Sparks Fly

Hey guys! I'm new to the Albus/Scorpius world! I really enjoy this pairing, I've been reading as many fics as I can find. I hope you guys enjoy this story; it's my first attempt at this pairing.

Summary: Albus Potter has been intent on keeping his little crush in the dark of the rest of his life, but a chance encounter involving tiny creatures has changed things. Will Albus finally do what his cousin has been being him to and just go for it? Or will he continue being that guy, believing he doesn't deserve what he wants

The way you move is like a full-on rainstorm,

And I'm a house of cards

Albus Potter hated silence.

He grew up with a whole slew of Weasleys for family; silence was not something he knew how to handle. But Rose insisted that if he wanted to sit with her in the library, there must be absolute silence.

He didn't want to sit with her, not in the library at least. He had anticipated when he asked his cousin if she wanted to hang out while all their friends went to Hogsmeade for the day that she would want to do something fun. Then again, he should have expected this much from Rose. Uncle Ron always said Rose was a carbon copy of her mother and nothing mattered more than studying, not even her life. He didn't really find the sense in that.

"Rosie, I'm bored," Albus groaned as he slid further down in his seat. Rose shot him an annoyed glance and did not respond but instead continued her reading.

They had been in the library for nearly two hours. Albus was slowly losing his mind. He could not fathom how his cousin did this every single day. If she was not studying, she was doing homework, and if she wasn't doing that she would get in a bit of light reading. As if 400 pages on Goblins is 'light reading.' Albus loved Rose, she was his favorite cousin out of the whole bunch but he just could not keep sitting in this painful silence.

"I'm going to head onto the grounds for a walk, it's beautiful out. You should join me," Albus said, extending the invite as he got out of his seat, stretching his sore muscles. Their last qudditch practice had defiantly taken its toll on his body. He could not remember a time in which he had felt this sore.

Albus had expected his cousin to just wave him off as she finished her reading but Rose looked up at him before turning her eyes to the window. She gauged the scenery for a moment before closing her book. She pulled a purple hair tie off her wrist and tied her bushy red curls in a low knot behind her head.

"I'll read outside while you walk, then we can sit by the lake. I want to see if any grindylow will come to the surface while we're there," Rose said with a genuine smile.

"Good, you could use some fresh air and sun; you're as pale as Dominique."

Rose stuck her tongue out at him as she gathered her books and shoved them into her shoulder bag. Albus snatched the heavy bag from her and slung his over his shoulder. The fact that Rose hadn't broken her back carrying her bag to and from the library and her classes each day still amazed Albus. It felt like he was carrying two toddlers on his back as they trudged through the castle and onto the grounds.

Rose settled down at a nice spot by the lake that a had a few trees to ward off the blistering sun. The school year had only just begun a few weeks before, so the last effects of summer were still upon them. Albus didn't mind the heat or bright sun, he was fond of summer and hated when it ended. He was always the least fond out of his family to return to Hogwarts each year because it meant that summer truly did have to end.

It was his final year at Hogwarts now and Albus has no idea where he would find himself at the end of the year. Unlike his brother, he had no ambition to be like their father and become an Auror. He loved qudditch immensely but he couldn't picture himself trying out for any of the teams, it would be much too competitive for him. He knew Rose would make her way back to Hogwarts in a few years as a teacher, after she did all of the research she had planned. Everyone seemed to have an idea of what they wanted to do when they graduated. Most of his friends were like James and had full intentions of going into the Auror program. Frankie Longbottom wanted to work at the Ministry as an Unspeakable, which he was still on the fence about telling his father. Even his own little sister Lily, who still had two more years before she finished Hogwarts, had plans for her future to work at the Daily Prophet, something she had yet to tell their parents. Albus seemed to be the only person in his family and close circle of friends who had no clue about life after school.

Albus didn't want to worry about things like that now though, he wanted to enjoy his last year. If he acted like everyone else, he'd dread his departure even more. For now, he would just enjoy this beautiful day and worry about things like that when the time came. While Rose read, Albus decided he would take a nice long walk. It has been a while since he had one and he could use the time to clear his mind. He did not need the stress of life after school at the moment.

