A Different Kind of Bonding part 3

Cold, wet feet. That was the first thing Colin felt before, during, and after he woke up, grumbling faintly at the insistent prodding that was trying to awaken him.

"Wha-?" he asked cluelessly as he sat up, rubbing his eyes a little bit, brows furrowing, twitching away from the poking. A warm, soft, and yet rather heavy weight settled into his lap, and a faint giggle left Syrana.

"Time to get up, Colin. I let you sleep, and now it's almost night. We need to set up camp somewhere before nightfall, or we're both gonna get eaten by hungry Pok mon." she stated, nudging his cheek with her nose a moment to encourage him to full consciousness.

Colin grumbled faintly as he rubbed his eyes, taking stock of his surroundings. He must have fallen asleep after Syrana basically assaulted him with her body, his feet in the water still, laying on the still-warm grass while sunset tinged the horizon amber. "Oh god, you should have woken me up sooner." he said with a wrinkle of his nose.

Syrana giggled softly and shook her head. "You looked so cute, I couldn't bring myself to wake you up. And it's not like we can't just pitch the tent here on the shore." she said with a shake of her head, giving his nose a sweet little kiss.

Nodding once at her, he raised a brow, lightly sliding her out of his lap, and then stretched slightly, sliding his feet out of the water and grumbling faintly to himself. "So...this whole rape thing, is this going to be a common occurance?" he asked, peering at her.

The Lucario perked an ear at him slightly, and gained a mischeivous grin. "Only when I'm feeling horny...Or when I feel like teasing you...Or pleasing you...Or any day that ends in a 'Y'." she reasoned, ticking them off on her paws. "But yep, that should be all." she said, petting him affectionately on the top of the head.

Colin rolled his eyes a little bit, and then slid over to his pack, unstrapping the top and pulling out his tent and the stakes needed for pegging it to the ground, setting about erecting it. It wasn't particularly difficult, kind of self-explanatory, though Syrana was the one who banged the posts into the ground, and eventually, they had a two-man tent erected, which Colin crawled into and began setting up the bed inside, just as the sun dipped below the horizon.

"I got some firewood already." she said with a nod, motioning towards a stack at the edge of what was now their camp.

Flushing faintly at not having thought of it himself, he nodded gratefully, and then grabbed a large piece, and several smaller pieces, cracking one of the sticks into smaller pieces as a base, and then lighting a fire with matches.

Syrana dragged over a rather hefty log with his paws, and set it in front of the fire, casually snapping off a branch and poking the fire with it, which was so thick and green that Colin was sure he wouldn't have been able to snap it if he hung of it and bounced.

"Remind me not to get on your bad side." he said with a slight frown, peering at the stick for a moment.

She giggled faintly. "Worried about how strong I am?" she asked innocently.

He nodded begrudgingly. "A little bit...Kinda surprised you haven't hurt me yet while we...you know." he replied, cheeks flushing faintly.

Giggling again, she pet the log besides her, motioning for him to sit, which he did, seating himself on the log next to her, raising a brow sideways at her. "I can be gentle." she said, leaning against him affectionately and wrapping a paw around him, squeezing a little bit harder than necessary, nuzzling lightly against his cheek. "But I can also be mean and rough, if you don't give me want I want."

Colin swallowed audibly, and then tentatively wrapped an arm around her, stroking her should lightly. "So..." he said, peering into the fire for a long moment. "What are we gonna do for the rest of the night? It's gonna be boring as hell in the tent." he said with a slight sigh.

Syrana raised a brow at him, tailtip giving a bit of a flick, ears perking at him. "Welllll, I could think of one or two things we could do that might be fun." she said with a nod.

Rolling his eyes in response, he gave her a level stare. "And if I'm not really in the mood?" he asked bluntly.

