The 21st century was a time of advances in the field of technology and medicine. The world began relatively shaky going into the new era, but in time, things began to fall in place. The people of earth began to prosper, and the future seemed bright.

Until 2020...

A mysterious individual named Anubis took control of the world using a twisted competition known as the Battle Game. He and his ST (Standing Tank, a huge mecha with a distinct shape) Thanatos were undefeated, taking on every single competitor who dared to fight him. By the year of 2025, he had reached 1000 victories in the Battle Game.

The rules were simple: two people use their STs, move side to side on a fixed plane, and blast away at the other until they're defeated. The winner is held in high regard as an expert Battle Game contestant. The loser is made a second-class citizen, meaning they are fit for nothing but servitude and lowly jobs; the same applies for their families.

Anubis may have controlled the world, but he couldn't be in every part of the world at once. Therefore, the six most proficient contestants in the Battle Game became his Chiefs: pretty much his highest level henchmen. They were put in charge of pretty much everything pertaining to running their part of the world.

No longer wishing to see the world suffer in this state, Vergil Anderson decided to take on Thanatos. Vergil fell to the fiend, just like the others before him.

That's when it was decided between two young men, it was time to take action. One of those young me! Oliver Ewald's my name. I'm the gunner of ST Falcon. My friend, Michael Anderson, took it upon himself to study everything based around STs. Growing up around technology, I was already into STs and everything they could do. We were only 17 at the time, yet Mike came up with a solution to save the world: fight him and his Chiefs ourselves.

Coaxing me to gun for him, we created an unusual strategy that took our enemies by surprise during the entire course of the Battle Game: we worked together. He controlled the movements, and I did the shooting. It was effective enough to take out all of his chiefs, even his two top guardians, Eddie of the ST Valius and Carlos of the ST Baron. We reached Anubis and fought him with all our might. After winning a fair fight, he transformed on us!

Thinking it was all over, we almost gave up until some of our former enemies gave us energy from a freight they flew to the moon on. We managed to scrape a victory off the scum, and with that, we were able to turn the world back to normal. It was going to take time, sure, but all the same, without him around, things were looking up.

Then came three years later...