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Nineteen years later

The station bustled with people, all walking briskly to reach their destination.

People walked along, not giving the trolley with the bulky trunk a second glance. The black haired boy pushing the trolley received the same attention.

An anxious look crossed the boy's features as he reached the platform between nine and ten. He slowed, looking at the brick wall with hesitancy.

A warm hand settled on his shoulder, causing soft, brown eyes to look up. A bespectacled man smiled down at him.

"Worried about crashing?"

The boy nodded.

The man chuckled. "Let's do it together, then."

The man slowly pushed them forward, speeding up as they neared the wall. The wall loomed before them before quickly giving way. A scarlet train stood before them, steam floating around it. The boy stood in awe for a moment until his mother crossed the barrier, urging him forward.

The platform bustled like the one outside as parents and children said their goodbyes, checking and rechecking their school lists.

A heavy sense of dread filled the boy as he walked down the platform.

"What are you worried about, son?"

The boy anxiously looked at his father.

"Has there ever been a Potter in Slytherin?"

Harry thought for a moment. "Not that I can recall."

The boy looked away, his anxiousness increasing.

"Are you worried about being in Slytherin?"

The boy didn't respond but the answer was clear.

Harry smiled softly as he steered his son toward the side, away from the flow of traffic. He smiled at his wife, shaking his head at her questioning look. She nodded and continued forward, leading a little girl by the hand.

Harry kneeled, looking at his son in the face.

"You shouldn't always listen to your Uncle Ron, you know."

"Frankie was saying things, too," the boy said softly.

Harry smirked. "Frankie's thirteen. He says a lot of things."

The boy remained quiet. Harry sighed at his son's continued state of anxiety.

"There is nothing wrong with being in Slytherin." He paused. "Your mother and I will be proud no matter where you end up."

"I'm not a bad person, though."

Harry smiled before turning serious. "It's true that Slytherin used to have a reputation for churning out dark wizards but things have changed. It's been a long time since then; Slytherin isn't the same anymore." Harry looked down the platform. "Ask your Uncle Neville or Remus, they're there all the time."

"But if I do end up there, or Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw, people will say things."

Harry furrowed his brow. "Like what?"

"That I'm not like you," the boy mumbled.

Harry frowned. "Brian James Potter…there's nothing wrong with being your own person. Plus, I'm not that great."

"Mum doesn't think so."

Harry laughed. "Yeah, well that's only when she's not mad at me."

Brian smiled.

"Look son, if this is really bothering you, you can always ask the sorting hat not to put you in Slytherin."

"You can do that?"

Harry nodded. "I did. Just know that the hat will only consider it but, ultimately, it knows where you belong."

Brian remained quiet for a moment. "Alright," he said, nodding.

"Remember that your mum and I will be proud no matter what, okay?"

Brian smiled. "Okay."

The train let out a loud whistle, signaling the coming departure.

"You ready?" Harry asked.

Brian nodded. They walked forward, maneuvering through the packed platform.

"Your mum is probably having a fit," Harry said, smirking.

"There you are!"

Hermione appeared in the crowd, a relieved look on her face.

"What took so long?" she asked, looking at Brian.

He paused before Harry said, "We were just talking."

Hermione looked like she wanted to ask more but let it go as a second whistle blasted through the platform.

Harry hugged his son. "Take care, Brian."

"I will, dad."

Harry held on for a second longer before Brian turned to hug his mother.

"Stay out of trouble, okay?" And write as soon as you can," Hermione said as she tightly hugged her son.

Harry turned as another familiar figure came toward them.

"Remus!" Harry shouted, a grin appearing on his face.

Gray now mixed with light brown in the man's hair, but he looked happier than ever before.

Remus smiled. "Harry." He looked at Hermione. "Hello, Hermione."

She smiled. "Hello, Remus. Where's Teddy?"

He looked back before answering. "With his friends, I assume. "You know how he is."

Harry chuckled. "How is it that he became Head Boy?"

Remus shook his head. "I don't know. I think McGonagall might be getting old."

"Maybe she's hoping he'll learn some responsibility," said Hermione.

"Let's hope so," said Remus. He smiled. "I'm proud of him, though."

Harry smiled. "All of us are."

Remus looked down at Brian. "Are you ready for your first year?"

Brian smiled nervously. "I think so."

"Well, if you're anything like your mother, you'll do great."

"Hey!" Harry protested.

"Am I wrong?" Remus asked.

"Well no, but still…I wasn't that bad." He paused and looked at Hermione. "Right?"

Hermione shared a quick glance with Remus before smiling at Harry. "Sure, darling."

Harry laughed. "Fine, I was daft."

"No, you were just lazy," Hermione retorted.

A small voice broke into the conversation.

"I'm going to be like mummy!"

They all looked down at the brown haired girl with bright, emerald eyes. Remus gasped, a huge smile spreading on his face. "You are? And who are you, beautiful?"