"You're a teenager, Colin. If you're not in the mood, you will be...and I have ways of making you be in the mood." she said with a slightly mischievous giggle. "Like a game of strip poker...I just know how you like watching me strip..." she husked against his ear, giving it a slow nibble. He shifted uncomfortably for a moment, and then she giggled innocently, a paw sliding into his lap and squeezing at the growing bulge in his pants. "I know all of your buttons Colin, and the sooner you realise that, the more fun we'll have together." she commented, smiling at him and laving her tongue against his ear for a moment.

"But for now, food." she stated, changing the subject and drawing back, rifling in his backpack for food, pulling out his laptop and setting it aside to dig to the bottom of the pack, and the cooler bag there. "I took the liberty of hiding some steak in here. I figured you'd forget." she said with a sweet smile.

Colin just rolled his eyes and shook his head.

The Lucario set about cooking them both food, heating them on a rather small piece of tin, turning them with a stick, offering him a plastic plate with a steak on it after a few minutes, eating her own quite happily.

Sitting on the log, he ate quietly, staring into the fire, almost hypnotised by the flicking flames, eating mechanically, trying not to think about things too hard.

It was a few moments before he realised that Syrana had finished eating and dissapeared into the tent, and swallowing the last bite of his food, he put his plate down and followed after her.

The Lucario was on her stomach, her feet in the air, tailtip swirling, peering at his laptop screen, digging through various files he had saved, and his cheeks flushed heatedly as he realised exactly what filepath she had opened. It was where he kept all his Pok mon porn. He had hidden it quite artfully, in plain sight, a single jpeg image of a Marowak facing the camera, bone raised to attack. It was on his desktop, and was actually his screen-saver at present. There was no way she could know what it was actually was.

"Whatcha looking at?" he asked, as casually as he could, sliding down onto his stomach next to her, raising a brow.

Syrana paused for a moment, and then peered at him sideways. "Your recently accessed files." she said with a single nod. "I find it...strange, that you opened this picture." she said, frowning and peering at the screen for a long moment, her head tilting to one side. "I mean...it's your desktop picture, not like you need to open it to see it..."

Colin swallowed hard a moment. "W-well, it was probably opened when the screensaver got set." he said with a nod.

She rolled her eyes. "You're a terrible lyar, Colin. The filesize is also...nearly a gig. Not many pictures I know can be that big." she stated once, peering sideways at him. "It's almost like it's an...archive." she said slowly, perking an ear at him.

His cheeks flushed hard, and he swallowed once again. "I-I dunno. Maybe it's an error?" he offered tentatively.

Syrana shook her head and then gave a mischievous giggle, clicking and opening the picture in an archive program, and a sudden array of video files popped up. "Oh my." she murmured, grinning at him innocently. "No deep file system...but so artfully hidden in plain sight. It's almost like these are worse than the other porn you have..." she murmured softly to him. The files were all named rather ambiguously, named like 'Arcanine', 'Lucario', 'Ninetales', 'Vaporeon', and 'Dragonair'.

"T-they're nothing!" Colin said, his voice suddenly dry, reaching for the ESC key, but a lightning-fast paw caught his wrist before he could get to it, and Syrana giggle innocently, double-clicking the Ninetales file.

The screen suddenly filled with a video player, and Colin whimpered faintly in his throat as the image of a Ninetales filled it, long tails flashing slightly as they swirled back and forth, ruby eyes watching the camera intently, a seeming smile flitting across her muzzle as her golden-furred form shifted just a little bit back and forth.

"Hmmmm..." Syrana murmured, peering at the screen, head tilting to one side, "I don't really see..." she started, and then gave a faint laugh as the Ninetales on the screen slowly slew around and arched her back elegantly, curling her tails upwards into the air, delicately lifting them to reveal the puffy, slick lips of her cunt to the camera. "So, you keep a few of the video's on your laptop as well?" she asked, grinning at him. "...For when you can't get on the net? Is this what you masturbate to, Colin?" she asked in a low, seductive tone, motioning towards the screen, where the Ninetales had curled around to lay her own hot tongue against herself, her own liquids beginning to dribble messily around the edges of her muzzle.

