he says this. "Whatever it takes?"

He nods.

"So, if she was already in the Order, why does she need a Trainer?" I ask.

"It's really just an excuse for you to spend time with her."

Great. This is going to be hell.

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