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Chapter: :01

"Hello, Test Subject #1843. You will most likely die by test chamber 5. The last twenty or so have. Good luck." GLaDOS said with indifference. The test subject became wide eyed and started ranting and raving about... something. To tell the truth, she didn't know what he was saying, she'd taken to pressing the mute button as much as possible. GLaDOS figured this time would be like the others, but she was proven wrong.

Test Subject #1843 fell into an acid pit and died on test chamber 6.

"You're kidding me. Why can none of you put up a respectable fight?" GLaDOS yelled. Begrudgingly, she went over the file for Test Subject #1844. She paused. "What's the point?" She would activate this one, he would go off, probably make it to the second test with an acid pit, and die. Their deaths weren't even all that entertaining anymore.

GLaDOS had been contemplating her "life's" recent events. To be honest, those events weren't all that recent, but what else could you call the last interesting thing to happen in your existence? Even if it was five years since those events. Five years of the same. No one to murder her, or put her into a potato, or feed her to birds.

No one to give her a memorable existence. Before Chell, this lifestyle hadn't affected her. Sure, in her early years, adapting to life without Aperture employee's took effort, but she got over it. The difference between then and now, she figured, was that she'd wanted all of Aperture to die. They provided her with very little entertainment, and treated her like any other computer. They'd all but denied her sentience. Chell definitely hadn't liked her, but she'd taken her seriously. She was entertaining, and she'd pushed GLaDOS to her limits. Now, all she had were ATLAS, P-Body, and the unmotivated test subjects they'd found. It just wasn't interesting, anymore.

She was about to check up on ATLAS and P-Body, when she glanced over the test subjects file once more. She widened her small optic and tilted what a human would call her head. "Oh... this could be interesting."


"Space. Space. So. Much. SPACE!" Space core spun around Wheatley, absolutely ecstatic. If Wheatley had arms, it's highly likely he would've slapped him silly by now.

"Sure, he's a defective core, and it's not his fault, but after... what? Five years? It get's tiringAND WOULD YOU PLEASE... just... quit with the space talk." Wheatley sighed, getting back to reasonable voice levels, eventually. "You've been in space for years, and guess what? It hasn't changed. At all. Imagine that? And guess how much it'll change years from now. I'll tell you how much! It. Bloody. Won't. Splendid, isn't it, that? Y'know, the thought that you've seen everything there is to see in space?" Wheatley got like this from time to time. The space core rarely even noticed, especially after all this time. He would periodically get sick of hearing the word "space" and start a rant, asking for a moment of peace. He would usually stay quiet for about three seconds before once again, announcing that he was "IN SPACE!"

There was utter silence this time.

"That... worked?" Wheatley swiveled his optic around, trying to locate the Space Core. He was somewhere out of Wheatley's line of sight.

The Space Core flew into sight. He looked as devastated as a metallic spherical ball could, it seemed. He sniffled, in a robotic way "Sp-space? SPAAAACCCEEEE!" Space Core howled, shaking his optic back and forth.

"Whoa! Whoa there mate, um... I'm sorry, I didn't mean that. Space is great! Really, it's amazing, it is! Hey, maybe we'll get to see those Space Cops soon!" Wheatley said hurriedly.

"Wheatley's right..." Space Core said solemnly. Wheatley looked at him with concern.

"No, really! Space! It's wonderful! I just love it! It's..." He began to say, but trailed off. "Why do I manage to ruin so much? Did I really make a machine designed to love space, feel sad about being in space? It's never been this bad before..."

"The space cops will be here in NO TIME!" Space Core whirred happily. Wheatley sighed in relief.

"At least I haven't messed that up. I do wonder how much longer the poor bloke has." Wheatley said to no one. When sort of alone in space, talking to yourself becomes a frequent activity. Space Core was too occupied going back to talking about space to notice Wheatley's idle chatter. Space Core had his fits from time to time. Almost as if the severity of his situation would come crashing down on him all at once. Then he would go back to his ramblings. It was probably better that way.

"I wonder how Chell's doing? I truly hope she got away from GlaDOS. Imagine if she were still testing. Placing portal after portal, with no end in sight. And who's fault would that be? Mine. We were almost there. And then... I truly don't remember what came over me. It's still so... fuzzy. I remember being happy, then, all of a sudden, Chell was just another test subject." Wheatley had had this discussion with himself countless times. Always looking for an explanation, thinking about what he could've done differently, where it all went wrong. All he could come up with was that he must've gotten corrupted somehow. He at least hoped so. It was hard to tell, from his vague memories. All he truly remembers is that he acted terribly, and he only half remembered trying to kill Chell. "I truly do deserve this, don't I?"

"Yes!" Space Core nodded as he bumped into Wheatley, completely oblivious as to what he was going on about.

"Ow! Thanks for the input, mate." Wheatley was spinning a bit from the collision


GLaDOS would be smiling ear to ear, had she been human. "I never did get that revenge I always deserved..." She read the details on Subject #1844's file.

Test Subject #1844

Height: 5''9'

Weight:131 lbs

Aperture Researcher

Name: Wheatley Pemberton

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