Colin swallowed hard and shuddered for a long moment, unable to help but watch the mesmerizing movements of the Ninetales tongue against herself, swallowing hard for a moment, his cheeks flushing as hot as they possibly good before he gave a guilty nod, shuddering and sliding his leg together tightly, trying to ignore the insistently swelling growing between them.

Syrana giggled at him, and then watched the Ninetales tonguing at herself repeatedly, a faint moan escaping her golden muzzle as a trickle of her own copious arousal traced a path through her fur. "I must say, these aren't amateur...could it be...you paid for these?" she asked, giving him a piercing glance. "This is professional camerawork, not what you'd expect from some guys getting off on their Pok mon."

The faint squirming of her trainer gave her all the affirmation she needed, and she grinned, squeezing in close and sliding a paw down his body to rest teasingly on his side. "Such a naughty boy. Paying for Pok mon porn. You must really like it, huh?" she asked in a heated little whisper, giving his nose a slow lick with her warm, moist tongue.

He nodded once, helplessly, sliding his hands down between his legs to cover his growing erection, shuddering faintly as he divided his attention between the recorded Ninetales and the Lucario right next to him.

Syrana paused a moment, and then grinned at him mischievously. "Well, if this is professional, I'm willing to bet..." she started, working the mousepad a moment, and then fast-forwarding the video, grinning after a moment as she got to the part where a random human, possibly the Ninetales trainer or master, was shown on camera, with the fox Pok mons messy muzzle buried in his lap, suckling at his thick, eager cock like an overzealous pup trying to get milk from a teat, audibly murring through the speakers, a tinny quality to it, but arousing nonetheless.

The Lucario watched the screen as the ninetales began to bob her head slowly, drawing the thick cock out to lap heatedly at the tip a few times, before engulfing it again, and then Syrana turned her attention to Colin, rumbling faintly in her throat. "Go ahead Colin...I wanna see you do it." she rumbled heatedly, a paw slipping down underneath her and into her shorts, rubbing against her ear, moistening cunt. "Let me see you masturbate to the Pok mon, Colin." she murmured faintly.

Blinded slightly by his arousal, Colin nodded, sliding off his shirt, and then kicking off his pants, leaving him naked besides the Lucario, watching intently as the Ninetales began to bob her head on the human a little more eagerly, swallowing quite obviously a few times at the tip of his cock, working her head from side to side to give him extra stimulation, soft forepaws resting on his thighs, holding him down as he suckled at his cock.

Swallowing audible, Colin began to stroke at himself slowly, cheeks still flushed, watching the Ninetales sucking off her trainer, while Syrana rubbed her paw against her harder at both of the shows she was witnessing, knowing that the human couldn't last long under the stimulation of such a hot, tight muzzle around his cock.

And she was right, as, barely a minute later, the Ninetales began to shudder, eyelids fluttering as they popped open, sparkling red eyes peering up at her trainer as the thick cock throbbed in her maw, her lips fastened around it tightly as it throbbed. A moment or two later...she began to smile.

The smile caused her lips to part, and broke the seal her muzzle had around his cock, thick, gooey white spurts beginning to seep messily from the corners of her mouth repeatedly, tricking down her chin, dribbling slowly off her muzzle and onto the floor as she grinned around her trainers cock, slowly drawing back. The camera panned out, and she slowly opened her maw, sticking out her tongue to show the inside of her maw slicked with her trainers gooey spunk, and then closed her maw, swallowing eagerly, and then leaning in to messily lap her trainers cock clean, making Colin arch and stroke at his eager length faster and harder, shuddering faintly.

There was a pause, a fade, and then the video ended, and Syrana made a muffled sound, pausing in her actions long enough to bring up the next video, the Arcanine one.

