Hey everybody, this is gonna be just a bunch of oneshots from a random word generator; other oneshots will be under their own story. For the most part, they'll be written only during the school year, for when I have nothing to do on my school laptop (which happens a lot, actually), or for when I'm at home with writer's block. This will go on infidelity.

1. Tradition.

Thursday night

Sam was in a bad mood. Melanie was holding some charity event-again-and needed people to come. Melanie, her mom, and Carly had all insisted Sam go; she had given in this time. It wouldn't be so bad, except she was always forced her wear a fancy dress that was usually pink-this year, though, she had managed to persuade Melanie to let her wear blue.

She was constantly bored throughout the entire thing, because no one under forty-five bothered to show up most of the time. It was mainly parents, old single people, and residents of the local nursing home being let out for the afternoon. Carly wouldn't even be there-no matter how much Sam had begged, Carly's granddad was bringing her to Yakima for the weekend.

She was laying on her bed, sulking about this, when an obvious thought entered her brain and she sat straight up. Freddie! Of course! Sure she couldn't stand the dork sometimes, but he was better than nothing. She grabbed her cell phone from her bedside table and scrolled through her contacts until she found his name.

He answered on the second ring. "Freddie!" she cried out.

"What?" he asked, confused.

"My dumb sister's making me go to some event and and it's boring and Carly's busy and will you come with me please?" she begged, the words coming out so fast Freddie couldn't make out any of it.

"What? Sam, I can't understand anything you're saying," he told her.

"Ugh!" Sam groaned. She took a deep breath before repeating what she had said, slower this time. "So will you come?" she asked hopefully.

There was a short pause of a couple seconds on the other end of the line, and Sam did all she could to restrain herself from yelling.

"When is it?"


Another pause. "Fine. I can come."

"Yes!" Sam cheered, pumping her fist in the air.


Saturday afternoon

Sam came up the elevator of Bushwell Plaza, running down the hallway to 8-D. She rapped furiously on the door with her knuckles, nearly pounding the door in. It opened a second later to Freddie, wearing a suit and tie. She raised her eyebrow in appreciation, looking him up and down.

"Ready?" she asked.

"Uh, yeah," Freddie responded distractedly. He couldn't get over how amazing Sam looked-it was a very rare thing to see Sam Puckett in a dress. It was dark blue, strapless, with a short black jean open jacket and black strappy two-inch heels.

Noticing Freddie checking her out, she grabbed his wrist and began pulling him towards the elevator. "Come on, Fredwad."


"A silent auction?" Freddie asked, looking around. Sam rolled her eyes. "Yep. She has one every year and I'm getting sick of it."

" 'Course you are," Freddie mumbled, more to himself than to Sam.

"Listen, so here's the plan. We stay for about 10, maybe 20 minutes, then we get the chizz outta here," Sam instructed him. "Sound good?" He didn't feel like arguing or disagreeing with her, so he nodded. She nodded back. "Okay."

They walked around and Freddie bid on an item or two. Sam scanned the room for Melanie-"As soon as she sees us, we can leave," she muttered. Spotting her across the room, near the kitchen, Freddie pointed her out. Sam grabbed his wrist yet another time and they went over.

"Melanie!" Sam called irritably. Melanie spun around, and, seeing her twin, promptly rushed to hug her.

"Hey, Sam! I'm so glad you could make it!" she squealed. Sam gave a small eye-roll and a look that said "Yeah, yeah, I really don't care." She turned to Freddie and smiled flirtily. "Hi, Freddie!"

"Hey, Melanie," he said with as much happiness as he could muster, paired with a fake smile. "How are you?"

"I'm great, thanks!" She beamed. "Did you bid on anything yet?"

"Um, yeah," Freddie said for the second time that night. "That hard-drive over there, uh, the year's supply of meat-" Here Sam gave him a startled look. "Which you can have all or most of if I win it," he assured her. Sam smiled happily.

A woman emerged from the kitchen and called Melanie's name. "Oh, I gotta go, the caterer needs me," she said. "Bye!"

"Well, now that that torture's finally over," Sam said, "we can go. Come on."

They slipped outside, unnoticed by anyone. "So...where do you want to go?" Freddie asked her.

"Who says we're going anywhere?"

He gave her a half-grin, his eyes sparkling. "Now, it'd be a shame to let that beautiful dress go to waste." She blinked and laughed, startled by the praise.

"Groovy Smoothie?" she suggested. He held up a keyring. "Let's go," he said, the words coming out sounding more like "Lessgo."


"Hey, T-Bo. A Strawberry Splat and Blueberry Blast?" Freddie said.

"Comin' right up," T-Bo responded happily, way too chipper for Sam's tastes.

Sam looked at him out of the corner of her eye. "You know I like Strawberry Splat?" she asked, secretly flattered.

Freddie shrugged. "Well, we only come to the Groovy Smoothie with Carly all the time."

"Still," Sam said. "I can't believe you actually noticed what I order."

"I notice more about you than you think," he responded, sitting at a table. She followed and sat next to him. "Like how you always play jokes on guys you like, or how you always try to avoid subjects you don't want to talk about."

"What else?" she asked, looking down, trying not to meet his gaze.

He reached over and lifted her chin up, looking straight into her eyes. "Like how beautiful you are, but you think you're not." Then, he leaned in and kissed her.

When he broke it off, her eyes were slightly glazed over and she had a faraway look on her face. "Wow," she breathed. Then she snapped back into focus and stared, wide-eyed, at him. "What was that?" she cried.

"I meant it, Sam. You're beautiful, and I've liked you for a while now." She smiled and took her turn kissing him.

It became their yearly ritual, every time Sam was dragged to Melanie's charity event. They would show up for a few minutes, then escape to the Groovy Smoothie. It was their own little thing, that Carly was never allowed to take part in; she stayed at the auction or at home. Even years later, when they were married and Melanie was no longer holding the event every year, Freddie would take Sam out to dinner on that date. It was a sort of anniversary for them, and always would be.

What'd you think? I wrote this one yesterday, and I've got the second almost done-I told you I have nothing to do a lot. We have testing this week, which also means a ton of free time when it's over, which is why these are coming so quickly.