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Pairing: Itachi/Kagome

Summary: If there was one thing Kagome knew about Itachi, it was that he only ever had one thing on his mind…

One Track Mind

Kagome huffed indignantly. The light sensation of her elbows burning reminded her of her current situation. She briefly patted the reddening skin. Her cobalt gaze glared over at the one responsible.

Itachi stood a short distance away. His gaze was as dark and calculating as ever, however there seemed to be slight spark in those charcoal orbs. Kagome rolled over on her back and arched upwards. There was a soft 'chink' of metal embedding itself in a tree's bark.

She didn't look to see where it had landed. Figures he'd still give it a try. Her glare darkened as she blew a stray strand of hair out of her face. She was covered in sweat and grime. The least he could do is offer her a place to bathe after the hell he put her through last night. She was still quite sore! In fact she wasn't even sure if she could walk appropriately…

"You stink." The Uchiha smirked, tapping a long bony finger at the edge of his belt.

Kagome growled, "Well if someone would let me clean up first then maybe my stench wouldn't be so prevalent." She stood to her feet plucking a few browned leaves from her hair. Her face darkened when she realized that it was covered in mud as well. That would take quite some time to wash out.

Itachi's usually stoic expression became somewhat amused in a rare show of emotion. "Where do you think you're going?" He questioned as his female companion made her way across the clearning, "We're not through yet."

"Oh god no!" She groaned, slapping her palm across her forehead. "Can't you just give it a rest?" She asked exasperatedly. After all the years the spent travelling together, she came to realize that he only ever thought of one thing. And one thing only…

The Uchiha gave her his answer by forming a few hand symbols, "Katon.."

She dodged the flame as quickly as possible however her hair was not quite so lucky. The edges became singed and burnt. Kagome glared at her partner. The only thing he ever thought about… was training….

Kagome ducked and dodged as more flames were sent her way. He was such a hell hound for a sparring partner. She glared as hundreds of kunai came flying at her through the fire. They were covered in black and slick oil, making them turn into flaming kunais of doom. She sweat dropped-oh the wonders of training with an Uchiha...

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