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You're the kind of reckless that should send me running

But I kinds know that I won't get far

It had been two and a half weeks since Albus had had an actual conversation with Scorpius, not that he was counting. Because he wasn't. Since that would be girly and pathetic, which he most certainly was not.

Okay, so he was counting and seventeen days of not talking to the one person you want to speak with the most is like sheer torture. Albus was definitely losing his mind and driving his cousin insane in the process. He had not taken her advice, which thoroughly annoyed her but she kept her mouth shut, because she knew she would be wasting her breath. Albus didn't see the chance she apparently saw and he had no intent on embarrassing himself by asking Scorpius out.

He didn't want the blonde to realize that his feelings had slowly crept pass the line of obsession this year. It wasn't healthy, he knew that, but he could not make it stop. The blonde was everywhere: in his classes, his dreams, the Great Hall, outside on the grounds, inside the castle…everywhere. He couldn't run and he certainly didn't want to, especially not when they blonde would nod and wave to him whenever they passed each other. But that was it. No other acknowledgement, even after the warm moment they had shared over the kittens. Nope, he was still just Albus Potter, a friendly acquaintance. And it sucked.

"Stop moping around you brat, you have a letter," Rose poked him in the side. Albus had taken to gloomily staring into his plate that morning, much like the past few mornings.

Rose was right though. A tawny school owl was sat beside his plate, with its leg outstretched towards him. He untied the letter before feeding the owl a piece of his bacon. It hooted happily as it nibbled out of Albus's hand. Once the owl finished it ruffled its wings at Albus reminding him to unscroll the parchment.


The kittens are ready. If you don't mind, meet me during lunch at the entrance to the Slytherin dorms.


Also, sorry that we haven't spoken much, I've been so busy. I'm happy to finally have some help now, hope you've been well

Albus read the letter three times before he finally looked up to scan the Slytherin table. The blonde was looking right at him, a small smile playing on his lips. Albus nodded his head, agreeing to meet with Scorpius during lunch and he smiled back, only slightly because he didn't want to look like a lunatic.

"Is that a love letter," Frankie asked, leaning over Rose to get a look at the letter in Albus's hand. Before Albus could snatch it away, Rose was swatting at Frankie with her fork.

"You have no manners Frankie Longbottom, you don't just lean over people during breakfast!"

"Sorry Rosie," said the curly-headed boy as he settled back into his seat. He couldn't meet Rose's eye when he spoke again, "I was just curious, you know Al never gets mail unless it's from is mum."

"It is a love letter and it's quite raunchy Frankie, but I don't feel comfortable discussing it with you," Albus informed his friend, which caused the other boy to blush and turn away, suddenly fascinated with the third year sitting beside him.

Rose raised an eyebrow at Albus before she leaned in to question him. "Is it from Scorpius?"

Albus showed her the letter briefly, grinning manically at her as soon as she finished reading. "We're meeting up soon!"

"I hope it goes well Al, really you should talk to him about what-"

Rose didn't get to finish her 'you should ask him out' rant because Albus sprung up in his seat. "Forgot my books in the dorm, I'll see you in class Rosie, bye!"

The bushy haired girl frowned as she watched her cousin rush off as if being chased by a herd of hippogriffs. It perplexed her the way he refused to just talk to his crush about his feelings. If only Albus would listen his wonderful, intelligent, bright cousin maybe he would realize that she was right about him and Scorpius.

Paying attention during Care of Magical Creatures and Transfiguration that morning wound up being one of the most difficult things Albus has ever done in his life. He would certainly regret not paying attention during Transfiguration, because he knew they were learning material for their N.E.W.T.S but at the moment, as he waited outside the Slytherin common room, he could not find a will to care.

He was early, but that was okay because he needed to figure out how to quell his hammering heart while he waited for Scorpius. He wasn't sure if they blonde was coming from class or if he'd be coming from inside the dorms. Was Scorpius going to be alone or with his big group of friends? What if Scorpius friends thought Albus was some desperate slut, meeting up for a quick shag between classes? Not that Albus cared what others thought of him. Well, he cared a little. He suddenly wished he'd asked Rose to join him. Or at least written Scorpius back, asking him to be more thorough about their meeting.

"Albus," Scorpius cried happily when he rounded the corner and saw the dark haired boy waiting for him. "I'm sorry, Amber Bones kept asking me questions about the assignment we were given for Divination. I would have just left her there but were partners and you know how annoying girls get when you ignore them. I hope you weren't waiting long."

