ok so i really really hate odd numbers, so i wrote this short story to fill in for the extra chapter. basically it is my POV of what would happen if i was in the anime, writing this story. read or don't read, this is mostly for my own ocd tendancies...oh, and im not going to bother editing:) this story is completely fictional...like i said IF i was in an anime.

disclaimer: dont own inuyasha or the characters

the best way to describe my room is random...my surround sound stereo is underneath the weed shelf which is more like a cubbard with various pipes and bongs and all the weed necessities, the speakers rigged in various places, one wall is covered in knives and swords i've collected over the years with a giant flatscreen and ps3 in the middle, the opposite wall is covered in band posters the floor lined with guitars of all kinds, one mandolin and a violin. my bed is a hammock because i have issues with beds, but have one in my walk in closet for the random straggler that needs a place to crash, i have my banana chair/recliner in the corner and a sturdy shelf dedicated to my bongs, pipes and weed necessities. i have a mini fridge next to the recliner and my floor is covered in a giant shag peace sign rug with various giant bean bag chairs around the room and photos of every kind on the ceiling, friends and family, black and whites that i took and developed.

i owned a house in the country that consisted of an upstairs, which had three bedrooms, one for sesshomaru, one for inuyasha and kagome and one for miroku and sango. the middle floor consisted of a kitchen a bathroom, and my room which is freakin huge, the basement which was the hang out, it had a pool table, tv, ps3 air hockey table and a side room that i turned into my darkroom.

i woke up one morning after a wicked dream and decided i had to write a story. so i made breakfast and went back into my room where i sat in my recliner and pulled out my laptop. i was about halfway thru my first chapter when i heard a knock at the door.

"i keep tellin you stop knocking, sessh. if your gonna come in anyways, why knock?" he chuckled and went to my pot shelf, pulling out his pipe and sitting in a bean bag chair.

"what are you doing so early in the morning?" i shrugged and grabbed my cigarette, taking a drag.

"i got an idea for a story. its based on the anime you guys did." he snorted.

"so now your fantasizing about me are you?" i grinned and nodded

"well everyone else is taken...or did you get back with kagura?" he sighed

"she came sniveling back to me when she ran out of money and i decided it wasn't worth going thru the irritation again." i sighed as well and nodded

"you'll find someone better, until then i'll take care of you." he snorted

"you take care of me anyways, i swear, i have half of my clothes in your room already." i laughed

"then take em back, it wouldn't happen if you didn't drink so much and pass out in my room." he got up and came over to me, leaning over me on my chair.

"when are you going to give in and take advantage of me being in your room, half naked and alone?" i snorted and touched his crescent

"i dont do one nighters babe." he sighed and picked me up before sitting down with me in front of him, his chin on my shoulder.

"well its not like we arent familiar with each other...we are best friends and we have done it before, it wouldn't be one night...more like fuck buddies." i shook my head and grinned

"nope, im not going to risk getting attached again, your just going to be bored in a week anyways." he had the grace to look a bit sheepish and i shrugged

"its not like i havent considered it or anything. i just want something more than casual sex and that, my dear lord sesshomaru, is completely against your nature as the most eligable bachelor in california." and i turned my head and kissed his crescent before getting up and stretching, making him groan.

"do you have to tempt me? get dressed at least." i looked down at my sports bra and basketball shorts and turned to him incredulously

"this tempts you? damn sessh, you need to get layed." he sighed and plopped into my hammock.

"i'm trying! but you keep saying no!" i rolled my eyes.

"sessh, really? you could have sex with anyone. go find another slut in a bar. jeez it cant be that hard." he raised an eyebrow

"but anyone isn't you! cant you just break your rules this once?" i shook my head and made for my closet.

"nope, sorry babe. i still love you, but not that much. we tried a relationship remember? you cheated on me with kagura, yura, kikyo, and ayame, all at the same time, i believe the reason was that i wouldnt put out on the first couple of dates and when i did, you were already fucking them. well im sorry i'm not your typical slut." i didnt hear an answer so i figured he left and i got dressed in a black long sleeved mesh shirt over a red sports bra and black cargo pants, i took out my red converse and went back into my room.

"oh your still here. whats with the face?" i asked, looking at his regretful face. i sat down on a bean bag chair and started tying my shoes

"biggest mistake of my life, IV. i hope you understand that. i still love you, you know...and your not a slut" i nodded and grinned.

"i know...about the understand thing. the love thing and the slut thing, still not sure if your serious. anyways, i let it go ages ago. but you cant be faithful and i wont cut my own throat again." he nodded and got up again to leave the room. as he passed me, i yanked the bottom of his shirt and sent him to the floor. i kissed his forehead and said quietly.

