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Chapter 2


"So, what did he want?" I ask Ethan when he finally comes out of the room.

"Oh, he just said that Arkarian's part in Training the new girl is over, and that now she's going to be my Apprentice."

Arkarian nods. "I thought it would be something like that."

I can tell that there's more Ethan's just not saying. Why do you think he'd hide things from us? I ask Arkarian while the three of us walk around.

Lorian probably said something that he wanted to keep secret, and asked Ethan not to say anything, he replies.

Yeah, you're probably right. I'm just being paranoid. Again. I look at Ethan. "Hey, what do you think of the new girl?" I ask.

He grins. "Well, she's pretty. But you know that you're far more beautiful in my eyes."

I have to smile at that. "Come on, tell me the real version, not the version you make up that's designed to make me feel better."

"Fine. She's drop dead gorgeous, but I still say you look better." Then he kisses me – just a short one, but good nonetheless. "Besides," he adds, "you're all mine."

"What would you two say to some leisure time?" Arkarian asks us. "There have been so many missions lately, as well as much drama going on in your lives, that I thought a bit of relaxation would be nice."

"Yeah, that does sound good," I reply. "Ethan?"

"Definitely," he agrees, grinning. "Let's go."



When I wake up the next morning, I groan as I remember what I'm going to have to do. Getting close to this Katrina won't be a problem, not with my personality. The hardest part will probably be keeping the whole thing secret from everybody. I sigh and get dressed. When I walk downstairs, Mum is in the kitchen, making breakfast. She smiles as I walk in.

"Got time for some eggs before you go?" she asks me.

"Yeah, sure," I reply and sit down beside Dad, who's reading the paper. He looks up at me.

"Did you have a good sleep?" he asks. He knows I went to Athens last night, and this is his way of asking how it all went. I wonder briefly if Lorian's command to not tell anybody includes Dad, then decide that I'd rather not risk it if it does.

"Yep, it was great," I tell him, smiling.

"That's good," he says, then looks back at his paper. Mum puts a plate of eggs and toast in front of both of us.

"There you boys are," she says. "Now eat up." I eat quickly and then leave for school.

Once I get there, Isabel finds me almost right away. "How'd it go last night?" she asks quietly. I take a quick look around us at all the people.

"Well, I have a new Apprentice," I say as we walk a little ways away from everybody else.

"You do?" she says in surprise. "Who?"

"The new girl," I reply, "Katrina Adams." As if on cue, Katrina walks right up to us, and I see that her brown hair actually has red highlights in it.

"Are you Ethan Roberts?" she asks me, and I nod. She looks relieved. "Okay, good. I was told to come find you, but I wasn't so sure which one you were." She sticks her hand out. "I'm Katrina."

I know, I'm tempted to say, but instead I shake her hand. "Nice to meet you," I say with the most charming smile I can muster. "I'm Ethan, as you've already found out." I make sure that our hands linger for just a moment longer than normal, and I keep my gaze on her eyes. She blushes, but doesn't look away. We stay there, staring at each other, until Isabel clears her throat to remind us that she's still there. Katrina pulls her hand away quickly and stares at her feet, her blush deepening.

"Well...I...erm...I should get going," she says, and rushes off. Once she's gone, Isabel gives me a strange look.

"What was all that about?" she asks. I scratch the back of my head, not looking at her.

"Nothing," I reply, "just introducing myself." Isabel scrutinizes me a little longer, then the morning buzzer sounds, breaking the moment. "We should get to class," I say, and Isabel nods.

"Yeah. Let's go."

I need to be less obvious around others, I think to myself. If someone suspects that something's up before I can figure out Katrina's loyalties, then I'm dead meat. Especially if that someone is Rochelle.


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