This time, it was a male Arcanine, very definitely male, as the thick, pink cock hanging beneath his fluffy body was evidence of. He was huge, in every sense and meaning of the word. His female trainer was leaning against him, dressed in nothing but a pink skirt and white top, hair left long and loose, black, cascading down her back while she rubbed her hand idly through the fur of his flank. She wasn't exactly short, and she barely reached high enough to see over his back.

"Awww, does puppy like that?" she cooed, rubbing at his flank and shoulders happily, scrubbing at his fur with her bare hands, rubbing her back against his side lightly, tracing her fingertips through his shaggy fur quite happily.

The Arcanine gave a firm nod, arfing at her for a moment, his large, fluffy tail giving a little bit of a swirl. Apparently, the young girl hadn't noticed the nigh-unavoidable thick, pink cock beneath the pokemon's belly, bobbing slightly with his movements, dribbling precum onto the grass below.

"Poor puppy need a good stroking." she murmured, stroking across his back, her other hand sliding across his stomach, both of them stroking him, before her hand suddenly found the hot, pulsing length of flesh, automatically closing over it. "Ooo, puppy must like being stroked." she breathed heatedly to the Arcanine, who nodded again, and peered at her over his shoulder.

Syrana gave a breathless little giggle. "Oh god look at the size of that thing...he must cum like a fountain." she breathed, and Colin gave a short nod.

"I-It gets kinda messy." he murmured, shuddering and continuing to stroke at himself, watching the young girl get on her knees underneath her Arcanine, to watch his thin precum drooling from the tip of the hot, pulsing length, her hand beginning to stroke up and down it. A spurt of precum spilled from the tip of the canid length in front of her, splashing across her cheek, and she giggled breathlessly again. "Ooo, puppy is so excited, I should help him." she murmured, sliding her hand back to get a firm grasp on his knot, and then, without hesitation, sliding his thick tip between her lips, and into her mouth, tongue working at him like some kind of exotic, adults-only-lollipop.

A soft rumble left the Arcanine as he leaned forwards and shifted his hips just a little bit, weight shifting, thick cock sliding a little bit deeper into his trainers eager mouth, her lips stretching around him as she began to bob her head gently, quite obviously rubbing her tongue against him within her mouth as she moved.

Syrana giggled mischievously, and then slid over closer to him, one paw stuffed down the front of her shorts, rubbing at herself heatedly, while the other paw rested on his shoulder, leaning in to lave her tongue against his ear heatedly while whispering, "Listen to her Colin, watch her...hear her moaning?" she asked heatedly.

Colin swallowed once and nodded, stroking at himself quite eagerly now, watching her bobbing her head on the Arcanine, faint little moans leaving her lips, stifled against the thick cock stuffing her mouth.

"Listen to her moan..." the Lucario breathed, "Can you hear how much she likes it? How much she likes how it tastes?"

He nodded again enthusiastically, and Syrana giggled, "Look, she's getting wet just sucking him off..." she murmured, motioning with her nose. And indeed, the girl had slid a hand down her front, sliding under the front of her skirt to rub heatedly at her clothed cunt, the line of her sex covered in slightly-moist, translucent cloth now revealed by her bent-over position.

Shuddering hard, Colin began to jerk off a little bit faster, helplessly stroking at himself as he watched the girl so eagerly devouring the thick cock presented to her, her hand sliding fro around the knot as she pushed forwards insistently, letting the thick, long length slide into her mouth, and then even further, her lips kissing around the knot. Colin could just imagine that thick tip buried in her throat, throbbing and pulsing wildly, and the Arcanine was beginning to stiffen and shudder, quivering slightly...

But then the trainer pulled back for air, leaving the throbbing cock spitting precum across her chin and face, her body shifting up and down against the two fingers she'd buried in her eager cunt, her stance shifting so she could tug down her panties and kick them off quickly, rolling over onto her knees and presenting her eager, wet cunt to the Arcanine's gaze. "C'mon puppy!' she cajoled.

