Chapter One – Finding the monster

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I'm keeping the names and the basics of the story the same; however, there will be differences as I have thought of other things to happen. Time, day and date will be listed every time it changes in the story, to clear up confusion.

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(01:50 – Friday – 13th May)

Lauren wiped her brow as she stepped out of her car, she hadn't been this exhausted since the terrorist attack a few months ago; it was almost 2AM and her shift had ended at 8PM the previous day. People had just poured into the hospital with odd stories of animals attacking them and a few had even turned up dead. The hospital was packed with fakers and real injured people and had caused her to go above her duty to be there to help them.

"Oh mom, if you were still alive I would kick you." Lauren muttered to herself as she closed the car door and started to scratch around in her purse for the house keys. Her mother had always told her that being a doctor would pay well and would be easy if you enjoyed it.

Lauren did enjoy it, both the money and the experience but it was not easy; that was a big fat lie the size of Jupiter. Doesn't matter how good it was or how much experience you had it was never easy, it was never easy holding the life of another person in your hands and hoping they pull through and when they don't you feel responsible; the worse was telling the parents, children, friend or partner that the person had passed away.

Lauren just got her keys out of her purse when she heard a crashing sound inside her house, it sounded muffled, as if it had come from the back of the house. "What the hell?" She asked herself as she held the key to the door lock; if it was a robber it would be a bad choice but her house was completely barricaded and surrounding it was other people's homes.

She put her ear against the door and tried to listen for any sound, she couldn't hear anything and there was a possibility that it came from next door or across the street. Lauren yelped softly as she considered the possibility that a robber was on the street while she was trying to listen into her house.

With that thought lodged in her mind she took the key and unlocked her door, quickly and silently entering and closing her door.

Once it was locked she leaned against the door and continued to listen for any sounds, if she heard so much as a leave rustling she would phone the police; there was a possibility it was just her mind playing games on her again, if she was exhausted she sometimes heard things that was nowhere to be seen and she didn't like to be fooled by her mind.

When she didn't hear anything for a solid minute she gave a sigh and tossed her keys onto the table next to the door and put her purse on it as well. It had been a long day and she had to go back to work at 12AM, perhaps sooner if they called her in.

She stretched out as she began walking towards her room, she wouldn't even bath, just get out of her clothing and climb into bed. She would worry about hygiene when she was done resting and that was not right now.

When she reached her room she walked towards the bed and was about to wall down onto it when she felt a breeze trickle across her skin; with a sigh she turned towards the window, she must've forgot to close the windows again.

As her eyes drifted towards the huge frame of the window panel she froze, littered on her carpet was pieces of shattered glass and chipped wooden paneling; as if something had propelled itself through the window with force.

"What on earth?" She asked herself as she stepped across the broken pieces of glass, the sharp snapping of the breaking glass audible beneath her boots. When she reached the window she saw there was a huge hole where there was once glass, steel bars and wooden paneling.

She stepped back as the glass still cracked under her feet and then she heard it, a low hissing sound that seemed like it was coming from an angry snake; she slowly turned her head in the direction of the noise and that was when she saw it…


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