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Kagome POV

I used to get mad at Inuyasha for going to a dead girl, when a perfectly willing, loving, living one was right in front of him. We would get into the most awful fights. I would accuse, he would defend, I would sit, he would crash. But I understand now, and honestly, I respect him for the love that he refuses to let go of. So now I smile.

I used to cry when he went to her. When he would leave, I would excuse myself and go to the hot springs. I would cry out of anger sometimes, other times though, I would cry out of sadness that he didn't and would never pick me. But I realized something, I never cried out of happiness that he was happy. Eventually, my tears ran dry and so, I smiled.

I used to get jealous. Jealous of someone who was better than me in every way. Physically, mentally, spiritually stronger. I felt like a nobody compared to her. And Inuyasha always compared us. But eventually, I pushed myself past the jealousy to see that honestly, she was better, but that never meant that I had to sit there and accept it. When I would go home, I would train till I dropped. I pushed my limits again and again just to see that there were no limits to what I could do. So when we were compared...I just smiled.

I smiled and smiled, till one morning...My smile broke. I remember it like it was yesterday.


I woke up before everyone else and started to make breakfast, only to realize that the fire had gotten too low to cook. So I went out to gather firewood when I heard voices. I got closer and heard Inuyasha's voice and crept downwind so he wouldn't smell me. 'Yes, yes I'm a snoop, get over it' Anyways, I snuck over and hid in a bush...original I know.

"Kikyo, I cant do this anymore." my heart started to race. 'What!'

"What are you saying, Inuyasha? Don't you love me anymore" inwardly I was fist pumping and dancing around to techno music, I was so happy.

"NO! No, thats not what I'm saying at all. I want you to come with me, join us." and my dance abrubtly turned into a bus running me over, backing up over me, and running me over again.

"Oh, Inuyasha. I don't know. What will Kagome think?" 'I'm thinking I should leave' but his next words stopped me.

"Actually, I'm pretty sure she would be fine with it. We don't fight over you anymore, she doesn't get jealous or anything, she has been pretty agreeable to everything lately, now that I think about it. Huh." not wanting to drag out the akwardness, I grabbed my peices of wood and walked into the clearing, pasting a smile on my face.

"Hi! Sorry to interrupt, but I was just wondering if Kikyo would like to join us, you know, like, permanantly. I know its kinda sudden and everything, but it's not exactly fair to you guys if your always apart ya know?" suddenly arms enveloped me and I dropped the peices of wood I was holding, wrapping my arms around Inuyasha and my smile cracked a bit.

"Thank you sooo much, Kagome. You don't know how much this means to me." I just squeezed him harder and decided then and there that this would probably be the last time I would be able to hug him, I pulled away and he went to Kikyo...my smile cracked a bit more as I watched helplessly as the two embraced. I cleared my throat and said in a hopefully normal voice.

"Well I gotta get back, breakfast won't cook itself. Welcome to the group, Kikyo. You guys take your time, food wont be done for a minute yet." and I picked up the wood and left quietly. I made my way to camp and made breakfast before dressing and writing a note. I set it next to Sango and I picked up Shippo, pack and left.


Its been two years. After we left, me and Shippo wandered. I became good at hunting and fishing, I taught Shippo everything I knew about...well everything he asked and we have made ourselves a small home in a mountain, but we don't stay there much. Its mostly a safehouse for when we need a break from jewel hunting. The well closed on its own a few months ago, so I will never see my family again, though I pray for them everyday and sometimes, I even go to the God Tree to talk to them. Well, I talk to the tree and hope my family hears.

Shippo, well. He has grown quite a bit in two years, he must have hit demon puberty or something, because he is about as tall as I am now. After we left he would cry sometimes, but he never asked why we left. I think he already knew. I said he could go back to them if he ever wanted to, he would always just shake his head and resume whatever he was doing. I hated my kit's tears, so I compromised. I would put a barrier around myself, hiding my trail and scent and view to see me, and take him to Inuyasha and the group, that ended up being a regular thing. Shippo ended up being a message boy, between me and the group. Inuyasha was still there for him like an older brother, but I knew one day, Shippo would need someone to teach him how to behave as a demon, so we wandered til I found Sesshomaru and I called in the favor he owed me for saving Rin numerous times. I trained with him as well for about 6 months before taking my leave.

He has been there for almost a year now and I was too lonely to stay at home. So I wandered some more. I excercized demons, delivered babies, healed wounds and even taught the childeren on occasion. I have become alot stronger on my own, mentally, emotionally and physically. I have improved alot with concentrating my spiritual energy and controlling it. I even have a spiritual whip, alot like Sesshomaru's. I am proficient in several weapons, including the Bow and Arrows, throwing knives, and I even got Totosai to make me a special Katana. I named it Aiden, because it would take my spiritual energy and shoot blue flames from it, cover itself in blue flame and other cool stuff, you guessed it, with blue flames.

