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I Sol Tace

(Where The Sun Is Silent)

"Cheshire, I was ready five minutes ag-" Bayonetta started, but was cut off when a harsh burning sensation exploded in her chest. She looked down to see blood pouring from an entry wound made by a sword, her own sword, Shuraba; her gaze then traveled up to look at Luka, the assailant who was holding the sword.

His eyes were cold and staring, unemotional pools not seeing the pain he was causing to the woman right in front of him; as if he were hiding, ashamed of what he'd done.

Bayonetta choked on her words and blood poured from her mouth as Luka removed the sword from her chest. He dropped it with a clank and stumbled back as a large portal opened up underneath Bayonetta, who was now crouched over, clutching her chest. Luka stepped a little closer, as if examining his handy work.

Bayonetta swung her head up and glared at Luka, then gave a smirk. "Don't get too close, Cheshire, you might get pulled down, too!" She said, the blood on her face staining the beautiful grin she had. In a flurry, she had reached out and snagged Luka's wrist, just as the arms from the demons of Inferno snatched her and began dragging her into the portal. "I'm not going alone!" she cried at him. He could only stare, a look of surprise on his face.

Bayonetta and Luka both disappeared into the portal to Inferno. The day was still around them.


Three Days Earlier

Bayonetta yawned, leaning her head back and putting her arms behind her head. "How boooooring," she drawled, twirling a bloody halo in her hands. "You boys have certainly lost your touch since I took out your leader."

The angels around her advanced slowly, holding their weapons tightly, knowing it was of no use.

"Pity," she continued, not looking up at them, "I used to love fighting you angels, but now..." she fired a gun on her heel, killing the closest angel to her, "I've just lost interest."

The angels all lunged at her then at once, and she spun around, hair whipping about, taking out each one in unison with her guns. She landed easily in between them and angels guts went flying everywhere, expect on her. Pushing her hair back with one of her guns, she gave a "Hmmph" noise and sauntered off, swaying her hips as she walked.

"I wonder where Jeanne is. I could really use a good challenge right now..."


Luka descended the stairs that led to the infamous bar, The Gates of Hell, in a little bit of a hurry. He swung the door open, trudged up to the bar, and looked Rodin straight in the eyes. "Where's Bayonetta?" He asked suddenly. Rodin didn't look at Luka, but continued to wipe down the tiny rose glass in his hand. After a few minutes, he put down the glass next to Luka's hand and cocked his head.

"You just missed her," he said unemotionally. "Why? You got a bone to pick? You don't look too happy."

Luka made a "tch!" noise and flopped into a chair, crossing his arms. "I need to tell her something, er….urgent," he said, putting stress on the word urgent. "Do you know where she might've gone?"

Rodin turned away from Luka and began fixing up a drink. "Probably off fighting angels. Same thing she does everyday, kid," he said, pouring an unlabeled liquid into the glass, swirling it, then reaching for another bottle. "It's been almost a year since those two finished off Jubileus, the whole worlds forgotten about them, and yet they still fight those damn angels to the bone. Must be a hard life, if you ask me."

Rodin finished up his concoction and set it down on the table in front of Luka. "On the house," and gave him a firm stare. Luka looked from the glass to Rodin, then picked up the glass, downed it, gagged, then recuperated and shook his head.

"Wh-what was in that?" He sputtered.

"Bayonetta wears a lovely perfume," was all Rodin said. Luka scratched his head.

Rodin turned away from Luka. "I'll be right back, kid. Don't leave," he said, then disappeared into a portal.

Luka looked around, then planted his face on the table, forehead to granite. "Dammit, what was I even thinking, coming down here? Why would fate ever give me a helping hand?"


The knock at Jeanne's door came as a surprise. She lifted herself from her couch, setting down the book she had in hand and walked lazily to the door. On her way, the doorbell rang again and she ruffled her nose.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" She called, reached the door, and yanked it open, only to find Bayonetta standing in her door way, one hand on the doorbell, the other holding a lollipop in her mouth, hips jutted, a smile on her face.

"Ah, there you are! I was beginning to think you weren't home," Bayonetta said, pushing past Jeanne and inviting herself into the other witch's domicile. "What were you doing, anyways?"

"Reading," Jeanne said, shutting the door and looking at Bayonetta impatiently. "And it didn't take me that long to get to the door, you were just being impatient."

"C'mon, Jeanne, let's go have a little fun!" Bayonetta said, ignoring Jeanne's impatient remark. "I was killing off some angels just a bit ago and I found it dreadfully boring. I need a nice challenge. You up for it?"