"No, I only just got here," Albus lied with a small smile. Scorpius muttered the password and let Albus through the portrait into the common room. It was much darker down here than up in Gryffindor Tower, which made sense since they were underground. Only a couple students were lounged in the common room, all spread out by the fire. Not a single person looked up to see who entered, something Albus was thankful for. He had no idea what people would say if they saw Scorpius leading them up towards his dorm room.

"Are you excited to see the kittens? If only my father saw how much of a softie these kittens have made me, he'd probably have a heart attack."

Albus thought he might have one. Scorpius loved kittens and kept smiling at him, and his smile was absolutely breath taking. He was such a sap, it really was starting to become pathetic. He needed to get out more often.

"Yes, I am excited. I hope they like me."

"What's not to like?" Scorpius said so casually, one would have thought he was discussing the weather. Albus kept quiet as he followed Scorpius into his room. He didn't trust himself with words at the moment.

As soon as they entered the room, they were bombarded by little mewing balls of fur. Albus was able to calm his frantic heart by focusing on the kittens. If he wanted any chance with Scorpius, he needed to get a better grip on his emotions.

The blonde sunk on to the bed where Binx was laying in a heap with a few of her kittens. The other kittens were valiantly attacking Albus's ankles. He leaned down and scooped two up into his arms. They had grown more than Albus thought kittens would, but they were still small enough that he could fit two in his palm. One kitten was completely white with fur so fluffy Albus couldn't see where its eyes were. The other kitten was white with little black spots all over it and green eyes so wide Albus just wanted cuddle with it all day.

"Can I have these two?" Albus asked as he pulled them to his chest in order to nuzzle his nose into their soft fur. The white kitten stuck a tiny pink tongue out and licked Albus.

"Of course," Scorpius said. He watched Albus nuzzle the kittens while he pet Binx. "I told you they would like you."

Albus just grinned. This was a moment he would cherish forever: hanging out in the Slytherin dorms with Scorpius Malfoy and a bunch of tiny kittens, being told that there is nothing to dislike about him. If only it would last forever.

"You can sit down," Scorpius offered, scooting over on his bed to make room for Albus. Not one to be rude, Albus took the offered spot and cuddled with his newest pets. Had anyone else seen him, he would most likely never live cuddling a kitten down, but seeing as Scorpius was now lying on his back with three kittens on his chest, Albus knew this wouldn't leave the room.

"How was your summer holiday?" Albus asked gingerly. He wasn't that good at starting conversation, so he was proud of himself when Scorpius turned to face him with a grin on his face.

"It was utterly boring. My parents wanted me to come with them to France, but I had no interest in listening to my father tell me how I am disappointing him all summer, so I stayed home," Scorpius said with a soft sigh.

"You're one of the best students in our year, on your houses qudditch team, and probably the most popular guy at Hogwarts, how can you be disappointing your father?"

"Thanks Al," Scorpius said making eye contact with Albus. "According to my father, I'm too nice. I need to stop being such a 'pansy' or at least I think that's what he said. Malfoy's aren't supposed to be gay either, so that certainly hasn't helped me win my father over. I stopped caring though, I've heard what kind of person my father was at my age and I don't want to be like him."

Albus didn't want to bad mouth Scorpius's father but he had heard stories as well and he was happy Scorpius didn't want to wind up like his father. From what his uncle Ron said, Draco Malfoy was an arrogant prick who only cared about blood status, money, and himself. Albus didn't care about any of things, well maybe he did care about himself a little bit, but he wasn't egotistical. Albus liked to believe he was a good mix of both his parents personality wise. He was always willing to defend the ones he loved, just like his dad and he believed he was witty just like his mother.

"It's good, I don't think people should be just like their parents, anyway," he said as he imagined his brother, desperately trying to be just like their father. While he loved James, he couldn't understand his desire to replicate their father's life. At least his sister had a mind of her own.

"Says the son of Harry Potter," Scorpius laughed. "It wouldn't be a bad thing turning out like your father, he did save the whole wizarding world. You already look like his clone."

Albus had heard this so many times that he'd honestly lost count. He loved his father, immensely. He was a good man and an amazing father, he did want to be like him but at the same time he resented his father. Until Albus died, he would forever be compared to his father. Rose told him that it was a compliment, that people believed he had the ability to be a good man like his father, but he couldn't help feeling like it limited him. He wasn't and never would be his father. He didn't have some dark lord out to kill him his entire life. He also had parents, who were both alive and well. Given everything that his father went though, Albus was amazed by how successful and truly happy he was. If Albus had been under the same circumstances, he couldn't imagine being as selfless as his father and he certainly would not be as sane as his father is now.

Scorpius could tell from Albus's silence that he struck a nerve. "I'm sorry. It must suck being compared to your dad all the time."