I listen to my ipod alot now. Just before the well closed, my mom got me a solar charger for it so it wouldn't go dead ever again when I was here. My clothes, on the other hand...they didn't fare so well. So I changed from wearing my uniform, to wearing a green and white kimono that I modified a bit. Its more form fitting and it doesn't have an obi, but is tied with leather cord that crisscrosses from my hips to under my bust and there are slits up the sides, to the thighs so I could wear loose pants or shorts for maximum comfort and movement when I fight.

My appearance hasn't changed too much, at least I dont think so. My hair is to my thighs now, and I keep it braided most of the time. My eyes are not so wide open anymore, and my face lost its childishness. I filled all my curves out too. Once I even joked to myself that I now had a perfect 36/24/36 model figure but now everyone was too afraid to come near me. Yup, I am feared in villages around me by everyone but the childeren. Its not like I threaten them or anything, but when I fight...It scares people. I think it's because I am a priestess that posesses a sword made by a demon. Either that or it's still about the women are supposed to wield a kitchen knife, not a sword. Not many people recognize me as a priestess, because of how I act and what I wear.

Thats about all I have to update on, I heard a rumor about Naraku's latest whereabouts, so I'm going to investigate. I'm sure to run into Inuyasha and the group there or on the way, but I think I can handle it now. I hope they are happy. After I sent Shippo off, I would send my falcon to deliver messages to them. OH! Right, I haven't told you about Titan. One day, I found him, almost dead and I healed him with my energy. Well, I let him go after a few days and he just kept following me. He is snow white, with black spots all over. Actually, he is just like Kilala. He is a demon, and when he transforms, he becomes as big as Kilala and ironically enough, his tail and wings are tipped with blue flames. As we flew over the forest below, I noticed a silver and red blur coming at me and my eyes widened.

"Titan, down!" he dodged our attacker and I pressed myself close to him as he dived for the ground, just to pull up at the last second. I turned to see none other than Inuyasha coming after us yelling

"Get back here you damn bird! I know you have been following us all day!" He hasn't seen me yet. 'Still oblivious' I snorted to myself, then I thought quickly and told the falcon my plan.

"Titan, I'm going to jump, I want you to circle around and I will whistle when I need you. Sound good?" he made a sharp cry and I turned to face Inuyasha and lept off Titan's back towards him.

"I said get back here! Blades of blood!" I rolled my eyes and flipped in the air, dodging the blades and caught Inuyasha around the neck, swinging around till I was on his back and whispered in his ear

"Sit boy" and I kissed him on the cheek before pushing off of his back and I whistled, being caught by a huge talon and I looked up at him and grinned when I saw his head go upside down to look at me.

"I'm fine, lets set down where he fell." I heard a him chirp and I snorted

"Really, it's ok. He is a friend. But uh, I would wait till I call. He still doesn't know you." It looked like Titan rolled his eyes at me, before making a sharp u turn and diving. He let me go overhead and I landed, rolling to ease the break in my fall and ended up in a crouched position. I stood up and watched as Inuyasha slowly climbed out of his hole, the others just catching up. I folded my arms and leaned against a tree, till someone realized that I was here.

Inuyasha POV

I slowly climbed out of my hole and thought 'There's only one person that could do that! Kagome...' We caught word that Naraku was nearby, so we were going to see if it was just another rumor, when I felt someone following us. I looked up to see this giant bird flying behind us a ways and I figured it was a spy of some kind. So I attacked and out of nowhere, someone jumps off the birds back and lands on mine. 'Damn this hole is deep'.

"Inuyasha!" my ears flicked towards the sound as I reached the top. Kikyo, Miroku and Sango were racing to me, battle ready, on Kilala's back. They landed and Miroku helped me out of my hole.

"What happened? We saw the bird, and you falling, but nothing before that. Who was it?" My head whipped up, searching the skies for Kagome. I sighed in sadness and hung my head.

"It was Kagome." Everyone started talking at once and my ears flattened against my head at the noise. A quiet cough from a distance made my ears perk straight up and I jerked my head towards the noise. There she was...Kagome, leaning nonchalantly against a tree, smiling softly.

"Hi guys. Long time no see huh?" silence met her greeting and she sighed, turning to leave when I raced over and held her tightly.