A faint growl left the Arcanine, and in moments, he was atop his trainer, thick, powerful forepaws wrapping around her middle, solid, eager cock sliding against her rear as he sought her tight cunt with his eager tip. It took him only a moment to find the wet entrance, and the girl yelled out in joy as he buried himself deep inside in a single motion, thick knot bumping against her, her hands clenching on the ground as she cried out, "Oh yes puppy! Fuck yes!" she yelled.

Syrana giggled faintly and whispered in his ear again, "Oh my, dirty talking...I must say, she's louder than I am..." she murmured, while the girl on the screen got increasingly louder and more vocal with each of the pokemons powerful motions, burying deep inside her.

"Yes puppy! Please, harder! Oh god, your knot is so big!" she cried, pushing back against him eagerly, reaching a hand between her legs to rub heatedly at her clit, stiffening up and arching hard as a sudden gush of her liquids spilled from around the embedded cock and to the grass below.

"Oh there's no faking that..." Syrana murmured in his ear, and then looked down at his stroking, which was now fervent and eager. "Are you going to cum, Colin?" she asked innocently, and he nodded helplessly.

Giggling, the Lucario slid down his form, pausing in front of his throbbing length, and then parting her maw, opening her mouth directly in the firing path of his soon-to-be-erupting cum. With a shudder, he began to stroke at himself faster and harder. "Come on Colin, give it to me, let me taste it..." she murmured heatedly, while on the screen, the Arcanine shuddered and then howled to the heavens as he buried deep inside his trainer and then burst.

The girl stiffened up and shuddered, a look of surprised ecstasy etched on her features as she felt the sudden hot bursts of cum splattering across her tight, gripping insides, pooling deep inside her and immediately beginning to seep out from around the thick pink cock, before she shuddered hard and leaned forwards, letting him slide out of her tight cunt, followed by a thick rush of puppycum, quickly spinning around and latching her mouth onto his thick tip, right as his cock throbbed and fired another thick spurt, directly into her mouth and over her tongue.

A faint moan of approval left her, muffled and quiet around the thick, throbbing, pumping tip, beginning to swallow audibly once, twice, three times as the thick cock throbbed and burst into her mouth again and again, pouring thick gushes of the gooey Arcanine jism into her mouth again and again, until she had to pull back for air, her pretty face getting painted with the sticky spunk while ribbons of the hot liquids slowly seeped from her used cunt.

The video faded to black a few moments later, ending with a shot of the young girl slowly licking the thick cock clean, trailing her tongue around its tip, thick, gooey spunk sticking to her tongue and forming a gooey connection.

Colin had already gotten all he needed though, and shuddered hard, stroking at himself furiously hard, body beginning to tense up a little bit. Syrana purred deeply, and stuck her tongue out to cajole him, whispering for him to give it to her, and a moment later, he did, thick cock throbbing and then beggining to pump a load of his warm cum across her muzzle. Immediately, her mouth closed over his tip and pushed his hands out of the way, purring as she began to swallow his eager load, with a string of his sticky spunk splashed across her face, her suckling summoning out every last drop she could get from him, suckling him dry.

Panting hard, he stroked at her ears, shuddering and lightly shifting his hips, before popping his cock out of her maw, her tongue languidly licking him in his afterglow, cleaning him up properly, while she idly flicked over to the next video, the Lucario one this time, the one she was most curious about.

Her ears perked up and her tongue paused on him a the first thing she heard was the faint moan of a male Lucario, who was resting at the edge of a hot tub, shorts discarded, long pink, knotted cock standing proud as the tongues of two young girls worked at it repeatedly. They were almost wearing tiny bikini's that barely covered up anything, one of them either side, licking at his hard cock, from his not to his tip, their tongues occasionally meeting.