"You mean fight?" Jeanne asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Did I stutter? Of course that's what I mean," Bayonetta snapped, becoming a bit impatient herself.

"Cereza, I-," Jeanne started.

"Bayonetta," Bayonetta corrected.

"I'm not really in the mood to fight. But, if I caught you at a good time, can I talk to you about something?" Jeanne continued, ignoring Bayonetta's interjection.

"Uuuugh, today is just getting more and more boring," Bayonetta groaned.

"Please, Cereaza-"


"Just for a second. We could take a walk through the park, and maybe after I'll be up for a round," Jeanne bartered. Bayonetta put a hand on her hip and removed the lollipop from her mouth, rolling it across her lips, then licking them clean. Jeanne watched, entranced.

"Let's get one thing straight, first, Jeanne. I go by Bayonetta now. I have for the past year, and yet you still call me Cereza," Bayonetta snapped.

Jeanne was quiet for a second. "I…I know, I'm sorry. I'm just so used to calling you Cereza."

"You certainly had no problem calling me Bayonetta while you were brainwashed," Bayonetta replied, rolling the lollipop in her mouth with her tongue.

Jeanne clicked her teeth. "Yes, and that's precisely why: I was brainwashed."

"Right, well, then, that's settled. On to the next matter!" Bayonetta said, a smile on her face.

"Hold on, can I ask you something?" Jeanne interrupted.

"Uuuugh, what now?" Bayonetta sighed.

"Why?" she said. "Why do you want to be known as Bayonetta?" Jeanne looked at Bayonetta intently. "Why would you abandon you're birth name?"

Bayonetta exhaled softly and removed the sucker from her mouth. Her expression was softer than usual and Jeanne noted this, taking the chance to move closer to the latex-laden woman.

"Because, the name Cereza holds memories that I wish not to associate myself with. As Bayonetta I can start a new life, and I don't have to be labeled by what happened to me as 'Cereza'. There," she said, her expression returning to normal as she popped the candy back into her mouth, crossing her arms over her chest.

Jeanne was quiet for a moment, then smiled at Bayonetta. "That's fair."

"Good, now, can we go on this little walk and talk of yours so that we can get down to what I really came here for?" Bayonetta said eagerly, clapping her hands together.

Jeanne chuckled softly, shaking her head. "Always the eager one, aren't you, Bayonetta?"

Bayonetta looked at Jeanne from over the rims of her glasses and gave a smirk, a look that Jeanne couldn't resist. She felt her throat tightening, groping for something to say, but Bayonetta beat her to it.

"Always," she said, dragging the word out as lengthy as possible. She sauntered over to the door, swaying her hips (more than usual, Jeanne thought) and turned to Jeanne. "Now, shall we?"


It had been almost half an hour before Rodin returned to the bar. Luka had stayed, just as the tall, intimidating man had told him to. When he did return, Luka jumped, falling from his chair and landing hard on his back. Rodin looked down at him from behind the bar.

"Woops," was what he said. Luka sat up, rubbing his head and climbed back into the chair.

"So, where'd you go? And why?" he asked, pushing the empty glass towards Rodin.

"Inferno. I owed someone down there a favor," Rodin said, taking the glass and pouring Luka another round. Luka downed it and looked at Rodin.

"Inferno, eh? How is it you manage to go in and out of there without even a second thought?" Luka asked.

Rodin poured himself a drink and took a sip, then leaned on the counter. "There was talk down there. About your lady, Bayonetta."

"What? What do you mean?" Luka slammed his hands on the table. "And she's not my lady." He added.

"Some dead angels down there were saying somethin' about an attack, on the two witches. Considering Bayonetta and Jeanne are the only two witches up here, I'd say they were talking about them," Rodin answered. "They said it was gonna be big. So do me a favor, will ya, kid?"

Luka looked up at Rodin. "Sure, what?"

"Go warn the ladies. This one might be too much for them to handle, if those suckers down in Inferno are involved."

Luka laughed shortly and leaned back in his chair. "Ha! I'm sure they're fine. After all, Bayonetta killed a god."

Rodin glared, then folded his arms. "That may be true, but it wouldn't hurt to at least warn them, now would it?"

Luka glanced at Rodin sideways and leaned back. "Yeah, yeah, I'll go in a sec. But why don't you go warn them? They'll probably think I'm joking."

Rodin looked around his bar, then back to Luka. "I've got a bar to run."

Luka sighed. "Fine, I'll go."

"You better hurry, boy." Rodin turned his back on Luka. "If anything happens to either one of those ladies, it'll be you to blame."

Blinking, Luka stared at Rodin's back, before slinging his scarf over his shoulder, hiking up his back, and walking steadily towards the exit of the bar.

