I do not own the characters. No profit being made off this tale, it is just an interpretation.


My time upon the music hall stage passed in a blur, a blur with Kitty Butler in the center. Every step she took I followed willingly, helplessly in the grip of my lust for her. I was blinded in a red hot haze where she existed as my white and blue flame. We sang songs she wanted to and danced the steps she designed. I did as she asked.

She was my General and I her Lieutenant, obeying her orders at the cost of my own life flashing away with each tip of my hat, each movement at her side I made. The months passed and I too ignorant to acknowledge the passing of the time. Only the two of us existed and our love for each other. On the stage, I twirled my cane and swayed to the rhythm of Kitty's chain latched around my neck. I her puppet, and she my puppet master. Each performance at her side choreographed for her desire, her want of me.

I removed my clothes and laid myself bare on the stage for her eyes only. The audience, clapping and cheering did not matter to me, I only moved for Kitty's eyes upon my swaying hips, her lips smiling at my faltering steps, her cheeks flushed with the heat of her want of me. The powerful monster Lust had me in its clasp and I was powerless to stop the control. My actions in the grip were not logical. I was blinded when I needed my eyes open wide; logic requires open eyes, cautious steps.

Kitty, my beautiful lover and partner on the stage, kicked my feet out from under me, watching as I flayed and fell, my landing upon the stage hard, my hat falling to the side with my cane. The once clapping audience broke into laughter, tossing crumpled brochures upon the stage to flutter onto my chest and into my fallen hat.

The once center of my lust and act became my ghost, sweeping in to steal my desire and love, riding off into the shadows of the curtain without a backwards glance. I was left to lay empty and cold upon the hard stage where once warmth and life tramped upon the boards, now the thumping of my heart the only rhythm shaking the wood. The clapping and laughing ceased. I cease to exist without the existence of my Kitty, my steps once confident upon this stage now unsteady and of f beat. The stage house once full, now empty to my act. I closed my eyes and fell into the abyss of darkness.