"Oh wow...that's pretty hot." she murmured, sliding a paw to Colin's length and beginning to work it again, kicking her pants off, watching the video avidly as the girls began to take turns, alternating between suckling on his tip. "Oh god Colin..." she murmured, sliding over top of him, resting her knees on either side of his head. "Please! Use your tongue on me!" she demanded.

Colin panted at her for a moment, gazing at the puffy pink cunt presented to his gaze, and then wrapped his arms around her, over her back, pulling her swollen flesh down against his mouth as he began to lap at her heatedly, shuddering as he felt her tongue on his over-sensitive length again, trying to encourage him back to full hardness. She slid him lightly into her muzzle, ears perking as she watched the two of the pleasing the Lucario, who laid back a little bit more, his ears splaying backwards and tailtip swirling in the water as precum began to drool from his thick tip, quickly suckled and tasted upon by two eager human mouths, their tongues touching as they french-kissed heatedly around his twitching member.

Syrana's ears perked up hard, and she gave a quiver, peering back at him over her shoulder for a moment in surprise and squirmed helplessly. "W-what a-are you doing?" she asked breathlessly, while Colin just grinned at her, and then gave another quick, teasing thrust of his fingertips inside her, fingertips curled, seeking that little spot he heard about, just inside her body...Syrana, shuddering, turned her attention back to the video.

Already, one of the girls was going down on him properly, the second girl kissing him heatedly as the first pressed down, lower, and lower, and lower, until her lips touched the knot, and then taking him deeper, letting his tip slide into her throat so she could get his knot in her mouth as well, suckling at his entire length heatedly. Almost immediately, the Lucario shuddered and tensed up, arching faintly, his tailtip thrashing in the water. The girl who was so eagerly devouring his cock gave a muffled giggle.

The Lucario in the tent was beginning to arch and shudder as well, already highly aroused from the video's and the teasing, and the sensation of Colin suckling so eagerly at her clit while his two fingers worked deep inside her. Her eyes widened suddenly as she felt his fingertips brush over that one little spot inside her, her ears splaying back hard as she watched the Lucario on the screen arch and cry out, pulsing hard in one of the girls mouths, exploding suddenly, almost making her gag, thick, gooey cum pouring into her mouth again and again, before she pulled back helplessly, trailing thick white Lucario spunk, only for the second girl to grab the spurting cock and direct it into her open mouth, closing her lips over it and letting the extra that overfilled her mouth to dribble back down around it.

Both girls then latched their lips around his tip, cum beginning to seep from ruby lips pressed to pink shaft, kissing each other heatedly and swapping his thick, gooey cum between themselves.

Syrana shuddered helplessly and then cried out in delight as he body spasmed, and her tail flailed hard, whacking Colin once, before she came hard, a gush of her hot liquids spilling across his face and neck, her trainer eagerly lapping them up, suckling at her clit to prolong her orgasm, until she was nothing more than a twitching heap atop him.

Gentle, she slid her weight off of him, panting and shuddering as she slowly licked at his hard-again cock, flicking the video over to another random file, purring back at him. "I wanna do whatever these guys are doing..." she murmured heatedly, as the video resolved into a trainer and his Flareon laying in bed, her fluffy form curled up to him, her tail slowly swaying over his boxers.

Shuddering slightly, the Lucario crawled atop him, lifting his cock with her paw and lining him up, pressing herself down onto him, baring her teeth in delight as she felt him stretching her tight, eager moist cunt open, thick tip slowly working into her body. With a low, lusty growl, she worked herself down on him until her cuntlips met his base, drooling wetly around him as she turned her gaze to the video, watching the trainer begin to dryhump his Flareon, who's cheeks were flushed, rubbing her rear back against him.

Red eyes regarding the video with a smouldering gaze, her ears perked up, and she made a happy sound as the trainer drew a bottle of lubricant from the sideboard, and then slid his boxers down beginning to lube himself up, his free hand sliding between his Flareon's legs and rubbing some of the liquids over her tight, fluffy cunt, and then her even tighter tailhole.