"stop dwelling, sessh. its in the past." he made to kiss my lips but i rolled away and got up.

"k, well. i have photos to develop before bankotsu comes to yell at me for turning them in late again." i took a tie from my hair and put my hair in a ponytail before grinning

"i give it a day, you'll find someone else." i said and i left the room going to my dark room. i worked as a photographer for bankotsu and jakotsu, who owned a photo store. i took pictures of whatever they called for, which was mainly naked people black and whites, but i did alot of landscapes and portraits too. the best part is that i get to work on my own hours and no one bothered me unless a deadline was set, which in this case, it was.

i went into my dark room and looked at some of the photos i took of a couple of tigers this guy owned. he was such a fan of my work, that he wanted a giant portrait of them, taken by me personally. 'as if i dont do it personally anyways' i scoffed. i stared at the pictures and chose the one of the two tigers together, one nuzzling the other affectionately. i nodded and decided it was perfect, then i began the process of making it bigger.

a couple hours later, i came out with my finished peice and rolled it up and put it in a tube before heading upstairs. Yash and kags were in the kitchen eating with a very pregnant sango.

"hey sango, today marks your eighth month, you got time for a picture?" she smiled brightly and nodded

"sure! what time?" i grinned excitedly and said

"after i get back, i got an order due today so i gotta run to bank's studio to get it framed and whatnot. i want one with you and one with you and miroku, when does he get back?" she winced and sighed

"uhmm, around six." i grinned wider and mentally fistpumped at the timing

"perfect! i will take your pictures then ok?" she nodded and i waved before going to the door and grabbing my leather jacket and my helmet before heading out to my ninja. i zipped over to bank's and walked in the front door, saying

"honey, i'm home!" jak came sprinting out of the back and grabbed my arm, dragging me into the back room again.

"thank god your here! the client decided he couldn't wait any longer and he's coming to pick up the picture today!" i sighed

"damn, alright then lets hurry, you got the frames?" he nodded and i raced past him to look at them. i took out the picture and layed it out on the table, putting magnets on the corners. jak brought out the first one, but it was gold.

"no...gold doesn't fit. what about that contemporary one?" he left and came back in with a silver frame that had indents, like it had been beaten with a hammer. he set it over it and i nodded.

"what do you think?" he looked at it from different angles and nodded approvingly

"brilliant picture IV, the frame is perfect. oh, he wants you to deliver it personally." i groaned and held up my bike helmet

"i didn't bring my car today, how do you want me to get there?" jak sighed dramaticallly

"IV! ugh, use mine. he wants it there by 2. here's the address." i took the slip of paper and kissed his cheek.

"your amazing, my love." he waved it off

"i know, sweetheart." i laughed and we set the glass in the frame and set the picture, clipping it securely before i carried it out to his car and drove off.

i kicked open the front door and trudged inside, setting my helmet and jacket on the counter. yash was coming upstairs as i passed and he grabbed my arm and looked me up and down

"what the hell happened to you?" i groaned and replied

"i had to personally deliver the picture to my latest client and he told me to hang it on the wall...that BASTARD decided that he was going to let his precious pets see their portrait. he just set them lose in the house! anyways, they loved me soo much that they wanted to play. thus" i looked down and gestured to my tattered pants, torn shirt and what used to be shoes.

"damn...what were they lions?" i laughed dryly

"close but no cigar, tigers yash...tigers" his eyes widened and i heard

"WHAT?" sessh came downstairs and saw my clothes. his yells brought everyone else out and i groaned, looking to yash for help. he gave me a fanged smirk and said

"she is going to change, i'll tell you what happened" i sighed in relief and went to my room, not noticing sessh following. I pulled off my shirt and slipped off my shoes and pants and heard a sharp intake of breath. i whipped around, before bolting to my closet and shutting the door.


"I ALREADY HEARD. I SAW THAT CUT UP YOUR LEG, YOU MIGHT AS WELL COME OUT!" i laughed and slipped on my shorts before heading out.

"well i wasn't wearing underwear and you were staring, so i had to change." he snorted

"great, the first time i see you nude and i cant do anything about it." i just shook my head

"wow...thats all you really want from me isn't it? go find someone else to get an std from before you say something else hurtful." he reached out for me but i backed up slowly.

"i'm sor-" cut him off by putting my hand up.

