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4. Photographs

"What'cha lookin' at?" Freddie asked, coming up the attic steps to find Sam sitting, legs crossed, a box in her lap.

She looked up. "Just some old pictures." She turned the one in her hand around so that he could see this. "Look. It's the first day of iCarly."

Sure enough, the photo she held had been taken just after the first-ever iCarly webcast, Carly, Sam, and Freddie were posed together in their funny hats, arms around each other. Carly stood in the middle with her arms on each of the other two, Sam's elbow was lazily propped up on Carly's shoulder, and Freddie looked like he was the happiest boy on earth to be that close to Carly. He stood with his arms at his sides, as if afraid to touch her, and as a result looked uncomfortable.

"You were so annoying back then," Sam commented, putting the picture down. Freddie took it and peered closer at it.

"Are you taking something out of Carly's pocket?" he asked, not even aware Sam had said anything. Sam looked at it again. "Oh yeah, I guess I am," she said, totally unfazed.

Freddie smiled to himself, telling himself that no matter how long he knew her, he would never get used to his wife's behavior.

"What am I going to do with you?" he said fondly, giving her a kiss.

She smirked. "You can't do anything. But you love me anyway." She picked up a photo album lying next to her and opened it on her lap. "David Archuleta," she commented, a picture of him and the iCarly gang staring back at her. "He was cool."

"And there's the lock-in where you kissed me," Freddie pointed out-a photo of just him and Sam, arms around each other, standing in the hallway by the hole where Locker 239 used to be.

"Our first date," he continued, jabbing his finger at another. A restaurant with purple tablecloths on the round tables, and purple chairs, their waitress had taken the picture of them sitting there, and one of them standing in front of it. Sam had even worn a short jean skirt with knee-length leggings.

"And our wedding," Sam said, flipping the page. There were several pictures there, taking up two full pages: a half a page each of just Sam and just Freddie, and another page of the wedding ceremony itself.

"Aww, it's when Hailee was born," Sam cooed. There was a picture of her in a hospital bed, clutching a small bundle in her arms-their daughter, Hailee. Sam definitely had a soft spot for her daughter.

"If you could take back any of this," Sam asked, "would you?"

Freddie considered for a second, then leaned over and kissed her another time. "Not for the world."

Yeah, this one's kind of lame. Oh well.