Author's Note:
Hello honeybeeeeeee. (: This is my first fanfiction. i'm an extremely slow writer, so this takes longer than it should've. ;P
I'm kinda nervous about releasing these things, but oh well. This story is going to be FULL of fluff and cuteness. just a fair warning.
I'm missin' my cute Eclare moments, especially after my heart was broken after DTW2. ah, /3


Clare was awoken by a loud repetitive tapping on her window. Her eyelids fluttered open as she looked around the sun-flooded room. Birds were chirping lightly outside, singing peaceful
songs, welcoming beautiful weather and a new season of sunshine. Clare sat up in bed as a smile spread across her face. The tapping returned, and her feet made contact with the cold floor as she made her way to the window, the source of the noise. She was dressed in a blue tank top and short shorts, seeing as the weather forecaster announced to expect warm weather. She opened the window, and saw her boyfriend Eli leaning down to pick up more pebbles to throw at her window pane.

"Goodmorning Sunshine!" Clare yelled down, causing Eli's head to shoot up at the sudden noise shattering the peaceful atmosphere.

"Goodmorning Gorgeous. I woke up early, and I missed you. So I decided to come see you." Eli said as a smirk spread across his face.

"Well thanks for disrupting my sleep. Speaking of, I could use some more of it! Goodnight Eli!" Clare exclaimed playfully as she ran back to her bed and climbed in, leaving the window open.

Soon enough she heard Eli climbing the tree into her window, and heard a thump as Eli's feet made contact with the wood flooring. He shut the window and the blinds, causing the coolness of the dark to encircle the room and cool it down from the spring humidity. He climbed into bed with Clare, forcing giggles to escape from her lips.

"If you're not going to come out and play, I guess I'll have to just stay in bed with you all day then my darling.

Clare turned on her side so she was facing away from Eli, with her back towards him. 'I am NOT playing this game', Eli thought to himself. He slipped his fingers under Clare's shirt, inching them up her back, causing her breath to hitch in her throat. He began to place kisses on her shoulders and neck, feeling her shudder beneath his touch.

"..El…Eli.." she replied breathlessly, "i'm trying to get back to sleep."

"Don't mind me baby," Eli said deviously.

She finally relaxed at his touch and turned around. She kissed him passionately, and eventually pulled away for air. He always had this effect on her.
Eli smirked against her lips, and they pulled away due to lack of oxygen. Once her rational thinking returned to her brain, her eyes narrowed into a glare, straight at Eli. He of course knew she was kidding, and smugly smirked at her knowing he disrupted her playful flirting towards him. He 99.9% of the time won the battles between them, and she was very well aware of that. She turned her back to him once again, but he just grabbed her waist and pressed his body against hers, nuzzling his face into her shoulder. Clare's eyes began to feel heavy.. and she fell asleep to the comforting sound of Eli's soft breathing.

Two hours later, Clare awoke from her nap and turned over to look at Eli. His eyes fluttered open and she was rewarded with a sleepy Eli and a grin.

"Goodmorning sunshine." He whispered. She felt the blush run up to her face, and quickly averted her eyes from his green ones. He kissed her cheek, simply and chastely.

"Whatcha wanna do today babe?" he asked.

"I don't know, I'm kinda lazy. Though, this spring weather is really lovely."

Eli then picked her up in his arms, and carried her downstairs to her kitchen. Her parents were gone on a business trip, and she has the house to herself all weekend. He set her down on the counter and opened up the refrigerator, in search of breakfast. His eyes landed on a brown container, with the word "nutella" printed across it in red letters. He snatched it up and held it before him while Clare watched him perched upon the counter.

"What's this?" Eli asked curiously. His eyebrows shot up at Clare's surprised gasp.

"YOU'VE NEVER HAD NUTELLA?" she squeaked.

He shook his head cautiously, and started to walk backwards as Clare hopped off the counter and began walking towards him.

"That is the MOST ABSURD thing I've ever heard in my life. Open it. Try it."

She said. Eli slowly unscrewed the cap and dipped his finger into the spread, and brought his finger to his lips. His eyes lit up with delight and a smirk spread across his lips.

"This is sooo good. You wouldn't mind if I kept it, would you Edwards?" he asked mischievously.

"Yes, I would. Pleeeeeease give it back."

She pouted. Her doe eyes stared up into his emerald ones, and her bottom lip jutted out into a pout. His devious facial expression immediately softened and he knew he had lost. She leaned up on her tip toes and left a feather light kiss on his lips, and his arms lowered to clasp around her tiny waist. She delicately grasped the sacred jar away from his grasp and ran. This was only the start of the playful banter and flirting for the day- and they wouldn't have it any other way.

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