"dont...dont apologize, dont explain. thats all you ever do. i think you should go now." i said quietly, tears in my eyes. i turned and went into the bathroom, locking it behind me before letting my tears fall. 'was that really all he wanted from me? i think i should get away for awhile...i cant keep setting myself up to be hurt like this. i'll ask bank if i can stay at the studio for awhile.' making my decision, i wiped my eyes and brought out my first aid kit. as i was cleaning my cut, i heard a knock on the door

"IV, i can smell your tears...i fucked up again didn't i?" i hissed at the disinfectant on my cut and cursed under my breath

"i thought you were going to get some. and while your out, buy a filter for inbetween your brain and your mouth." there was a pause and then

"what did i say?" i rolled my eyes and mimicked his voice

"great! the first time i see you nude and i cant do anything about it" i started wrapping my leg and checked the time. 5:30pm 'great. at least this day gets better fom here'

"oh shit, IV i didn-" i flung open the door and glared

"what part of DONT, do you not understand? you never fucking change! you cheat, then explain and apologize, i forgave you and you did it again! im tired of all your lame excuses and fake apologies! if your truly sorry than change your goddamn attitude and grow the fuck up! ugh whatever! i have work to do." i brushed past him but he flung me against a wall. my head hit the corner of my open door and i slid to the floor with a groan. his eyes were red and he slammed me up against the door by the throat.

"grow the fuck up? how about i show you just how grown up i can be?" his demon sneered and he ripped my shirt off, making me cough out

"inu-yasha" thankfully he had demon hearing and yash skidded around the corner and he bolted down the hall and grabbed sessh from behind, ripping him off of me. i slid to the floor coughing and yash yelled

"SANGO! GET THE TRANQ!" i saw a dart fly past my face and imbed itself into sessh's neck, knocking him out. yash let him go and raced to me.

"IV! are you alright? what happened?" i wheezed out the story and he cursed

"fuck! did he hurt you?" i shook my head no and gestured for a drink. he went to the fridge and brought me a bottled water, which he had to help me drink, considering i was shaking so much i just spilled it everywhere. he picked me up and headed to the bathroom, where he bandaged my head and brought me an oversized tee to put on.

"you sure your alright?" i nodded and croaked out

"yeah, sango? is miroku home yet?" she nodded, on the verge of tears and i tried to reassure her.

"alright, i want you two to go to your room, i'll be there in a minute." she looked like she was going to protest.

"please sango, i need to think about something else for awhile." she sighed and whispered

"alright, i will go get him." i closed my eyes and took a deep breath after she was gone

"yash? i think i'm gonna go to banks studio for a few days." he rubbed his face and looked to sessh.

"sure, i'll pack your bag ok?" i nodded and went to grab my camera

"pack my turtle neck tanks for me." he nodded once and went to my closet, while i made my way upstairs. i heard sango talking to miroku and i sighed before knocking

"IV? come on in." i went in and said.

"k, sango? im gonna take your picture first. i want you to take off your top and stand by the window." she smiled softly and obeyed. she had wanted to do this picture for awhile now and i thought it the perfect time. miroku looked at my neck and breathed

"jesus...you gonna be ok?" i grinned and nodded

"yup! thanks for worrying, but it's fine now. and guys? dont blame him ok? his demon got loose is all. these things happen." they nodded hesitantly and i placed sango where i wanted her and focused my camera.

"good, smile a bit...no like your happy and not thinking about me...perfect" i clicked a couple of times from different angles before i told miroku

"roku, take your shirt off and stand behind her...awesome, put your hands over hers...k dont move." i snapped a couple more pictures and smiled widely

"all done i will get the photos developed soon. they are going to be beautiful." sango giggled and miroku rolled his eyes

"your an amazing photographer, IV. of course they are going to come out great! besides what picture wouldnt with this perfect model?" he kissed sango softly and i clicked one more photo before leaving quietly.

when i came downstairs, yash had my bag packed and i sighed.

"tell him i understand ok? that i don't blame him. i will be back in a couple days. love you yash. thanks for earlier." he scoffed lightly, ruffling my hair

"im just glad i made it in time. love you too, have a good time." i nodded and grabbed my jacket and helmet before heading out.

when i got to banks studio, i walked in and bank was just putting up a landscape. he finished and turned to me

"IV! hi what are yo-WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!" he pointed to my neck and i croaked out what happened.

"damn...never thought he'd lay a hand on you!" i snorted and took a drink from my water bottle.

"anyways, could i bunk here for a few days?" he nodded and led me to behind the back room to a small bedroom he used for late nights.

a few days later

i walked into an empty house and sighed in relief. i had told yash that i was comin home today and i thought he might hold a party or something. i had alot of time to myself after i developed sango's pictures and i didn't have any clients. so i ended up finishing my story earlier than i expected.

