Chapter Eight

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(04:00 – Saturday – Lauren's Kitchen)

With a shuffle Yai'lo jerked awake and opened his eyes, he was immediately greeted with darkness and jumped up in a second, getting out his spear, as he switched his vision to detect the xeno's. As he looked around he felt a sharp pain in his side, but he would have to ignore it until he was sure he was in no immediate danger.

Once he was positive he was in no danger he lowered the spear and looked at his side, putting his free hand on it, and started to feel around it for the source of the pain. He grumbled when he felt nothing, it was just bruising; he started to look around the place and realized he was in the house of the woman.

How did he get here and what was he doing on the floor? Oh right, the car hit him. He shook his head to get rid of the haziness and immediately everything came back to him in perfect clarity. He took a step forward and buckled as his legs strained painfully. He reached out and grabbed one of the dining chairs for balance, but alas, it did not work and he went tumbling down with the chair.

'Oh in the name of…' he muttered in his mind as the chair lay on top of him, with a grunt he pushed the useless object off him and got to his feet again.


Lauren woke up with a start as she heard a loud clattering sound from the kitchen and it took her a second to remember and realize that that thing was in there. Now she only had two choices, stay or go look?


Once he was on his feet he instead used the table for balance and let out a growl at the situation. This was not good, how was he supposed to control the situation here if he couldn't even move properly? How was he supposed to look the elders in the face when they came here and ask what he'd manage to do before their arrival?

He hadn't even sent the message yet! He looked down at his legs and saw they were shaking, how was he going to fight the xenomorphs if he couldn't move properly? He didn't know how long it would hurt but that wasn't the point; there was an uncontrollable situation at hand and he was 'out of order'.

He growled softly as he slammed his fist down on the table and the entire frame rattled with the impact. He heard a gasp to the side and snapped his head towards it and held his spear offensively, his vision falling on the woman and he was once again annoyed. He hadn't even heard or sensed her approach, his senses were dulled and the only reason for that could be that it was that injection she gave him.

He stared at her as she stood there, her eyes wide as she looked at him. This was her fault, she had attacked him with that car of hers and she had drugged him to boot; regardless of whether she meant to or not. "This is your fault." He grumbled.


Lauren heard him start clicking again and didn't understand whatever he was saying, but his body language said he was displeased. His fist was still on the table as his other hand held a spear-like weapon, which he was pointing towards her.

A second later he took a step towards her and the spear in his hand suddenly extended to triple its original size. Lauren immediately took a step back and she paled a few shades as she looked at the weapon and then back at him. Whatever he was planning to do with that thing wasn't going to be good for her.

"I'm sorry," she apologized and he started clicking again and she wished knew what he was saying. "I didn't mean to, I didn't see you," she continued but his aggressive posture towards her didn't falter. She took another few steps back and he didn't move forward as he continued to watch her. At least he hadn't attacked her yet, though she thought that might be because of his injuries. There was no way he could've recovered from that blow just yet.


Yai'lo snorted at her apology, fair enough, she hadn't seen him because he was bending light, but that didn't make it better. Would she go out there and fight the xenomorphs? Should he slap his armor on her and give her his weapons? She wouldn't last a minute against one of them as the first time she saw one she was barely capable of moving and harmed herself instead of the xenomorph.

Humans had no strength and that was their own fault. They designed things to make their lives easier instead of pushing themselves to make it easier. They didn't know what strength was and the mere thought of how easy it would be to take over this planet was ridiculous. They were given a planet with a large variety of natural resources and this is what they do with it? They were given intelligence and this is how they use it?

Very few Yautja who visited earth had a nice story to tell, the only one so far was one of the Elders. He spoke of a man that had the will of fire and used his body as a weapon like they did; though that man was now part of his trophy collection; which was a great honor on its own.

He lowered the spear suddenly, even if he killed her there would be no sense of satisfaction from it and she was an unarmed women; she was no threat. He looked at her once he put the weapon away and her features said she was visibly relieved.

He watched as she cautiously walked pass him, but he turned around to keep an eye on her; she might not be a threat but he wasn't going to have his back turned to her. He saw her pick up a plastic bag in the basin and then turned towards him.

A second later she outstretched the bag to him and he looked at it, he could see blood gathered in the bottom of the bag, bloody water more likely, and knew what it was. He hadn't even known there was more or he would've taken that as well.

"You took a bag of this before, I thought I'd give it to you when you woke up," she said and he noticed she spoke to him like he didn't understand her. The human language was nothing special and easy enough to comprehend; however, he had to learn it before he came here from one of the few Yautja who knew how to speak it. It was hard to speak considering how different it was from their language.

He continued to look at the bag and didn't know whether he wanted to take it or not; he didn't know of any human poison that was sufficient in the task of shutting their system down, but he also knew little of their advances in that field.

The only question that remained was whether she would have a reason to poison him. She had him unconscious for quite a few hours and any human would've been able to kill him in that vulnerable state; though she did leave him on the kitchen floor. Maybe he had been a peace offering to the xeno's; she didn't know they weren't intelligent.

With a low grumble he took the bag from her and felt it was still slightly frosted on parts, he put it down on the table and looked at her. There was no way she could've left him for the xenomorphs, if she wanted to do that she would've left him outside; a reasonable reason for the floor was that she unable to drag him further, he wasn't exactly 'lightweight'.


Lauren looked at the humanoid as he put down the beef on the table and looked back at her; he was just staring at her. "I hope you're okay…" She mumbled awkwardly and then stepped passed him again. "I'm going to go and sleep again," she continued and then slowly started to back away from him. His hidden eyes remained on her and it unnerved her. She didn't try to spare even the slightest thought as to what he was.

Instead she just backed away back to her room and once he was out of sight she ran, ran and locked the door; though in the back of her mind she knew no door would stop him if he wanted to get inside.


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