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Chapter 1

Remus looked up to see his godson and his Quidditch teammate walk in, both seemingly right out of practice.

"Harry, Draco, what are you two doing here?"

"Yes, do tell." Came the snarky accompaniment as Severus Snape set down the steaming goblet he had been holding to cross his arms and raise one eyebrow at his blonde godson and his ex-most hated student.

"Potter. Scotch. Now." Was the only reply they got as Draco dropped heavily onto the sofa. Harry rummaged through one of Remus' cabinets and found the scotch, grabbing two glasses on his way back. Filling each glass to the brim, he handed one to Draco before downing his own.

Severus' other eyebrow went up. Harry made an effort to drink as little as possible so this was seriously out of character for him.

"Obliviate me. Please I don't want to think about this ever again." Said Draco, shuddering at the memory.

Staring at their godsons in confusion both men just looked at them, waiting for an explanation.

Harry sighed and looked up. "Draco and I got out of practice early so we went home to surprise Ginny and Pansy."

Draco interrupted "But when I got home Nibby tells me that Pansy's at Harry's house. So I went over."

"I had just opened the door when he came over. And then…" at this Harry shuddered.

"What?" Severus was getting very impatient.

"We heard moaning."

"WHAT?" Remus looked at the two boys in surprise.

"Moaning. 'Giiiiinny' and 'Paaansy'" Draco looked a little green.

"Our girlfriends have been fucking behind our backs." Harry said taking another swig of his scotch.

Severus walked to the cabinets, grabbed a glass and said "Pour me a glass Potter. I'm feeling nauseous."

Remus chuckled and turned to Draco, "So, your girlfriends are actually girlfriends….amusing. You two don't seem too upset though."

Draco looked uncertainly at Harry, "We were going to break up with them anyway. We'd decided…"

"That we liked men better..." Harry inserted.

Now it wasn't a surprise to either godfather of the sexual orientation of their godsons. Both had declared themselves bisexual the same drunken celebratory night that Remus and Severus had told the two that they were gay, and a tentative friendship had blossomed.

"Specifically each other" finished Draco.

The two boys looked at their mentors uncertainly. They were surprised to see coins exchange between Severus and Remus. "You win Lupin. This time."

Both boys looked at them incredulously. "You were betting on us?" exclaimed Harry.

Remus chuckled, "Severus thought next month would be the month but my superior werewolf skills—"

"Superior werewolf skills my arse."

"—told me that this month would be the one."

Both boys looked at them and shook their heads. "I can't believe it!" muttered Draco. Changing the topic, Draco asked Remus, "Are you insisting on staying here again this full moon? Any of our houses are more than suitable. And we have more running space. Especially Severus'."

Remus shook his head. "I'm still dangerous—"

"My potions skills are quite adequate. I will take that as an insult."


The door bell rang. "Remus? Remus, are you there? It's Ginny."

The four men looked in surprise at the front door. "Ok, out you three. Sit in the kitchen," growled Remus, walking toward the door. He opened it to find a nervous Ginny standing there, hair slightly ruffled, but obviously clueless to the fact that her boyfriend knew of her recent rendezvous.

"Hi Remus! Sorry to bother you on the full moon, but have you seen Harry? Draco and he haven't come home from practice yet and Pansy and I were getting worried. Is he here?" inquired the youngest Weasley.

"Hi Ginny. Nope. I haven't seen him since he came over last Monday. Perhaps they went to the bar with the rest of the team? Why so worried though dear?"

"Maybe. I just had something important to talk to about. Oh well, it'll have to wait. Thanks Remus!" she said, and then Apparted away.

Remus closed the door and walked back to his kitchen to find a group of definitely amused three men and a suddenly empty bottle of scotch.

"Important to talk to me about? Draco, I think she wants to break up with me!" swooned Harry, pretending to hold his heart in pain.

Draco chuckled and played along, "Do not worry dearest heart. I will save you!" Both boys broke out in a fresh bout of giggles.

Severus's lips twitched in amusement as he exchanged a look with Remus. "I do believe it's time I took these two home Lupin. They are hardly in any condition to do much as it is."

Remus smiled. "Yes, you'd better. The moon'll be up soon."

Taking both boys firmly by the arm, Severus removed his wand, "I'll be by to come get you for breakfast. You'll hardly be in any condition to do much either. And I think that we need to thoroughly scold these boys." With a small smirk he Apparated away with a gentle crack.

Remus smiled at where the three men had just been standing. It was odd to have someone worried about him. Remus rather liked it though. Though their friendship was tentative at times, Severus and he got along very well. It had come the point, finally, where they were comfortable appearing in the other's house unannounced. Though of course, Remus knew better than to enter Severus' potions lab. Sitting down in front of the window, waiting for the moon, Remus contemplated his godson's newest venture. Harry had asked Remus to become his godfather officially after the war had ended. Harry and Draco. The two were oddly matched, but perhaps rightly so. They had become quick friends once old grudges had been overcome. Dueling each other to exhaustion seemed to be all they need to declare a truce. After Ron and Hermione had gotten married last summer Harry had started hanging out with his Auror training partner and Quidditch teammate more often. Severus and he had been betting since then when the two would realize that they were more than just friends. It was more than obvious that the two would be perfectly happy together. Oh dear, the moon was coming up. These thoughts would have to wait until tomorrow….

Severus Apparated home and dumped his two ex-students into their respective rooms in his house. The two had come to him drunk, tired, injured or simply bored enough times that he had given them their own rooms. Tucking them in gently, something he found ridiculously soppy but couldn't stop himself from doing, he walked out and entered his own rooms. Finding a glass to fill with some more scotch he sat down to think. Draco and Harry would be well suited. They liked the same sort of things, where one lacked the other more than made up. They would be a dynamic, well suited pair. It might even work out. More than he thought advisable, Severus hoped it would. The two were far happier "hanging out" together than he had ever seen them. Time for bed, Severus. You're becoming overly maudlin.

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