"thank god he didn't throw that party, that would have been embarrassing. i can see it now, a banner saying 'glad your alive'." i laughed aloud and went into my room. i dumped my bag by the door and sighed in contentment

"man, i sure missed my hammock, that bed was damn hard" i grumbled as i turned on the light and covered my mouth to keep from screaming. there in my recliner, was sessh, just staring at me. i let out a breath and said

"you scared the shit out of me! dammit sessh, you could have made a noise or something." i got a good look at him and he looked a mess.

"uhmm...are you ok? you look like crap." i went to my bathroom and grabbed my brush before going back to him and leaning him foreward and sitting behind him. i started to brush his hair and i snorted

"jeez, three days without me and look at you." he sighed and leaned foreward as i got to the bottom of his hair.

"how can you stand being near me after what i did?" i laughed lightly and answered honestly

"almost did, and because it was your demon. i pissed him off and he demanded submission. why would i be mad or scared of your demon's nature? you wouldnt have killed me. raped me maybe, but i dont have to fear death from you. now you answer my question, why haven't you been taking care of yourself. i was only over at ban's studio." i finished brushing his hair and i pushed it over his shoulder before pulling him back to lean against me. i sighed contentedly.

"because i couldn't focus on anything long enough without thinking about you." my eyes widened and he continued

"your always there to remind me of what i should be doing, telling me to eat, to chill out, to sleep. i couldn't sleep unless i was in here, your scent is everywhere. did you know you smell like spring rain and lilies?" i shook my head against his back and he continued

"i couldn't eat without being reminded that you do all the cooking, i couldn't relax until i came in here and sat in your recliner. why do you affect me like this? it doesn't make sense. i could have models, actresses, foreign women far more beautiful than you and yet...your all i think about." i reached into my fridge for a mt dew and i started drinking it when he added

"i haven't had sex in a week." i choked on my drink and coughed it all over my floor.

"i know...i have had countless offers, but i just look at their faces and see you, smiling at me. its driving me crazy, IV." i sighed and asked

"do you want me to leave permanantly? would that help?" he snorted

"you were only gone for 3 days and look at me. what would leaving do? no, i want you to give me another chance." i froze and slowly disentangled my arms, but he stopped me.

"i swear to god it's not like before. i even asked my dad and he said we were soul mates, and it took me almost raping you for it to click. which he beat me for by the way." i sniggered at the image of sessh being spanked by his dad.

"your the only one besides yash and dad that can actually read me. only you are better than even they are. you can practically read my thoughts, and though its irritating, when im not near you, i find myself snapping at my women for not being able to." he chuckled.

"i've been leashed by the one woman who i hurt the most. i want another chance to prove that i can be faithful. in one years time, if my dad hasn't smelt another woman on me, i want to ask you to be my mate, once i am, i'll never be able to be unfaithful, it would cause me extreme pain...like i would wish i were dead, pain." i started to tear up and he got off of the recliner and knelt in front of me, taking my hands in his.

"please...one more time and if i fuck up again, we will remain friends and nothing more. i swear it to you! we will go to my dad's every day to check in. no one can surpass his nose." i furrowed my brow and asked

"this isn't just about the sex is it? i'll know if your lying so don't even try it." i warned and made him look me in the eyes. his eyes bored into mine as he swore

"i swear on my honor as a demon lord, that this is not about the sex. i need you by my side, IV. please say yes." seeing no lies in his eyes or on his face anywhere, tears started to run down my face.

"yes" i whispered and he crushed his lips to mine. i kissed him furiously, passionately, need in every caress of our tongues. we pulled apart and he smiled before picking me up and twirling me around. i laughed and kissed his crescent, and he put me down and kissed my forehead.

"you've made me so happy, i swear i will be the best-" i cut him off by kissing him quickly. when i pulled away i looked him in the eyes.

"no more promises, sessh. show me the proof." he nodded seriously and we heard the front door open.

"IV? YOU HOME YET?" i grinned and pulled him by the hand down the hall. happy that my life was getting back on track again.

one year and a week later

sessh kicked open the door to our suit and carried me bridal style into the room. he kicked the door closed and he started to kiss me passionately, which i gladly reciprocated. we made it to the bed and he layed me down gently. he pulled up and looked at me in my white silk gown and grinned ferally.

