Kalona swallowed the lump in his throat. He couldn't take his eyes off the little infant in his oldest son's hands.

She was normal. Fluffy black hair covered her scalp and frail wings stuck out of her back. Her skin was gray like a corpse and her little lips blue. A huge gapping slit pierced her chest.

Kalona closed his eyes and then turned to his daughter's murderers.

The mother was still sobbing silently and her eyes were trained on the babe. The father of the girl stared up Kalona with pure loathing. The brother looked indifferent.

"Did you honestly think you would get away with this?" Kalona asked with cold fury.

"The babe is dead. Nothing you do to us will change that." The father spat.

Kalona's sons hissed and snarled with their talons curling in rage. The mother let out a sob.

"No, but you will pay for your crimes."

"The girl wasn't human!" The father spat. "There was no crime made!"

The air vibrated with the immortal's power. "You murdered my child. There is no higher crime."

The mother suddenly grabbed a dagger. Kalona's sons cried out alarmed. Kalona knew there was no need to worry.

"Darika!" the brother yelled as she placed the tip of the dagger over her heart.

She looked at her father and brother with steely determination. "My child will not go motherless into death!"

And she plugged the knife into her chest. She gave a little gasp of pain and closed her eyes tightly. She tugged out the dagger and dropped it to her feet.

Kalona watched in amazement as she walked over to Rephaim and took her child. She dropped to her knees and clutched the child to her chest. Kalona saw her lips trembling as she sung a soft lullaby to her baby. She rocked the dead infant slowly becoming weaker until she fell to her side and breathed no more.

"Enough of this." Kalona said. He jerked his head to the two males. "Kill them."

With a horrendous screech the Raven Mockers descended upon Darika's family and tore them apart.


Darika opened her eyes and saw a woman walking towards her. She was enveloped with the moon's glow. A silver bow was clutched in her hand with a quiver slung over her should. Her curly brown hair bounced with each step.

Darika felt her baby stir. She glanced down and saw her baby blinked up at her and coo.

Darika sobbed with relief.

"What is her name?" The strange woman asked.

Darika gave it a thought. "Ta-tsu-wa."

"Come Darika." The woman said offering a hand. "You and your little raven still have much to do."

Darika looked at the woman's offered hand. She took a deep breath and then slid her hand into the woman's.


Anna Williams looked down at the little infant in the crib. She smiled. She still couldn't believe that after all this time she and her husband where finally parents.

"We need to get a camera." Ben Williams said.

Anna laughed. "It's still going to seem like she's growing up too fast. I swear she's gotten bigger since we brought her home."

Ben kissed her temple. "Come on. Let's get some sleep."

Anna bent down and kissed her new adoptive daughter on the forehead. "Good night, Raven."

"I still can't believe you convinced me to call our daughter Raven." Ben said as he guided her out of the nursery.

"She looked like a Raven." Anna protested.

A spectral cloud appeared in the corner of the room and made its way over to the baby's crib. A sad smile appeared on the spirit's face. She reached out and cupped the small baby's hand.

A noise jerked her head up, but it was only a black cat with green eyes peering through the baby's window.

"You must be her guide." The ghost whispered.

The cat blinked once.

She smiled and then looked at the baby. Much like the mother before, she bent down and kissed the infant on the forehead.

"Sleep well my little Raven." She whispered before disappearing.


Just something I worked on during writer's block. Thought I share. Oh, when I looked up Cherokee names meaning raven one of the first was Kalona. Who knew.

Anyways. If want to continue reading about the adventures of the only daughter of Kalona then check the Immortal's Key