"Oh fuck yesss..." Syrana breathed, her paws resting on his chest as she slowly drew herself off of him, and then poised her tight, eager tailhole over his thick cock. "Do you want to fuck me up the ass?" she asked heatedly of him, and Colin nodded firmly, pushing on her hips in encouragement.

With a moan, the Lucario let gravity pull her down onto his cock, sinking him into her tight, accepting tailhole, the muscles tensing and convulsing around him in retaliation to his intrusion. Groaning softly, one of her paws switched to his chest to hold her balance, while her other paw slid between her legs, rubbing at herself in front of him as she began to bounce, watching the screen with an avid gaze a Colin gripped her hips and humped up into her every time she came down.

Already, the male had two lubed fingers buried in his Flareon's tight ass, her cheeks flushed even deeper as she moaned helplessly and ground her hips back against him, rubbing herself over his bulge as he slid his fingertips from her tight ass, and then slipped them instead into her cunt as his thick cock pushed against her fluffy tail. with a load moan from both of them, he began to press into her impossibly tight, hot tailhole, long cock gradually working deeper and deeper into the moaning, squirming Flareon's body, until his balls met her cunt, and he began to hump into her, her moans rising in volume as she was taken so completely.

Syrana groaned faintly atop him, rubbing at her clit lightly, beginning to bounce herself heatedly atop him. "Oh fuck..." she panted, eyes squeezing shut as her hips shifted up and down atop him. "You feel so big in there, Colin. God...fuck my tight tailhole...give me a hot, gooey creampie..." she almost whimpered at the thought, and her motions increased in speed, while on the screen, the Flareon and trainer continued to fuck.

Loud cries left the Flareon's muzzle as she was taken repeatedly up the ass, the thick cock driving deep, deep inside her again and again, the two fingers inside her working in and out in time with the cock in her tailhole, her eyes clenched shut and hips pushing back against the intrusion to her body, obviously no strange to anal.

With a grunt, the trainer rolled her over onto her body, and then slid atop her, beginning to fuck her tight tailhole with vigorous strokes, grinding his tip deep inside her gripping, hot body, while a nice closeup showed how her empty cunt convulsed and drooled her own hot liquids from it with every thrust.

Syrana's motions grew more erratic, and her tailtip spasmed against his legs repeatedly, ears splaying back as she thudded down on him hard again and again, letting his tip bury deep inside her tight ass again and again, her maw parting in a low groan as she began to orgasm, body tensing up and the paw on his chest squeezing at him repeatedly, while the one between her legs rubbed firmly at her clit, her tone almost begging now. "Let me feel it Colin! Pump your hot spunk deep in my tight ass! I wanna feel you cum in my tailhole!" she demanded, while the pair on the video were reaching a creschendo also.

The trainer humped down into his tight Flareon's body again and again, shuddering and baring his teeth as he came suddenly, his Flareon arching and crying out, eyes wide as she felt the gooey spurts of cream pouring into her eager tailhole again and again, her cunt convulsing and squeezing at nothing as her hot liquids overflowed her own body, the thick cum pouring into her rear seeping around around the tight seal and beginning to dribble slowly down her cunt as she panted and tried to catch her breath, crying out with each spurt of spunk pouring into her accepting tailhole.

Colin wrapped his arms around Syrana, and then helped her to bounce on him, attaining a new speed of movement before he arched and shuddered beneath her, thick cock throbbing, and she tensed up and went rigid, crying out in renewed orgasm as thick, gooey spurts of his cum splattered across her insides, rapidly pooling in her tight tailhole, and beginning to drool out of her gripping body a she groaned and ground her hips against him to milk the last of his thick cum out of his body.

The video faded as Syrana sprawled out atop him helplessly, and panted in his ear, going to say something but ending up just falling unconscious.

Colin laughed faintly and kissed her cheek at that, panting at her breathlessly, "I love you too."