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It's ten am Monday morning, Cooper sits in his office holding the newborn baby girl. He's gazing at her soft face. Violet passes by and decides to poke her head in. "Hey Coop, whatcha got there?"

Cooper answers sarcastically, "it's a baby Violet, a little human."

Violet walks in his office and takes a seat next to him feeling a little foolish. "I know that Cooper. I can see it's a baby."

Cooper answers. "I'm sorry Violet. I didn't mean to snap."

"So why did you?" Violet asks softly recognizing her friend is unnerved this morning.

Cooper can't take his eyes off the soft newborn in his arms. "Her mother is fifteen and decided she doesn't want her anymore."

Violet looks surprised. "I can talk to her. Send the mom into my office."

Cooper still looking at the baby answers. "it's not going to make a difference. Her mother's a child. She took care of the baby at home for 6 weeks and realized she's not a doll." Cooper looks at Violet. "The baby developed an ear infection and a fever and now that things aren't easy her fifteen year old mother doesn't want her anymore."

Violet puts her hand on Cooper's knee. "It happens a lot Cooper. Teenage moms think they're getting little dolls. Once they realize it's work to raise a child they give up. It happens all the time Cooper."

The baby starts to fuss. Cooper opens a bottle of formula for her. "I know that Violet. I'm a pediatrician."

Violet sits up straight. "Okay, so why the long face about this baby?'

Cooper looks at Violet with a guilty face and tells her. "I did something Violet."

Violet looks at Cooper and wonders then asks, "what did you do Cooper?"

"I told the mother I would keep her for a little while until she's sure."

Violet's mouth drops open. "Cooper!"

Cooper stands up now. "I know! I know I shouldn't have but I don't want to see this baby go into foster care until the mom straightens her mind out about what she's doing."

Violet stares with her mouth open. "Does Charlotte know?"

Cooper answers, "No. Charlotte doesn't know and she's going to kill me when she finds out."

Just then Charlotte walks into Cooper's office. Before she can say anything Cooper hands Charlotte the baby and tells her. "Here I need you to feed her while I meet with my next patient. Take her down the hall to your office while I see my patient in here." Cooper ushers Violet and Charlotte out of his office shoving the diaper bag into Violet's arms.

Charlotte holds the baby and asks Violet. "What's going on? Why am I feeding this baby?"

Violet gently and quietly tells her. "She's Cooper's patient. The mom just left her here."

They walk into Charlotte's office, "Did Cooper call social services?" Charlotte asks as she sits at her desk with the infant in her arms.

Violet reaches over and wipes the baby's chin as formula dribbles out of her mouth. "Take the bottle out Charlotte. She needs a break. She needs to be burped."

Charlotte pulls the bottle out of the baby's mouth and rests the baby over her shoulder. She tells Violet, "you have a kid. Shouldn't you be doing this?"

Violet smiles and tells her, "Come on Charlotte, it's good practice."

Charlotte wrinkles her forehead and nose. "Practice for what?"

Violet answers, "Practice for when you and Coop have your own baby."

Charlotte pats the baby's back gently. "Who said anything about me and Coop having a rugrat?"

Violet huffs, "Charlotte you know how badly Cooper wants, no how much Cooper needs to have a baby."

Charlotte glares at Violet. "That's none of your business."

Violet puts her lips together in a sarcastic smile. "Fine. Have fun. I've got a patient waiting." Violet turns and walks out of the office leaving Charlotte alone with the baby.

The infant lets out a big burp to which Charlotte responds, "wow I didn't think something so little could belch that loud. Don't let anything come out the other end on my watch ya hear?" The baby starts to squirm around in Charlotte's arms. Charlotte looks at the infant. "Do you want some more little baby girl?" Charlotte puts the bottle back in the infants mouth. "I guess you do." Charlotte smiles at the infant as the baby latches on to the nipple and vigorously sucks out the formula. Charlotte spies out her office window to make sure nobody saw her smiling at the infant. She's relieved there's nobody in sight. She rotates her office chair around as she relaxes and feeds the baby so nobody can see her. She talks silently to the baby, "you're not so bad." The baby sucks away at her bottle looking up into Charlotte's eyes. Charlotte's heart starts to melt just a little as she looks back at the infant.

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