Okay, one thing. I don't like flames, 'kay? If you don't like my ideas, don't flipping comment! I happen to like the overused ideas!

ANYway, I gots more ideas!

Rules for all fics: No slash, any other pairing is fine as long as it isn't messed up (like DannyJazz...ew. No offense to those who enjoy it!). All fics are post PP.

No clue what number I'm on now, nor do I care, so just pick one you like.

~Skulker hits Danny with a special ecto-goo that results in Danny going completely blind.

Rules: Whatever pairings you like (non-slash of course). Multi-chapter fic. Danny has to go through school without his sight.

~Danny loses his voice completely in a ghost fight where his voice box is permanently ruined. Now he has to figure out how to deal with school without being able to speak.

Rules: See above. Danny has to go through school with no voice.

~Dani Fenton enrolls in Danny's school as a freshman during Danny's senior year. How will the school react when Danny lets it slip that Dani is his daughter?

Rules: By Dani, I obviously mean his clone. I happen to like thinking of Danny as Dani's father, as she is his clone and made from his own DNA. No slash or DannyDani romance. Multichapter.

~ (lol I love DannyDani fatherdaughter) In the middle of class, Dani crashes through the ceiling, being attacked by Skulker. Danny defends Dani with such ferocity, not even bothering to change to Phantom because he's worried about his "daughter", which truly shocks the class. You decide what happens. Either oneshot or multichapter.

That's all I got for ya for now.

NO FLAMES! *glares at mysterious anonymous flamer* unoriginal piece of crap, eh? I don't take that.