"I'm sure you get it too. It's not so bad. I just wish people didn't expect so much from me," Albus said, leaning back against the fluffy pillows, subconsciously aware of the fact he was lying in bed with Scorpius. The two kittens he'd been cradling scuttled up his chest and came to rest in the crook of his neck.

"I can definitely understand you there. My parents want me to be an official at the Ministry, like my father, when I leave school, which is never going to happen. I want to open my own apothecary in Hogsmeade."

"You should, you're wicked in potions, better than Rosie. That is not something to take lightly," Albus said, laughing as he recalled the last time Rose freaked out about Scorpius getting higher marks than her.

Scorpius turned to lay flat on his back, staring up at the bed hangings. "I haven't told anyone about my apothecary idea, not even Carson."

"I guess I'm just easy to talk to," Albus offered, tilting his head to see Scorpius was only mere inches away. He took in a deep breath and turned away. This was not happening. He was not having a heart-to-heart with Scorpius Malfoy, in his room, on his bed no less. If he wanted to get rid of this stupid crush, this was the last thing he needed to do.

"I wish I'd known that little fact years ago, to think I am only realizing now what a good friend you make."

Sitting up abruptly, causing the kittens to fly forward into his lap, Albus had to leave. He had known he was in the friend zone, there was no way he ever imagined that Scorpius would allow him to graze any farther, but having the blonde just casually saying what a good friend Albus would be, made his insides churn. His face was warm and it had nothing to do with the temperature. Suddenly the room felt much smaller and Scorpius was much closer than Albus remembered. It was too much for him.

"I better get these guys back to my room and settled before Potions," Albus said lamely, refusing to meet Scorpius's eye as he scooped the kittens up, placing them in the pocket of his school robes. He stood awkwardly for a moment, not wanting to look at Scorpius but not wanting to be rude. Albus settled for waving at the blonde before stumbling over his feet towards the door.

"Al," Scorpius called after him, the raven haired teen refused to look at him, but instead stared past him. "I really enjoyed talking with you. I hope we can do it again sometime."

"Yeah, sure," Albus replied with a quick nod before he managed to escape from the room. It felt like fire was creeping up from his stomach into his throat. He tore through the common room, out into the hall and began to run at breakneck speed back to his room. He couldn't breathe. Why did he do this to himself?

Only minutes later, Al shouted the password at the Fat Lady, who was rather sore with him for that, and stormed into the common room only to find half his family sitting around the fire. Rose spotted him instantly and it only took her a second to register his distressed state. Being a genius, she jumped up to save him from the likes of his other, extremely nosy cousins.

"Al, you have my textbook in your room upstairs, let's go get it!" Before he could catch his breath, she had latched her arm onto his and began dragging him up the staircase leading to the boys' dormitories.

As soon as they were in his room, safe and all by themselves, Albus collapsed into a heap on his bed. He wanted to just die but the kittens in his pocket scurried out and he was momentarily distracted from his death wish.

Rose sat beside him on the bed, taking the white kitten into her hands and examining it.

"Was it really that bad Albus?"

No, of course not. It was amazing, Scorpius wanted to be friends. He liked talking to Albus. They now shared kittens. Things were utterly marvelous, couldn't be any better. Minus the fact Albus has a sickening, school-girl crush on Scorpius that he could not handle. He was becoming much too dismal for his liking.

"Why can't he be a prick so I can get over this? First it was just because he's too damn cute for his own good. Now he has to go and be all sweet and perfect. I could die right now Rosie, honest."

"You're such a baby. If you weren't my best friend, I would not keep talking about this, I just hope you know that Albus," Rose gave him a warning glare and he was thankful that she didn't say anything harsher. He was downright awful about this whole mess he'd gotten himself into. If he wasn't whining about how he'd never get with Scorpius, he was ogling the blonde. He was annoying himself at this point; Rose had to be furious with him.

"I'm sorry. I need to grow a pair, don't I?"

"That's horribly vulgar," Rose cringed, "but yes, I would suggest something along those lines."

"I don't want to embarrass myself though Rosie."

"And crying to your female cousin over a boy isn't at all embarrassing?"

"Point taken," Albus countered with a laugh. "I need a plan then if I'm going to do this right."

"Lucky for you then," Rose said as she pulled her legs up underneath her and faced Albus. He sat up right and looked at her quizzically. "I'm excellent at planning things Potter. You'll have Scorpius begging on his knees when I'm done with you two."

The idea of Scorpius on his knees brought forth many dirty images Albus did not want to have while in the same room as Rosie, but it also earned a smirk out of him. Rose was brilliant, if he could trust anyone to help him, it would be her.