"Kagome! It really is you! For a minute I thought I was dreaming! Why did you leave?" I pulled back and saw her eyes dim and she responded in an almost whisper

"Don't ask questions you wont like the answer to, Yash." and she stepped past me, over to Miroku, who swept her into a hug and they both laughed. 'What did she mean by that?' I thought as she politely greeted Kikyo and I really noticed a difference now. She had filled out in all the right places and her arms were toned, muscled, 'I wonder where else she-NO! no, bad!'. Her hair was past her ass...her ass...ahem, moving on, She was wearing those short pant things under her indecent kimono 'Damn, does everything with her have to be indecent?' I asked myself as I looked at the sword on her back. 'What the hell?' I looked up to her face and my breath caught. She hardly looked a thing like Kikyo now. Her eyes were narrower, her eyes bluer, and her lips were soo full. All in all, she was a vision. I tried to compare the two like I used to, but found I couldn't. Kikyo was lean, slightly muscled, but her figure was less full from the life she has led. Her face was narrower, her eyes didn't hold the same love for life, as Kagome's did. I shook my head to clear my thoughts 'These should not be thoughts going thru my head right now! I shouldn't even be thinking these thoughts about Kagome to start with!'

I watched as she went up to Sango and winced at the loud slap that echoed in the clearing. Kagome's face was averted, saying as she started rubbing her cheek.

"Yeeahh, I deserved that" Sango pulled her fist back and Kagome just stood there and took it. She landed on her back and rolled over, spitting blood as she said.

"I may have deserved that too." Sango screamed and jumped on her, I went to pull her off but Miroku's staff stopped me

"This is something they need to get out. Plus I get a free show." I just glared at him before turning back to the fight. Sango was throwing punches and Kagome was just moving ever so slightly, dodging every attack. Finally, Kagome moved so fast, she was almost a blur, punching Sango in the face and landing on her as she fell, straddling her as she pinned her hands above her head.

"SANGO! YOU KNOW WHY I LEFT! I HAVE EXPLAINED THIS TO YOU AGAIN AND AGAIN! YOU SAID YOU UNDERSTOOD! SO WHY ARE YOU HITTING ME? I WAS RATHER HOPING FOR A HUG, NOT A SLAP YOU JERK!" Sango struggled for a minute and I had to agree with the monk, the whole thing was rather errotic. My eyes were glued to Kagome's breasts as they bounced with every movement she made. I shook those thoughts away and my attention was brought back to the conversation by Sango yelling in her face

"I DO UNDERSTAND KAGOME! BUT YOU NEVER CAME BACK AFTER IT CHANGED!." Kagome sighed and dropped her head, speaking quietly.

"I'm sorry. I was afraid. I know thats not an excuse, but I left so suddenly and-and I was afraid of what everyone would say." she let go of Sango and pushed herself off, landing on her ass in the dirt, her face buried in her arms. 'Am I the only one who's confused here?' I thought as I looked to Miroku and Kikyo, Miroku's eyes softened and Kikyo quirked her head a bit in question. 'Apparantly not' I realized as I got ready to ask Miroku what he knew, but he went over to Kagome and Sango, pulling them both up. They rubbed their jaws and hugged each other before making their way back to the group.

"Damn Kagome, where did you learn to hit like that?" Kagome laughed and waved it off

"Actually it was Sesshomaru." I blinked a couple of times at that before I realized what she just said.

"WHAT!" I yelled and Kagome winced and answered sheepishly.

"Uh, yeah. I sent Shippo with him to train, and he offered to train me as well, so who was I to refuse?" I was shaking with rage.

"You went to that bastard...to train? And he did it?" She raised an eyebrow at me just like that sunnovabitch and answered

"He owed me a favor. Besides, he is really smart, not to mention he has a very nice-" a bird's screetch interrupted her and she looked up quickly, her brow furrowing.

"Oh! Poor thing must be worried." I flattened my ears as she let out a sharp whistle, that sounded exactly like...A huge bird landed a few feet away and I grabbed my sword, but apparantly Kagome was alot faster, because a blade was held against my wrist and I looked sharply to her. Her face totally changed, her eyes were steely, a stern look on her face.

"Please don't do that. Titan, here is my friend. May I remind you that I never killed one of yours." her glance flicked to Kikyo and I backed off. her face changed to its happy go lucky smile and she skipped over to the bird.'Damn. she was kinda scary for a second there' It nuzzled her and she giggled before whispering something to it. Suddenly, it wasn't a huge bird, but a small falcon, resting on her shoulder and I just gaped. It was just like Kilala. You know, with the transformation bit.

"Guys, this is Titan. I rescued him awhile back and he hasn't let me alone since." the bird nipped softly on her ear and she stuck out her tongue at him before walking over, setting him on Kilala's back. They started chatting like ole' buds and I was still left wondering 'WHAT THE FUCK!'