"i've gone a whole year without sex and i intend to break my celibacy starting now." i laughed and sat up to unbutton his pants while he unbuttoned his shirt. i grinned up to him sexily before slipping his pants and boxers down his legs and grabbed his cock, sliding my tongue up the underside. he shuddered and i smiled to myself before taking him into my mouth, relishing the groan that accompanied it. i bobbed my head down and took all of him into my mouth, relaxing my throat as he slid past it. he moaned

"HMMMH izabel!" i normally didn't like my name being used but heat pooled in my stomach when he said it like that. i moaned around his length and he shuddered again and thrust into my mouth.

"AHH yes! NNGH SHIT! where did you learn that?" he panted out when i swirled my tongue and flicked the underside of his cock where the shaft and head met. i giggled around him and he grabbed my head and shoved himself all the way in. i swallowed around him and his body shuddered one last time as he groaned and came. i swallowed it all and pulled away, licking my lips and hmmming in pleasure. i stood up on the bed and zipped down my dress, letting it pool at my feet, showing i was completely nude underneath. he growled and his eyes flashed red for a moment. i smiled and wrapped my arms around his neck, nibbling his ears and he panted out

"god, iz. if your not careful im going to throw you down and fuck you senseless." i grinned and began nibbling down his neck and whispered against his skin.

"im waiting." i heard a growl and i started dripping, i was so wet. the growl turned into a groan

"damn, your ready for me and i haven't even touched you yet." i nodded and moaned as his fingers delved into my core. he pumped them and i rocked my hips to get him deeper. he pulled out and i whined, but it was abruptly cut off as i watched him suck his fingers clean. he picked me up and i wrapped my legs around his waist and ground against his shaft.

"HNNNGH iz, stop, AH!" i grabbed him and sqeezed gently, whispering in his ear.

"i'm still waiting. i don't need foreplay right now, you might have waited a year, but i've waited three, so satisfy me dog." his eyes widened and he managed to choke out

"you never..." i shook my head

"nope. i was waiting." i saw his eyes soften

"for me." i nodded and smiled sexily, grabbing his hard as rock dick and placing it at my core, i thrust in quickly and i groaned loudly with him.

"damn, your tighter than before, if thats even possible" i just rocked my hips and his knees buckled, sending us tumbling onto the bed. i laughed, which turned into a moan as he thrust in harshly, panting out.

"NNGH IZABEL!" he pulled out and flipped me over, before thrusting back in roughly and i cried out in pleasure as he hit my g spot. i felt his hands grab my hips and he started at a fast, hard pace and i was loving every minute of it as my cries grew louder with every thrust, the coil in my belly tighening to impossibility.

"AHH SESSHOMARU!" his demon chuckled and bent over me, trapping me in his arms.

"i'm going to fuck you hard and fast my mate." to prove his point, he thrust in so hard my body jolted forewards and i cried out

"YES! FUCK ME AH AH HNNGH." he began pounding into me ruthelessly and i had to prop my arm against the headboard to keep my head from going thru it. i came hard during a particularly hard thrust against my g spot and his balls smacked my clit and i screamed

"SESSHOMARU!" i convulsed around him, my whole body shaking from the intensity of my orgasm and he cried out and bit into my shoulder, i felt warmth invade my insides and i pressed him deeper inside of me as i bit down on his forearm, i felt blood invade my mouth and i drank greedily, taking all of him into myself. we pulled away and slumped sideways on the bed, breathing heavily. he pulled me close to him and we fell asleep together under a full moon shining on us thru the window.

i woke up to a light and i opened my eyes to see sessh looking at my computer. i grumbled

"whats so important that you have to be up in the middle of the night?" he looked over and smiled mischeviously

"your such a pervert, IV! who knew? i just finished your story you dirty minded woman. it was a great story, but me and kagome?" i had the grace to blush and mumbled out

"jeez it's not like its real, besides i couldn't very well put myself as the main character you know. besides i have dirtier stories about you and me anywa-" i clamped my mouth shut and buried my face into my pillow, groaning. 'awesome, fucking big mouth!' i cursed myself and felt a body cover mine and whisper in my ear

"i know, i found them...what do you say we try all of your ideas out. i rather like the one labeled 'against the wall'." i grinned lecherously and nodded

"you better be ready mate! i have incredible stamina." he chuckled and licked my mating mark, making me shudder underneath him.

"then lets get started." and we made love for the rest of our lives...not all at once obviously, but quite often and since my life was extended to match his, well...that was a very long time.

ooootay, so fun lil story, kind of a dumb plot but it came out ok i think. hope you enjoyed it

irean vamprate a.k.a. IV