It always amazed Albus just how big the Hogwarts grounds were, he expected to run out of paths to follow but the school never failed to give him a new adventure. Just as Albus set his mind on a path that lead a little too closely to the Forbidden Forest for school rules, Albus heard a sound that startled him.

It wasn't a person, he was sure of that. But it sure sounded like someone, well something, was crying.

Albus was at a loss for what to do. He remained absolutely silent and then he heard it again, coming from the bush beside him. It sounded like a bunch of tiny creatures were crying. Being the curious type, Albus poked his head into the bush to find a black mother cat lying with her kittens, who were all blindly trying to feed from her but their unopened eyes caused them to continually crash into one another rather than latch onto their mother. It was the cutest thing Albus had ever seen in his entire life.

He knelt beside the tiny creatures and attempted to guide the kittens towards their mother for food. The kittens mewled in delight as they managed to suckle on their mother. Albus's heart immediately swelled with pride at that thought of helping innocent kittens on a Saturday. He was a good kid.

"What on Earth are you doing bent inside a bush on such a beautiful day Potter?"

Albus swore softly as he pulled himself out of the bush to glare at Scorpius Malfoy. "If you don't start calling me by my proper name, I'm really going to stop talking to you this year, I swear Scorpius."

"Touchy I see," Scorpius said with a laugh, casually strolling over towards the bush Albus was still half in. The blonde peaked over the top of bush. He did a double take for a moment then leaned farther in.

"Binx! I thought you died! But instead you've been lying in this mangy bush for a week with kittens?"

Albus gapped for a moment. Scorpius owned a cat? He was the last person Albus expected to be a cat person. Then again Scorpius was always off, doing things that confused Albus more than he liked to admit.

"This is your cat?" The look Scorpius gave Albus made him immediately regret asking his stupid question. Obviously this was Scorpius's cat, why else would have known its name and said he thought she had died?

"Yes, she ran off a week ago. At first I thought she nipped off on a bit of an adventure but when she didn't come back after a few days, I was really worried. I had no idea she was pregnant, I just thought she had gotten fat," he said, as he began to pet the kittens that had finished feeding and were now all piled on top of each other. "What am I going to do with kittens?"

"I could take some," Albus blurted before actually thinking his offer through. Scorpius gauged him for a moment before nodding.

"I'm sure I can find a few Slytherin girls who will say yes and take a kitten if I asked them."

"Yeah, all you have to do is look at them and they'll say yes without even asking what the question was."

"I don't get things just because of my looks Albus."

Albus couldn't help but admire the fact that Scorpius clearly could have gotten anything solely based on his looks. He was not shy and could admit to the fact that Scorpius was rather gorgeous. He looked every bit of the aristocrat that he was with his high cheek bones and pointed features. But Albus smirked because Scorpius had a little nose, most likely his mother's nose, and it was adorable. The blonde's hair was much shorter this year, only just grazing his eyelashes as it fell into his face. Albus found this look much better than the slicked back style he had been sporting since they first arrived at Hogwarts. After all these years he finally decided to stop being his father in miniature. He wanted to groan at the fact that Scorpius just got more and more handsome as they got older. If only Scorpius knew of Albus's little crush.

"Sure you don't you brat. You get everything you want, from anyone you want and you don't even have to bat an eyelash. If only we all were so lucky."

Scorpius rolled his eyes, "You get more and more charming as the years pass Albus, it's quite the surprise you didn't wind up in Slytherin."

"I think my uncles, father, and grandparents would have probably dropped dead if I wound up in there with you. They're still under that impression all the bad guys come out of Slytherin, can't say I don't blame them," Albus said with a laugh.

"Yes, who says they aren't right?" Scorpius asked with a grin, Albus rolled his eyes at the blonde. He knew better than that, he got on well with all the houses. "Well you would have much more fun as a Slytherin than a lousy Gryffindor. I can't tell you how cliché that was you wound up there."

"I don't really have much control over that you know and it's a little late to change now."