"So, Lady Kagome. Would you join us again?" she looked to me and I just feh'd and crossed my arms, nodding once. She smiled widely and turned back to the group.

"Sure. We could use a break from the solitude." she said, smiling at the bird and everyone began to make camp.

Kagome POV

We were all in a circle, me and Sango on either side of Miroku, Inuyasha eating his ramen with vigor, Kikyou by his side.

"I would savor that, Yash. I'm down to my last couple of packages." Inuyasha just grunted and swallowed before saying cockily.

"So go get more, wench. It's not like I was there to stop you." My eyes saddened and I spoke softly

"I can't, the well stopped working a few months ago." Inuyasha's eyes widened and he spluttered

"Kagome, I didn-I mean I'm-" I just waved it off.

"It's fine. I still go to the God Tree once a month to talk to them." He smirked at the memory of us talking through time, but furrowed his brow and asked

"Is it even possible now?" I snorted and smiled wryly

"No, you idiot. I never said they talked back. It's just...The God Tree is the closest thing I have to being with them." he just nodded and began eating, slowly. I leaned back and looked up at the stars, my arms behind my back, when Miroku asked

"So where have you been? Why are we meeting you here of all places?" I grinned and replied saucily.

"Scaring villages and spoiling children. And because, I heard the news about Naraku and came to investigate." I glanced over to see Miroku raise his eyebrow and I laughed and sat up.

"I wandered alot. I do excorsisms, battle demons, deliver babies, things like that. But as you can imagine, no one quite knows what to make of me. I don't dress like a priestess, I don't act like a priestess, and I don't fight like a priestess, yet I have the spiritual powers of one. The children love me, the adults...well, they are weary." Miroku just furrowed his eyebrows, I rolled my eyes and grinned, but what Kikyou said next stunned me.

"Well it's no wonder. I mean, your dressed like a whore, you have no priestess ettiquet, and you fly around on that...that thing!" and she pointed to Titan, who looked up from cleaning himself. My eyes narrowed and fixed on her.

"He is a falcon, and forgive me, Kikyou, but dont you travel with a couple of demons, yourself? Say what you will about me, but they happen to be my friends too. Why don't you use that 'priestess etiquette' you told me about and think before you speak. I'm sorry everyone, but I seemed to have lost my appetite." I got up and dusted myself off before leaping into a tree to settle down for the night. I slipped my blade to sit in front of me and falcon flew up to my branch to perch on my leg as I began to polish Aiden. Soon, Sango and Miroku made their way to their sleeping bags (yup I got them some too, long time ago) and climbed in for the night. Inuyasha was arguing with Kikyo about something or another when I saw Inuyasha sniff and curse, jumping into a battle stance.

I stayed in my tree, but sent Titan up to scout the danger. He flew off and circled a couple of times before diving into the trees nearby, two sharp cries came from there and I relaxed and jumped out of the tree, just as Sesshomaru, Shippo beside Rin and Jaken pulling AhUn behind them, came into view. Titan perched on Sesshomaru's shoulder and ruffled his feathers, making Sesshomaru raise his eyebrow at him. I giggled and walked past a battle ready Inuyasha and Kikyo, bowing to him.

"Lord Sesshomaru, it's good to see you." he just inclined his head and replied stoicly.

"Kagome." my knees went a bit weak at the use of my name and I turned to everybody else. Sango and Miroku were sitting quietly on their sleeping bags, Kikyo had her arrow notched and Inuyasha was almost snarling,

"What the hell are you doing here, you bastard?" I rolled my eyes and snorted, then looked past Sesshomaru to a very manly looking Shippo and I squealed making the others(except Sesshomaru) jump.

"SHIPPO!" and I ran up to him, embracing him tightly. 'Damn, my kit has grown again' I giggled to myself before pulling back and looking up at him. He gave me a fanged smirk and kissed me lightly on the forehead.

"Hey momma. Whats new." I laughed and grinned, pulling his ponytail

"You grew again, that's what's new. Your almost as tall as Lord Sesshomaru now. Go see the others, they've missed you." he looked at me concernedly and I gave his hand a gentle, yet reassuring squeeze. While they were talking, I turned to see Rin, who seemed to have grown as well. She was about as tall as I was and was smiling at me, I smiled back and embraced her.

"How have you been?" she just blushed and I quirked my head, turning to Sesshomaru in question. He just snorted and rolled his eyes

"Tell her, Rin." I tensed ever so slightly and waited, Rin just scuffed her shoe and looked at the ground, I raised her chin and asked softly

"Nothing you can say will make me think any less of you. So what is it?" She got all teary and I cringed, waiting for the worst.

