Mom Can Be Helpful!

(This one-shot was inspired by Big Time Mother's Day Special! I was actually surprised when no one else thought of this. So... I figured since Logan's mom was already there, why not let her meet Camille! Maybe she can help Logan and Camille get past the kinda friends, kinda couple phase they seem to be stuck in!)

Day 1:
Logan's P.O.V.

After all the excitement today, I was looking forward to just relaxing and catching up with my mom. It had been months since I last saw my parents and I missed them like crazy. All the other guys had broke away to hang out with their moms; so my mom and I had the apartment to ourselves.
"So mom..." I say, handing her a bottle of water and dropping into the chair beside her. "How long are you staying for?"
"Well I took a week off work! I had to cancel some showings that I had; but if it means that I get to spend a week with my boy, who cares." She answers.
"Cool! But I'm going to have rehearsals pretty much everyday." I tell her.
"That's okay, I can just hang around here and catch up with Jen."
"Okay! So what do you want to do now?" I ask.
"Well how about a tour! You talk so much about how 'awesome' the Palm Woods is, so I want to see for myself." she says getting up and heading out the door.
"Tour it is!" I say to myself as I get up and follow behind her.
"Okay there are four floors, but everything above the first floor is just residential housing. But down here there's the lobby, the gym, the school, and the computer lounge." I tell her as we walk around on the main floor.

"Wow! It's like staying in a 4-star hotel! All they're missing is a spa!" she jokes.

"Actually Katie started one once!" I tell her, laughing at the flashback of Gustavo coming rushing into the studio with grass sticking out of his head and looking like he had been buried in dirt.

"I don't understand how a ten year old is able to do everything that Katie does." she says shaking her head.

"I have no clue either." I tell her, as we walked out to the pool area. "And this is the famous Palm Woods pool!"

"Hmm... not bad! I can see why you boys like hanging out here." she says, looking around at everyone. She suddenly points at someone. "What is that girl doing?"

Somehow I knew exactly who she was talking about even before my eye's landed on the brown-haired beauty. "That's Camille! She working on a role!" I tell her.

"Wait... the Camille? Your girlfriend?" she ask, her eyes widening slightly.

"She's not my girlfriend! We are just friends." I could the bitterness that was threatening to seep through at my words.

"At the way you just said friends, I'm taking it that you don't really like that you guys are just friends." she says, looking between me and Camille.

"Would I like it if Camille and I were more than friends? Of course! But I'm not sure I can go there again after what happen last time." I tell my mom, my eyes fixed on Camille, who was getting really into the script.

"I thought you said what happen between her and James was an accident?" she ask.

"It was! But that doesn't change the fact that it happen."

"Okay! Well I want to meet her, so let's go!" She says pulling me by my arm over to Camille.

"Mom... she's busy!" I whine, trying to pull away, but dang my mom is strong.

I swear we got over to Camille in record time. However Camille was to far gone into her script to realize that we were standing there. My mom had to clear her throat twice before Camille finally looked up at us.

"O... hey Logan... and lady I don't know!" she says, surprise to see us standing there. "What's up?"

"Hey Camille! My mom just really wanted to meet you." I tell her.

Her eyes widening as I say 'MOM'! She glances at my mom, before throwing her script on the table and getting up, to shake my mom's hand.

"Hello Mrs. Mitchell it's really nice to meet you." Camille says, her voice shaking a little. A tell tale sign that she is nervous.

"It's nice to meet you as well Camille. But please call me Joanna; Mrs. Mitchell makes me feel old." my mom chuckles. "Do you mind if we join you?"

"Not at all!" Camille says, gesturing to the seats around the table. She takes the seat she had just vacated while my mom and I seat across the table from her.

"So Mrs. Mitch... Joanna, what bring you out to the west coast?" Camille ask.

"Oh did you not hear? James' mom, Brooke, was wanting to take him back to Minnesota. So the boys came up with the idea that us mom's get her to let him stay." my mom explains.

"So is James still here?" Camille ask, looking at me in concern.

"Come on Cami, you should know us better than that. We would have never let James leave. Even if James' mom does scare us!" I tell her, grinning.

"Of course not!" she laughs.

We stay there talking to Camille for over an hour, I could tell that

"Well Camille it's almost time for dinner and I was going to take Logan out to a restaurant somewhere. Would you like to come along?" My mom ask. I can see that sparkle in her eyes, oh no! She's up to something.

"Any other day I would love too; but I actually promised my dad that we would have dinner together, just the two of us, tonight, since he's been out of town for the past couple of weeks. Sorry!" Camille answers, putting her script into her bag as we all stand up.

"Well maybe you can join us tomorrow night!" my mom suggest.

"Absolutely!" Camille says.

"Okay then, I will see you tomorrow! Logan I will met you upstairs, I want to freshen up a little before we head out." my mom says, before walking away, giving me and Camille a moment to ourselves.

"I'm sorry if we interrupted you getting ready for a role." I tell Camille, feeling a little guilt that we had.

"It's fine! I could do that part in my sleep anyway. Plus I had a great time meeting your mom." she says smiling at me. "She's so nice!"

"Yeah she is!" I tell Camille. "But I better get going don't want her to have to wait to long."

"Okay! I'll see you later than." Camille says before walking off to meet her dad who was standing in the doorway to the pool area.

I head up to apartment 2J! My mom is up to something and I'm going to find out what it is.

I get to the apartment at the same time as Carlos and his mom.

"Hey Logie! Where have you been?"

"Hanging out with my mom and Camille!" I tell him, emphasizing Camille's name.

"Oh yeah? How did that go?" Carlos ask opening the door, and letting his mom go in first.

"Good actually. My mom really seem to like her." I tell him.

"Correction, I love her. She's sweet, nice, and kind. Not to mention very beautiful." My mom say coming out of my room. "She the perfect girl for you Logan."

"Whose the perfect girl for Logan?" Kendall ask, coming in the door with Momma Knight and Katie.

"Camille!" Carlos tells him, grinning at me.

"Oh yeah, of course. Everyone knows that. Well except for Logan apparently." Kendall says laughing.

"Hello did everyone forget that she and James kissed! While we were dating!" I remind them, just as James walked in.

"Seriously are we still talking about this? It was an accident, Logan! Neither of us meant for it to happen, and it will never ever happen again." James says, rolling his eyes at me.

"Well when they get back together you make sure it doesn't happen, or me and you are going to be having a conversation." Brooke tells James, frowning at him.

"Who said anything about us getting back together?" I ask, getting annoyed that everyone was butting into my business.

"Oh for heaven's sake!" Everyone says at the same time.

"What?" I ask.

"Everyone know you two are going to get back together. We're all just waiting to see how long it's going to take for it to happen." Carlos tells me.

"Okay, you know what? I'm done talking about this. Whether I get back together with Camille is my business and nobody else. So let's just drop it!" I tell them, feeling my annoyance with them getting stronger.

"Okay you guys heard Logan! Leave him alone!" Momma Knight tells everyone. I mouth a thank you to her and she just smile at me nodding in understanding.

"Well me and Logan are headed out to dinner. We will see you when we get back." My mom says as we head out of the apartment.

The rest of the night was relatively calm! No more pressuring me to get back together with Camille and no guys coming up with cray antics to get us in trouble. Just a nice calm dinner with my mom and and even calmer night sleeping in the moon bounce with the rest of the guys, since we had all giving our moms, our beds.