Hi! Okay, so this is only my second 'serious' fanfic so go easy if you're going to flame me. Don't shatter my delicate confidence ;). This idea just popped into my head. Be forewarned, I do have a rather nasty habit of starting stories and not finishing them. But I will try to come up with a reasonable/satisfying ending for this, when the time comes.


Darika threw back her head and screamed her frustration to the sky. Her brother's hands dug into her shoulders while her father paced anxiously.

"You're doing fine." Kavi said. Sweat rolled down his face as his baby sister trembled under his comforting hands. "Just-just breath."

Mayur glanced at his daughter. His stomach curled when he remembered how she came back from bathing almost nine moons ago. That immortal creature, Kalona, he had something to do with this. He heard the other fathers whispering their worry about their daughters. Many girls had been assaulted by the immortal and later died giving birth to horrible monsters.

His black eyes looked away and began scanning the skies for signs they had been discovered.

Darika shrieked again.

"I can see its head. Come on Darika." Kavi said.

Mayur's stomach rippled. What if the child was another monster? Would he be willing to destroy it?

He felt his heart tighten. Yes, yes he would.

"It's free!"

A baby's cry pierced the night, clear and completely human. Kavi held the bloody newborn in his hands.

"It's a girl!" Kavi said, he brought her over to his father. Darika panted and tried to reach for her daughter.

Mayur looked at the babe. It was human, no feathers, talons, or a beak. Hope bubbled in his chest. He reached out and took the babe.

His heart fell. He turned her around and saw two tiny wings sticking out of her back.

He reached for the knife hanging from his waist.

"Fa-father?" Darika said. "What are you doing?" She tried to get up.

"Hold her Kavi." Mayur ordered.

Kavi's dark eyes looked at him. He ignored the questioning look in his eyes. He drew out the knife.

"Father! Please, no! Not my baby!" Darika shrieked. Kavi knelt down and held his baby sister back. "She's not like the others! She's one of us!"

Mayur shook his head sadly. "No, its not. It's a monster, just like its father." He raised the knife and brought it down into the baby's chest.