What'd he mean by that? Luka thought to himself as he left the bar.


Jeanne couldn't help but watch Bayonetta walk. They way she swung her hips, one hand one her side, the other holding the lollipop that she rolled in her mouth, sucking on its delightful flavor; her hair, flowing in the wind, those two red ribbons billowing behind her, with gold chains and trinkets galore. It drove Jeanne crazy.

Admittedly, Jeanne had liked Cereza for a while. Everything about her drove Jeanne up the wall; her hair, her eyes, her voice. Oh, lord, her voice. It drove Jeanne insane when Cereza would talk in her purring voice, cooing at people, teasing them, taunting them. Jeanne shivered and looked back at Bayonetta, trying her hardest to keep her eyes above shoulder level.

But how to tell her? This was the very reason Jeanne hadn't told Bayonetta/Cereza about it yet. She sighed, looking down at her feet.

Suddenly, she bumped into something and stumbled back, looking up only to find that she had run in to Bayonetta. Jeanne stumbled back a bit, nervously clasping her hands together.

"Something bothering you, Jeanne?" Bayonetta said, looking straight into Jeanne's eyes. She did that purring thing with her voice, where she playfully extended several of the words. Bayonetta dragged the lollipop across her tongue, and licked her teeth, staring directly into Jeanne's wavering eyes. "Well?"

Jeanne swallowed the lump in her throat. "A-actually, there is something…I want to talk to you about…"

"Oh?" Bayonetta cooed, running a hand down her abdomen then back up to her hip where she let it rest. "Isn't that why we took this little walk?"

"Well, yes, it is why I asked you to walk with me," Jeanne confirmed, trying to buy herself time. "But, the truth is, Cere-er…Bayonetta, I-"

But she never got to finish, because in the next second a long, white, tail-looking appendage burst from the ground between the two, sending them both flying in opposite directions. It was followed by an exploding noise, and fire shooting straight up into the air.


Luka was walking with his hands in his pockets, his scarf and hair blowing lightly in the breeze. "Stupid Rodin…sending me on some little errand. He probably just wanted me out of his bar," he mumbled.

"I'm sure Bayonetta and Jeanne can take care of themselves." At the thought of Bayonetta, Luka thrust his head back and groaned. "Why, dammit? Why did I have to fall for her?"

At that moment, there was a loud bang and the ground below Luka's feet began shaking. In the distance, an explosion and fire jetted into the air. Luka's stomach churned. "Bayonetta!" he shouted, then took off as fast as he could in the direction of the explosion.


Bayonetta was thrust back from the force, but recuperated in the air and landed on her feet, skidding a good twenty yards. She looked back up fiercely, pulling out Parsley and Thyme, and quickly looked for Jeanne. When she saw the white-haired witch stumbling, she took off, guns flaring, distracting the flailing appendage.

"Over here, ugly!" she called, not really sure what to refer to this thing as. What was it attached to? She leapt up, flipping in the air, firing her guns, and landing all direct hits on the tail. Something below them, under the ground, screeched in pain and the whole park began trembling.

Bayonetta stumbled and had to flail her arms to regain balance. She stood up and looked around; the appendage was gone, but fire was spraying from the hole in the ground, into the sky. She pushed up her glasses with Thyme.

"Jeanne! Where are you?" she called. Listening intently, she was about to call out again when an answer came.

"I'm over here!"

Bayonetta turned in the direction of the call and took off, curling around the spewing fire, then stopping, looking around. She spotted Jeanne, kneeling on the ground, holding her side; Bayonetta ran over to her, putting her hand on her shoulder.

"Are you okay?" Bayonetta asked, gazing anxiously around for the thing that attacked them. It was nowhere in sight.

"Yeah, I think so." Jeanne said, removing her hand from her side. Bayonetta saw blood on her glove.

"Jeanne, you're bleeding."

"It's alright. It's just a scrape," Jeanne reassured, but Bayonetta didn't buy it.

"C'mon, let's get out of here before it comes back!" She began tugging on Jeanne, trying to help drag the woman out of harm's way.

A low rumble started and Bayonetta stopped; she looked around. The noise became louder and louder, so she hastily picked up Jeanne, running quickly to what she thought would be a safe spot. She set the other witch down and turned to leave, but Jeanne snagged her wrist.

"Where are you going?"

Bayonetta smirked and pushed up her glasses in the way she always did- forefinger and middle finger, gently, on the side.. "Don't worry, I'll take care of this one. After all, I was looking for a nice challenge." Then she bolted off before Jeanne could stop her.

