TC Stark: So, I just saw the movie Thor tonight and absolutely loved it! Wasn't it so good? And god, the imagery was fantastic. Did anyone stay till the end credits to see the oh-so mysterious Loki? Lol Well, as hot as Thor was, I found myself really into Loki's character. I wanted to make this story and put the first chapter out right away. Tell me what you think. I'm always up for ideas and critiques are welcomed, but not flames. You can tell me if it sucks without being mean about it lol

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Chapter One:

Loki, God of Mischief, had been stuck on Earth for months. The fall from his world to this one had felt like forever. After a while he wanted death, tired of falling with nothing else to do but to think about all had gone on. He was less than pleased to have landed on the planet on the planet Thor had become so fond of. He had no idea why, so far he yearned every day to return to his home of Asgard.

The only advantage was that he was able to keep a close eye on Thor's object of affection; Jane. How weak his brother had become. No matter how beautiful the mortal was, she was not worth him giving up his life for. Everything he had known about Thor had changed after meeting Jane.

Luckily his powers still worked on this filth of a planet. His gift afforded him the fortune of following Jane around her new job working for Shield. They were always busy at work, trying to harness new power. She was trying to find a way to get back to Thor, Loki watching this research closely. If he struck before a portal was opened he might be banished to Earth forever.

As a side project Loki had taken to watching Selvig do research on an unnamed device, making literally every decision for him. Whatever it was it possibly had untold power. If it did, Loki wanted it. He would make it his mission to not only take his rightful place as leader of Asgard and even conquer this world Thor held so close to him.

Loki sighed, some days he really did miss Thor. Whether they were blood or not they had been raised as brothers and had so many good times together. Gripping his fists, he couldn't help but feel anguish. The anguish of living in his brother's shoes for so long. It was so unfair. Thor and Odin were so strong and powerful. They could rely on their brute strength to conquer over enemies. He on the other hand was thin and pale, having to rely on his cunningness.

Over the past couple of months Loki had learned Jane had a sister. She was 25 years old and working at the diner that had quickly replaced the one that had been destroyed by the Destroyer. She was small like her sister, though with a leaner frame. Her shoulders were strong and her stomach flat, he only knew this because by now it was very hot in New Mexico and she tended to walk around in jean shorts, a tank top, and combat boots.

He had no idea how they were even sisters, looking completely opposite from each other. Where Jane had warm auburn hair and eyes, her sister had icy blue eyes, short straight blue back hair, and decorated with a couple of tattoos on her back and ankles. They seemed happy though when they were around each other, embracing one another tightly every time they met.

One afternoon Jane dropped her sister off at the new diner, watching from a distance. He had been watching Thor's woman from afar, afraid to get too close and jeopardizing his position. He raised his eyebrow, trying to devise a new plan in his head. This sister seemed to pop out of thin air recently, obviously not having been in New Mexico when he had sent The Destroyer out to kill Thor. It might be a way to try and unravel some of Jane's secrets he wasn't able to uncover.

Taking a look around, Loki stepped into the diner, and took a seat in one of the booths. His eyes fixed on Jane's sister who was standing next to the counter, reading the newspaper while bopping slightly to the music playing in the diner. Her short hair was up in a short ponytail and the only different in attire was a white apron she wore with pockets.

"Scarlet! Go help the customer!"

Rolling her shoulders back, she seemed to straighten herself up. After a moment, Scarlet turned on her heals and walked over to where Loki was sitting, "Good afternoon, sir, how are you this evening?"

Her voice was droll and he could hear the forced politeness, "I apologize for interrupting you."

"Well, I don't get paid to listen to music," She replied flatly, "Can I start you off with anything to drink?"


Nodding, the thin girl disappeared into the back. During his time on Earth, coffee had become a favorite of his. He enjoyed the taste and the boost of energy it gave him. Scarlet was back in no time, placing a mug down and pouring the hot liquid in. Tilting his head, he noticed a Mjǫlnir pendant hanging around her neck. A slow curve formed on his lips, "I like your necklace."

"Oh? Yea, it's my Mjǫlnir. I'm slightly obsessed with Nordic mythology. A tad ridiculous, huh?"

Loki shook his head, "My parents were so obsessed they named me Loki."

Scarlet's mouth hung open as joy suddenly appeared on her face, "That's so cool! He was always my favorite, sooo mischievous."

Oh, this was too perfect. Containing himself, the god of mischief went to pouring sugar and milk into his coffee, "There's no other customer, why don't you sit?"

Raising an eyebrow, she sat across from the stranger while pouring herself a cup of coffee, "How long have you been working here?" He asked.

"Not long. I just moved here from New York City. I needed some cash, I'm fucking broke."

What language. "I'm sorry to hear that."

The waitress shrugged, "That's what happens when you just up and move to an entirely different state you have no idea about just to prove to your parents you can make it on your own."

"And why were you proving that?"

"I'm 25 with no direction with my life. I was living at home still with no job. Now I'm living with my older sister. Who, god bless her is doing something with her life. She went to school and has this great new job. I'm just thankful to get through the door."

The talk about older siblings besting their younger ones was enough to make his blood boil, trying to compose himself, "Doesn't it make you resent your sister?"

Scarlet took a moment before shaking her head, "Nah. Wishing I had her life isn't gonna improve mine. And hoping she fails doesn't mean I'll succeed. I just needa concentrate on me."

Loki stared at the young girl for a moment, though being interrupted as more customers walked through the door. She smiled at him while getting up, "Well, that's my cue. Stop in again, Loki. It was nice meeting you."