"You're probably right," Scorpius laughed and Albus bit his lip to keep himself from smiling like a fool. Scorpius had an adorable laugh to match his adorable face. Albus really needed to spend more time with straight guys, because seventeen year old men were not supposed to call their crushes adorable twice in one sentence. No matter how gay they are.

"Are these kittens too young to move?" Albus asked after a moment of silence. They both looked at the kittens, which were all now fast asleep. Scorpius tilted his head left and right before speaking.

"No, but I don't think I should separate them from their mother at the moment. They are still too tiny to bottle feed, which would be stupid to do when I have Binx who can give them all the nutrients they need."

"That makes sense. I can take my kitten or two when they have grown a bit," Albus agreed. He eyed the little creatures, trying to decide which kittens he would like. He'd never had a pet before, but he'd always wanted a cat. This was the perfect opportunity for him. Not only was he getting his own pet but he now had a valid excuse to talk to Scorpius whenever he wanted until his kitten was full grown.

"Albus Severus Potter, I've been looking everywhere for you!" Rose sounded so much like her mother that Albus was terrified to turn and face her. When his aunt got into a rage, it was best to avoid her for the day. The same went for her daughter.

Scorpius, being the charmer he was, directed Rose's attention away from Albus. "I'm sorry to have kept your cousin, but you see my cat has just had kittens and he was helping me make sure they were alright."

"Kittens?" Momentarily deterred, Rose's face broke into a grin as she joined them by the bush, leaning over to get a good look at the tiny balls of fur. "They are so cute!"

"You can have one if you like. Albus is going to take some."

"Won't your parents get angry with you Al?" Rose would be the one to think of what his parents would say. But did it really matter what they thought? He was most likely moving out at the end of the school year, so it's not like he was bringing the animals back to their house.

"They will be fine," Albus assured his cousin. She only glanced at him for a moment with a look on her face like she wanted to press the issue further but Albus managed to glace at Scorpius and that kept her quiet. She knew that he'd been harboring feelings for the stupid git since they were fifth years.

"I'll write home and make sure I can take one, but I'd love a kitten as well," she finally said after a few moments of thought. Scorpius face broke out into a wide grin as he looked at the pair of them.

"That sounds wonderful. Well, I better head up to my dorm. It looks like I'm going to have a lot on my plate these next few weeks with these kittens."

Albus managed to smile at Scorpius without looking like a total idiot. Rose conjured a small box and began helping Scorpius load the kittens and Binx into the box.

The blonde had just began to walk off before turning back around to look at Albus, "I'll be sure to find you as soon as their fit for the taking Al, okay?"

"Sounds great," Albus replied lamely. The blonde gave Albus a coy grin before marching off.

"You were practically swooning over him. Why won't you just ask him out?" Rose ground out while glaring at Albus. He blushed as he hid his face from her. They began to slowly walk back up to the castle before Albus said anything.

"For starters, I'm pretty sure he and Zabini are a thing and I've told you a million times, I'm not his type. I'm perfectly content with being his friend," Albus lied straight through his teeth.

"Yeah, and I love being a ginger. Really Al, it's frustrating to watch you be that guy."

Albus stopped walking. "What do you mean that guy? What guy?"

"The guy who doesn't see who he really is and what he's worth," Rose said, grabbing him by the arm and forcing him to continue walking. "You're more than Scorpius's type, you're practically perfect for him. You think he's so above you that you are too blind to see that he flirts with you."

"You're saying that because you're family and you have to love me."

"Shut up, you know that's not true."

"What you don't love me?"

Rose rolled her eyes at her stubborn cousin. "I'm going to find Jackson, you are bothering me."

Albus stuck his tongue out at her which Rose returned. "Go have fun with your boy toy, tell me all the juicy details later."

"No," Rose said with a pointed look. Albus pouted for a moment before Rose shoved him. "Okay, I will. But please consider what I said. You deserve more than you think you do. You would be happy with him, just try."

"Go have fun in your alternate universe."

"Boys," Rose groaned before stalking off towards the Great Hall.

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