The Beginning

AN: So I don't usually do stuff this dark or deep but this idea came to me and I just knew I had to do it. Enjoy.

Unknown POV:

My cell was dark and dingy. I was locked away in the most secluded part of the small town jail. I sat facing the wall looking up at the tiny barred window. The moon was shining through, it was a full moon his favorite time of the night. I wondered if he was thinking about me as much as I was thinking about him.

The stars were covered by a few clouds which gave the night an ominous feeling. It fit well for the situation I was in. It fit with the all of the mysteries surrounding tonight and many nights to come. The guard's footfalls could be heard as he approached my cell. He obviously wasn't in a hurry but at midnight who was?

"Get up," he commanded in a rough voice. I was past intimidation I was already worn down and on the brink of insanity. Nothing anyone could do could make me fear them not anymore. I feared nothing not him, not 'justice', and not death. I was the scariest person in the world because I would do anything because I had nothing to lose.

I stood slowly even though the guard was irritated by it. I was deliberate in each of my movements. I placed my dirty palm on the grimy floor of the cell. Each of my leg muscles ached underneath my weight and nearly gave out with the lack of will to live. I did make it up though I swayed a little. The guard captured my hands quickly and placed them behind my back and in cuffs. I must have been weaker than any previous days because he had to support me as we walked the hallways.

I caught glimpses of myself in the reflection of the bars. My hair was stringy from the lack of a shower or bath. My face was thinner from only one meal a day and loss of appetite. My eyes had deep dark shadows below them and my expression was one of despair and hopelessness.

The courthouse was less than two blocks away so it was a joke when they put me in the back of the police cruiser. But we drove the two blocks and an eternity seemed to pass. I watched the moon the whole time only able to think about him. I wished he could be here now. But too much has changed too much that is unchangeable. I glanced down at my lap, my hands still behind me, as the two cops in the cruiser stayed blissfully unaware of the pain I was in. My face contorted with pain as another fit ripped through my body and I held all but a tear back. One turned into two turned into three turned into thirteen turned into a flood. It was common for me to randomly cry and so the two policemen though nothing of it. It's sad when another human being can dismiss someone so obviously in gut wrenching agony.

We pulled to a stop in front of the courthouse, this was all so obviously trying to be covered up it was disgusting. The moon still high in the sky the passenger officer got out then took my arm and hauled me up. I leaned on him as much as I had leaned on the first only this one seemed less prepared. Slowly we made it up the few wooden steps of the old courthouse. We went into the meeting room and I was surprised to see a few of our old friends. They sat in the front row and they were the only ones there minus the cop, my lawyer, and myself. I was escorted to my seat next to my lawyer.

The judge entered after some entrance about his wonderfulness or something. I was required to stand which was harder than it should have been. I leaned heavily on the table the malnutrician was starting to get to me. As soon as it was allowed I fell back into my seat.

The judge began to speak to me reading me my rights and charges. "Did you hear me?" he asked for what must have been the second or third time. Damned black outs. I looked at him and I suppose he took that as my sign of attention "Jadelyn West you are hereby charged with the murder of Beckett Oliver."

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