Hey guys!

So this was actually just a drabble that I had posted on Tumblr, but I figured I'd post it here as well. I couldn't not write something prom-related after Prom Queen, and this is what came out.

It is EXTREMELY short – especially for me, but oh well.




Let Me Hold Your Crown, Babe

"Most attractive prom king I've ever seen," Sam Evans declared proudly as he made his way out of McKinley High's auditorium with his arm slung securely around Kurt Hummel - one half of McKinley High School's senior royal couple - and a smile on his face.

Kurt, in turn, wrapped an arm around Sam and allowed himself to be drawn even further into him. "Why thank you, Samuel."

Sam scoffed back at him, looking down at his other half and smirking. "I was talking about me, actually. Vain much?"

Kurt's jaw dropped with feigned shock and dismay before he leaned up and snagged Sam's gold crown off of his head. "I'm giving this to Stevie to use as a fort for his army men. And when he melts it with his magnifying glass, you're going to severely reconsider who you're calling the most attractive prom king ever."

Sam's eyes widened and sparkled in the dim lighting of the hallway as Kurt took off running knowing that Sam would be quick on his heels. And he was.

He chased him down curves of the hallways, their laughter bouncing off of the lockers around them. He caught him just as they neared the double doors to take them out to the parking lot. His arms wrapped around his waist, pressing his back into his chest, as he swung him around.

Sam placed the King back on his feet but didn't let go. Kurt removed his crown before leaning his head against Sam's chest. Sam kissed his hair and rested his chin atop his head as Kurt placed Sam's crown back on his head. He couldn't see Sam at the moment, so he wasn't sure if he'd put it on lopsided - but if it was bothering Sam, he didn't let it show.

"You're the most beautiful king I've ever seen, Kurt," he murmured quietly - so quietly that Kurt wasn't even sure he meant for him to hear it at all. The sincerity and nervousness in Sam's voice made Kurt's knees tremble.

He turned to face Sam and pressed his lips against his. Sam's mouth opened against Kurt's lips, but Kurt merely brushed his lips against Sam's - a kiss for his lower lip and a kiss for his upper.

Sam stared back at him with one eye opened and a peeved expression on his face that Kurt couldn't help but laugh at. He had an entire evening planned for just the two of them once they left McKinley's doors and good things always came to those who waited - so Sam would just have to wait. (Of course, even if he didn't wait, Kurt would still give him every single good thing he had coming in his direction, but that was simply beside the point right now).

Sam removed the newly placed crown from his head and placed it on top of Kurt's instead. Kurt couldn't wipe the giddy smile off of his face as he returned the favor with his own crown.

"Ready to get out of here?" Sam asked nervously, rubbing his lips together.

Kurt grinned back at him and wrapped his arms around Sam's waist as they made their way out the doors and into the rest of their night.

"I thought you'd never ask."

Hope you liked!