Doctor Who: Sometimes Blessed

by: domina tempore

Disclaimer: Doctor Who and all of its characters and locations etc. belong to their respective owners; I'm just borrowing. No copyright infringement intended

Summary: It was both a gift and a curse for River Song to be a time-traveler…

Author's Note: Don't quite remember where this came from. Something about the first and last lines… I dunno, I was experimenting with a new-ish style. I love stories like this when they're done right *shrug*. Hope I did okay. Enjoy! :D


The gift of River Song was to be a woman who walked through time.

She was a traveler, an archaeologist, and she loved it. Anything she wanted, any secret she longed to know, and it was at her fingertips. The whole of time and space was within her grasp, and the very knowledge of this gave her unspeakable power. She could go back and alter events, change history. She could save worlds and defeat armies; and she could do it all in what seemed to take but a breath. If she wanted to, she knew that she could rule the world.

But there were also limits. She could not go back and undo a mistake that she had made; her timelines, she found, could not cross. And as much as she liked to pretend otherwise, sometimes she did make mistakes. Sometimes that meant that people died. Often they were good people; sometimes, the best. And she could go back a thousand times and watch their deaths and wish she could save them, but she always failed.

She couldn't help but try to go back; it was in her nature to protect good people and people that she cared about. But she could never do it. And she was forced, again and again, to watch them die in agony.

Sometimes it was even her fault.

She almost gave up after one of those times, one of those men that she killed. He had been the best, and to have caused his death was inexcusable. She allowed herself to be arrested and imprisoned after it happened as penance for her sins. But even behind the "inescapable" walls of Stormcage Prison, the wanderlust overcame her. The urge to walk in whatever time that she pleased – to tread through time itself—was too much to resist. Her self-imposed imprisonment would only last as long as she willed it; at the touch of a button, she could be gone,

She often was, treading through the ages and trying to make amends, returning to Stormcage only as a courtesy when the water got too hot elsewhere. There she would hole up, safe for a time, until her next great adventure. She always tried to do something useful on these outings, trying to make things right with the universe and at the very least with herself. She wanted to make up for the crimes and hurt that she had caused; but she could never quite measure up. She could see events and change circumstances, but she could not often change events. Sometimes, good men had to die, and she had to watch.

It was the curse of River Song to be a woman who walked through time.