"Shippo has asked Lord Sesshomaru if he could court me." I just stood there for a minute before shaking slightly, my eyes hooded until I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"Momma...I thought you would be happy." I busted out laughing, startling everyone.

"Lo-Lord Sesshomaru, I believe I won the bet." I wiped my eyes and looked to said person, who grunted and shooed away Titan before walking towards me and took my hand. He turned it over and placed three shards of the jewel in it.

"Don't get full of yourself, Miko. It was luck." I just nodded in mock seriousness, blushing lightly as he sqeezed my hand imperceptibly before letting it go. I spun around and pulled Shippo down to me, hugging him and whispering in his ear.

"Take care of her or you will answer to me young man." before turning to Rin and giving her a big hug.

"I'm so happy for you! Give me lots of grandpups!" she turned crimson and stuttered as I walked back to the group. Inuyasha was in shock, as was everyone else and I rolled my eyes.

"SO WHY THE HELL ARE YOU HERE AGAIN? WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?" Inuyasha exploded, pulling out his sword. I just patted his head sympathetically

"Easy, puppy. I would take my chances and guess he came to tell us the news." I started back to my tree when Sesshomaru's voice stopped me.

"A word, Miko." without breaking stride, I detoured to a lake nearby, staring out onto the water, wondering 'What did I do now?' He came to stand beside me and I waited.

"The fox has completed his training." I nodded, relieved it wasn't because of me.

"I don't want Rin near the fighting and as her betrothed, It's the fox's duty to take care of her." I nodded again and looked up at him. His gaze shifted to meet mine and he spoke again.

"I want the fox to take Rin and make her a home." 'oooooh I get it now.' I looked back to the lake again.

"They can have my cave as a mating gift. I hardly use it and it will make a good home. It's safe, sturdy and can easily be made into a fortress. I only have one favor, Sess." I looked back at him and asked

"Let them be mated tomorrow. This fight with Naraku is imminent, it always has been and I might not make it out of this alive, we both know that. Allow me this one request. Of course if you can't or wont, I understand and will still send them away." I searched his eyes for an answer and got it when they softened ever so slightly.

"Very well, Kagome." I smiled softly and turned to leave, but not before resting my hand against his shoulder.(the one without an arm)

"Then here is my payment." I said quietly and my hand began to glow. I closed my eyes and invisioned muscle being renewed, bones being grown, I saw every vein and artery being built from my spiritual energy. I opened my eyes and glanced at his other arm, copying everything, just inverted. When my hand stopped glowing, I blinked a couple of times and walked away. Before I got two steps, however, my wrist was held in a steel grip and I looked up questioningly and almost gasped. His eyes were wide in shock as he stared at his new hand, then up to me.

"Why? How? You said it couldn't be done" I just sighed and answered

"No, I said, that I have never done anything like that and I didn't know how. I've been thinking on how to restore it to you for awhile. I finally realized that all I had to do was concentrate my energy into making an exact copy of your other arm. I saw all the muscles, bones in your arm and made you new ones. I didn't know how to bring it up, but...This just seemed to be the right moment." he let me go and I ran the pad of my thumb over his cresent moon.

"Magnificent creatures, such as yourself, have no business not being whole." and I walked back to camp. When I got there, I was greeted with Sango and Miroku asking a whole bunch of questions.

"What was the bet? What did he talk to you about?" were only a few and I rubbed my temples and sighed exsaperatedly.

"GUYS! Ok the bet was that Shippo was going to propose to Rin before he finished his training. And we talked about them being married tomorrow." I heard a gasp and a 'What?' and I turned to the couple sitting a few feet away. I went over to them and knelt in front of Shippo, trying to make him understand.

"Your going to be mated tomorrow. Then your going to take Rin and move into my cave. I'm giving it to you." Shippo looked like he was going to cry and I inwardly cringed before saying softly.

"Shippo, don't ask me to die, missing out on my own kit's mating ceremony." he glared at me and answered angrily

"Fine we will be mated tomorrow, we will go to our cave. But you are going to live through this." 'Damn, sometimes I forget how innocent he still is.' I grinned and nodded

"Of course I will, but I also don't want you two to wait for the rest of us to get back, in a cave, by yourselves, with no one to stop you from ravishing each other without being properly mated first." He turned crimson and I laughed, along with everyone else. I got up and turned to see Sesshomaru staring at me. Rin noticed his arm was back and she ran to him, inspecting it. Everyone was crowding around him so, with all attention on him, I gave him a pained smile and I lept back into my tree, where I was free to cry silently for lying to my kit, without being seen or smelt.