The little girl giggled. "Uncle Remus, you know who I am!"

He picked her up. "I do? Oh, well I'm getting old, you know. Why don't you remind me?"

She giggled again. "I'm Charlotte Lily Potter!"

"Oh, what a pretty name for the pretty girl!"

Harry smiled at his daughter. "When are you going to Hogwarts, love?"

Charlotte held up four little fingers. "In four years!"

"Oh, well you'll be there in no time," said a younger looking Remus.

Charlotte squealed. "Teddy!"

Teddy smiled as he took the little girl from his father. "Hey there, munchkin."

He turned to look at Harry and Hermione."Hey Uncle Harry, Aunt Hermione."

"Teddy," Harry said, smiling.

"Congratulations on being chosen as Head Boy, Teddy," Hermione said.

"Thanks. Which reminds me: I should get going. Help the students and what not."

Teddy looked at Charlotte and scrunched his nose, turning his hair blue. She squealed with glee as she touched it.

Teddy laughed, his hair returning to its original light brown color. "I'll see you later, munchkin." He kissed her forehead and put her down. He looked at his dad. "I'll see you at school, dad."

"See you later, son."

He hugged Harry and Hermione, ruffled Brian's hair and stepped onto the train.

"Is he going to be in your Defense against the Dark Arts class this year?" asked Hermione.

Remus thought for a moment. "Yes, I think so." He smirked. "That should be fun."

Another girl's voice reached their ears, making them laugh when they saw where it was coming from.


A small, red headed girl struggled against her father as he held her tightly in his arms.

The blond woman standing near them chuckled, the dreamy look still visible in her eyes. "Ron, she has to go."

The tall, red headed man winked at his wife. "Go where?"

The little girl gave up and said, "To Hogwarts, dad."

"Hogwarts? What's Hogwarts?" Ron asked.

The girl laughed. "Dad, seriously!"

"Alright, alright," Ron grumbled, letting go. "Just remember to write, Rose."

Rose looked up at her father and smiled. "I will."

"Go get 'em, love," Ron said, ruffling her hair.

Her smile widened as she laughed and hugged her mother. After a moment, she gasped and pulled away.

"I forgot my spectrespecs!" she said, a look of dismay on her face.

Luna smiled. "They're in your trunk, sweetie."

Relief flooded her face. "Thanks, mum."

Luna hugged her again. "You're welcome. Now go before the train leaves."

Rose hugged her dad one last time before joining Brian at a train door.

Ron and Luna joined Harry and Hermione as the kids boarded the train and soon appeared in a compartment. Brian opened the window as the train started moving.

"Take care of my little girl, Brian!" Ron said.

"I will, Uncle Ron!"

Suddenly, Ginny and Neville appeared, looking rushed.

"Oh Merlin, the train's already leaving!" shouted Ginny.

The others watched with mirth as Neville ushered his brown haired son forward, a train door opening before him. He picked his son up and put him on the steps, the door sliding shut quickly after. Frank Arthur Longbottom quickly joined Brian and Rose in their compartment.

"My trunk!"

"I'll bring it with me later!" Neville shouted.

"Stay out of trouble, Frankie! And look out for Brian and Rose!" said Ginny.

"I will!"

The train picked up speed as the kids waved a final time to their parents.

Hermione grabbed Harry's hand and smiled at him.

"They grow up so fast don't they?" he asked.

"Yeah, they do."

Harry looked down at his little girl. "Don't grow up okay, Charlotte?"

He lifted her in his arms as she said, "Okay, daddy."

Ron turned to look at his sister. "Why were you late?"

"Frankie," she said.

"He waited until the last minute to pack, as always," Neville said.

The adults nodded knowingly, watching as the train left the platform.

Harry smiled sadly, turning to look at Hermione when she squeezed his hand. She smiled softly, her chocolate eyes glowing as the sun hit them. Harry leaned forward, watching as her smile grew, and placed a soft kiss on her lips. He stayed there for a moment before pulling away, a genuine smile pulling on his lips.

"I love you, Mrs. Potter."

"I love you, Mr. Potter."

Charlotte giggled in his arms as she watched them. They both looked at her and smiled.

"And we love you, munchkin," he said.

She smiled and laid her head on his shoulder.

The train was now a speck in the distance, visible only from the steam rising above it.

Hermione laced her hand through Harry's, leaning her head on his shoulder. Harry smiled as the wind ruffled his hair, exposing the scar that had not bothered him for nineteen years.

All was well.

The end.

It may seem short but I felt like I included everything that was important; I hope you guys agree. Anyway, one of the reasons why I took so long to put this up was figuring out the names for the children. There was no way I was going to use the same ones...except Rose, of course. I actually really liked that name and I loved the idea of Ron having a daughter named Rose :) Can you guys guess the significance of the other names? Some are obvious but what about Brian? Or Charlotte?

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