His lips moved across her neck, trailing fire on her skin. His teeth surfaced and he bit and nibbled as he made his way up towards her ear. His teeth skillfully bit and sucked on her earlobe, and slowly he reached her cartilage piercing. His teeth and tongue came into contact with the cool metal, and Clare winced in pain. He pulled back and kissed her lips chastely, leaning his forehead against hers cocking an eyebrow.

"..I may or may not have been neglecting taking care of it." Clare whispered sarcastically.
"Clare.. if that's infected you need to go get it checked out. We just got it last month and we don't need a good reason for your parents to prove it's a bad idea—for example, an infection." He shot back, chuckling a bit. Clare's mind drifted back to her and Eli's first "official" date:

He had taken her to a book reading, but on the way to the Dot afterwards she pulled him into the piercing shop without a second thought, rebellion and adrenaline rushing through her veins. However, as soon as she saw the big, burly man, covered head to toes in tattoos standing behind the counter, butterflies and apprehension shot into her stomach. Eli took her hand, and told the man what they wanted confidently, and he sounded comfortable and assertive. He took out his fake ID and paid for both of their cartilage piercings. Her feet dangled in the leather chair, as she waited apprehensively to get it over with. Eli kneeled next to her and looked into her eyes, and told her she'd be okay. He stood up and offered his hand to her, and she graciously took it. As soon as their fingers were interlaced, she felt worlds better and confident. Eli leaned down and whispered in her ear seductively, "you get a kiss if you get through this without crying", but pulled on her earlobe a bit with his teeth before pulling back from whispering. The man came in and did the job, but tears pricked at her eyes before she could help them. However, as soon as Eli looked into her misty eyes, he leaned down and kissed her anyways, hoping to help take her mind of the pain.

"Well, the kisses we shared that night were certainly an added bonus to that night. It certainly goes down in the books for one of my favorite dates with you, Romeo." Clare said sweetly. Eli leaned up once again and captured her lips once again, a smile spreading across his lips once again.
"Well since were sharing memories, one of my favorite with you was the date we took to the theme park. You were such a big baby when it came to big roller coasters, but of course I have my ways of persuading you," Eli said while wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

"Blue eyes! Let's go on that one!" Eli said excitedly, pointing at a rollercoaster high in the air complete with loops, turns, and drops. Clare's stomach dropped and she shook her head no repeatedly while stepping backwards. Two of Eli's long fingers hooked through her belt loops, and she was pulled to him. "I promise to keep you safe." He said, his voice coming out smooth and soothing. Clare couldn't say no to him while looking into his jade green eyes, and she absentmindedly shook her head yes, still dizzy from being that close to him. His scent evaded her senses, something along the lines of pine and spearmint. He wrapped his arm around her waist, keeping a finger hooked in her belt loop. She approached the red railing to get in line, and her stomach did flips at the realization of what she was about to do. She peered up at the cars racing by on the track and her eyes widened. However, soon enough she was at the front of the line, holding onto Eli's hands for dear life. As soon as the carnie opened the gate, Eli guided her to a cart and sat down. The car began moving, and she knew there was no going back. Loop after loop, Clare felt herself getting sick. Once the ride came to a stop, she made a beeline to the trashcan and emptied out her stomach contents. Fear and worry flashed in Eli's eyes as he rubbed her back, apologizing over and over again.

"You don't know when to accept the word "no", do you?" Clare said teasingly. "I didn't know you would get sick, otherwise I wouldn't have made you go on that! You know that!" he pleaded, pulling her body closer to his in his black clad bed. "We have a lot of memories, don't we?" she said, looking dazed. Eli chuckled a bit before replying, "yes, I truly am your dream come true aren't I? I can tell by the dreamy look on your face." He replied. Clare's eyes darted to him and she glared, warning him that if he didn't keep his mouth shut then he'll be cuddling with himself in any moment. Eli smirked at her, wrapping his arm around her lower back and slipping his hand into the back pocket of her jean shorts. "Eli!" Clare squeaked, giggling and squirming to get out of his grasp. He started to tickle her, and her breathing became uneven through her giggles. "Say it! Say I'm dreamy!" Eli chuckled while hovering over her, his hands attacking the skin that was visible from her shirt that rose up while laying on his bed. "Eli.." gasp.. "stop"..gasp "tickling".. gasp.. "me!" she said. "NOT until you admit it!" "Fine! Eli you're my dream boy. Dream come true! Just stop tickling me!" she giggled. Her face was red from laughing so much, her hair messy from squirming around, and Eli still thought she was beautiful. He pulled her back to him, "you're beautiful." He whispered in her ear. A pretty scarlet blush decorated her cheeks and her ears, and he smirked. His mine drifted of memories of the past and memories to come with his beautiful girlfriend, as she snuggled back into his arms and fell asleep.