"Cereza…" Jeanne muttered, then clutched her side in pain.


Luka didn't know exactly where he was going; he was letting his feet do all the work. For some reason, they seemed to know where he was going better than his brain, so he allowed them to take him wherever they wanted.

He ended up at a park and wondered if he was right in trusting his feet. Right when he was about to leave he heard a low rumbling and swiveled in his spot, only to see Bayonetta running towards a hole in the ground that was crumbling.

"Bayonetta!" He called, starting after her, but was stopped when a large tremor pierced the area and he was thrown onto his back.

In the next second, a giant creature emerged from the ground, breaking the earth around it and crawling up, its massive claws digging at the ground. Bayonetta stopped in her spot, seemingly stunned and Luka scrambled back to his feet.

The creature, in full, had the body of a lion, the head of a wolf, and the tail of a leopard. Its skin was shining white, with gold armor decorating its body. A red aura surrounded the creature as it shook its body, as it trying to get rid of ages of dirt on it skin. It looked around for a few seconds, then finally noticed Bayonetta below it, firing her guns directly at its face.

It lowered its head, trying to see her, then screeched and lifted a giant paw.

"BAYONETTA!" Luka exclaimed and dashed off as fast as he could.


She stared at it for a second; she'd never seen an angel this large, besides Jubileus. But she wasn't afraid of it- no, not at all. In fact, it made her skin tingle.

"Finally," she said, licking her lips eagerly and donning a wicked smile, "a real challenge."

She leapt up as it smashed its claw into the ground and landed on its foot, charging up its arm. She reached its shoulder before it could even react, and began firing away at its armor, trying to disarm it.

Suddenly, Bayonetta heard someone screaming her name and looked up to see Luka running towards her. "Luka?" she said, tilting her head.

The creature swung its tail around and tried to swipe at Bayonetta, but she jumped up and off, dodging it just in time. She landed on the ground with a heavy thump and dashed off towards Luka, signaling him to stay away.

"Get out of here, Cheshire! There's an angel I need to deal with!" she called to him.

"I know!" Luka called. "I can see it! Rodin sent me to warn you!"

Bayonetta froze for a second. "You can see it?" She looked back to the angel, who seemed to be confused a bit, looking around and sniffing.

"Yeah, I can…" Luka said, realizing how bizarre that actually was. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed the angel's tail whipping about. "Bayonetta, watch out!"

He fired his zip line and flew towards her, catching her just as the tail smashed the ground where she had previously been. They landed softly between some trees, hidden for now.

"What the hell is that thing!" Luka exclaimed.

Bayonetta shoved him aside. "Go find Jeanne, make sure she's safe. I'll take care of the pest," she said, and thrust her arms back. A burst of purple light jetted from her and her hair extended behind her, sporting a golden chain-net. She thrust her guns towards the angel beast.

"Let's rock, baby!" and lunged after it.


Luka stood there, bewildered, and after a second, shook his head. "Don't get hurt," he muttered, then dashed from the trees, looking for Jeanne. He could hear Bayonetta calling and taunting the angel, and the beast screaming and roaring as it tried to land a hit on her.

Jeanne was resting against a lamppost when Luka found her and he stopped a few feet away. "Are you alright?"

"Yes, I'm fine!" Jeanne snapped. "Where's Cere- Bayonetta?"

"Fighting off the monster. C'mon, we gotta get out of here!" He insisted, reaching towards Jeanne.

Jeanne slapped his hand away. "No! I am not going to leave my last Umbran Sister here to fight this foul beast alone!" and she charged off before Luka could stop her.

"Jeanne, no! You're injured!" he called, and chased after her.


As Bayonetta fought, nothing seemed to be working. She tried all of her weapons, but she couldn't find a weak spot on this one. Gritting her teeth, she back-flipped off the beast's head, but mid-air, it reared its head and slammed into her, sending her careening into the ground, creating a crater where she landed.

Sitting up stiffly, she rubbed her head, dizzy from the hard hit. "Well, that was rude," she snarled.

The monster roared into the air and lifted onto its hind legs. Bayonetta's eyes grew wide when she realized what it was about to do. If it landed, there would be a massive earthquake, crumbling not only trees and the park, but buildings in the city. Thousands would die.

She leapt up, closed her eyes for a second, then re-opened them quickly, tossing aside her two guns. Thrusting her arms out to the side, twisting and twirling, a sort of dance, she called out:


Her hair descended from her body, stripping her of her clothes, and formed in the air, creating a large summon, the dragon Gomorrah.

It screeched at the angel beast and launched forward, just as the beast came crashing down, front claws rearing.

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