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Day 3:

Logan's P.O.V.

I laid in bed, longer than usual, the next morning. I couldn't believe how everything with Camille had turned out last night. I should be furious with my mom, for pulling that trick, but all I want to do is hug and thank her.

She helped me get up the courage to try again with Camille. Something I have wanted for awhile but didn't know how to let myself go there.

There was a soft knock on my door, before it was pushed open and my moms face peeked around the door.

"Morning Mom, you can come in!" I smile at her.

"Morning Honey! I just wanted to check and see if you were up." she says sitting down on Kendall's vacant bed.

"And to grill me on how that prompt-to-date went last night!" I add for her.

"I was going to do no such thing!" she denies. "But since you brought it up, how did it go?"

"The beginning was good, up into the point when the matire 'd gave me your letter. Then it went down hill from there." I told her.

"What? What happen?" she asked, concern etched on her face.

"Well after I read your note, Camille asked me if I was willing to try again with her. And for some reason I couldn't seem to make my mouth work. Which resorted in her running out in tears." I tell her.

"Oh my! Logan!" she says shaking her head at me.

"It wasn't on purpose, Mom! But..." I started, though was cut off.

"But? So there's more?" she ask sounding eager to hear more.

"Yeah! There's more!" I tell her. " About 5 minutes after she had left I came to my senses and got up and ran after her. I ran all the way back here and caught up to her just as she was about to get on the elevator."

"And?..." she pried.

"And... I told her that I wanted to try again, so we're back together." I tell her.

I've never heard my mom squeal before, and to be honest it was something I never hope to hear. So when she let out the high-pitch sound, I almost jumped out of my skin.

"Are you okay?" I ask concerned.

"Yes! I'm more than okay! I'm so happy that my baby boy is happy." she says coming over to my bed and pulling me up into a hug. "My baby boy is in love!"

"Woo... Mom who said anything about love." I ask her. "I like Camille, but I'm not sure if I'm in love with her."

"Trust me honey, mothers' know this type of stuff. You love this girl, and I can't blame you. She seems to be an amazing person." she says.

"She is!" I agree. "And speaking of that amazing person, I promised I would take her out to breakfast this morning to make up for my lack of motor skills last night. You can join us if you want?" I quickly add.

"Sounds great!" she say, getting up and heading out the door.

Just as the door shut behind her, my phone let out a beep, signaling that I had received a text. I looked at the little screen to see who it was from. A grin spread across my face, at the name flashing on the screen. I flipped my phone opened and quickly read the message.

'Good morning, boyfriend! I hope you're up cause I'm ready for breakfast!'

'Yeah I'm up! Give me ten minutes and I'll be ready! I hope you don't mind my mom coming with us!'

I shot her a quick text, before getting out of bed and quickly making it. I had just changed out of my pajamas and was lacing up my vans when my phone let out another beep.

'Of course I don't mind! Your mom is totally cool! I'll meet you guys in the lobby in a couple of minutes.'


I walked out of my room, just as my mom made her way out of the bathroom. I told her that we were meeting Camille down in the lobby in a few minutes, before she scrambled off to get her shoes and I went to brush my teeth and wash my face.

My mom was waiting in the kitchen for me. We called a goodbye to Mama Knight, Katie, and the guys; who were all sitting at the table eating. We made it to the lobby in record time and as soon as the elevator doors open, I was Camille standing in the lobby.

How is it possible for her to look so beautiful, this early in the morning. She smiled at us as we got closer. I placed a quick kiss on her cheek, before my mom pulled her into a hug. I could have sworn I heard Camille whisper 'thank you' but I couldn't be sure, so I just let it go without comment.

We headed out my falling slightly behind my mom and Camille, as they talked like they were old girlfriends or something. I could tell that my mom really like Camille. I had had a couple of girlfriends while I was living in Minnesota and my mom had never once took the time to really get to know them, let alone have a full fledged conversation with them.

We got to the little cafe and sat in one of the booths, my mom one side, me and Camille on the other. We place our orders and they once again started to talk, leaving me out of the conversation. Although I didn't mind at all, I had no need to talk about shopping or anything else.

I stared at Camille out of the corner of my eye. Since I had moved here, my life has been a constant roller coaster. But no matter what, she had always been there, willing to be whatever I needed her to be and I couldn't ask for more in a woman in I got to create her myself.

I glanced over at my mom, who had the softest of smiles on her face as she laughed at something Camille had said. I couldn't believe how lucky I was to have two such amazing women in my life.

Mom's can be a million things, from supportive to annoying, but the one thing I really found out this week was that Mom's Can Be Helpful!

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