Ascent of the Archons

The Dark Summit

At the Elan Planet,

A figure bowed at the dark, gigantic creature before him. He said,

"Lord Dagnu, everything was ready!"

With heavy voice, Dagnu inquired, "What about our guests?"

The Herodian replied, "Soon enough, milord…some of them would come with transportation from Kartella. They will be here soon."

The Herodian Lord asked again, "Can the Kartella be trusted?"

The asked subject answered, "The Kartella served whoever paid well. We didn't have to worry about them leaking this summit to the Three Races!"

Hearing that, Dagnu nodded satisfactorily, "Excellent, Vizier! Greet them…this summit must go well"

The Herodian Vizier bowed once again, "Yes, Lord Dagnu! Everything would go as you wish!"



The Kartella transport floated smoothly on the dark space. Usually, they carried the Corites, Bellato and even Accretian warriors to Elan and Ether. But this time is different,

The white-haired and grey-skinned woman stared outside. She had the blue ocean eyes. Then someone called her,

"Sister, what are you thinking of?" The female glanced to the other woman who was similar with her, yet younger.

She said, "I was remembering the past, Freysca."

The woman called Freysca, said, "Don't think too much, Sis…"

" I can't!" the older woman replied bitterly, "Both of us had witnessed the cruelty of the Three Races. We must act now…otherwise the Calliana would be decimated,"

"I, Treysca the Calliana Queen won't let that happen!" The young Calliana beside her sighed,

"We can't ever forget it, Sis…however, the Three Races were too strong…"

Treysca noted, "This summit would give us the opportunity!"

"I don't trust the Herodians, Sis!" Freysca commented, "What their purpose to make the summit, we don't know for sure…"

The Calliana Queen cut, "What I know is they make the summit for those who hated the Three Races. That was enough for me! As a Princess, you won't question my decision, understood?"

Once again, the young Calliana girl sighed, "Yes, Your Majesty!" When their conversation was over, the transport ship had landed on Elan at the secret terminal.


Once the ship landed, a force of the Herodians had awaited them. The force was composed of Spell, Warrior and Little Lazhuwardian. The Warriors raised their swords to the sky, while lined side-by-side. The other Herodian waited close to them. The ship's door opened and the Calliana contingent came down.

Queen Treysca and Princess Freysca brought several Calliana Atroc, Crue and Archers that escorted them. Once those groups meet, the Herodian Vizier greeted them,

"Welcome to Elan, Your Majesty!" He also nodded to the rest of them, "Princess, I also welcome you too…"

"Thank you." The Calliana Queen said tersely, "Could we pass this formality? We should go to the meeting place."

The Vizier nodded again, "Sure, Your Highness! Please follow me!" When the Callianas walked, the Herodian followed them side-by-side, so the contingent were sandwiched between them. They walked until they reached the destination.


They finally arrived at the huge hall, which filled by various critters on Novus. The Vafers, Novajans, Belphegors, Passers and Hoboes were present at the gathering, and separated themselves to their kinds. In other part, the terrifying monsters such as Dagan and Dagon also present. Yet, they were pale in comparison with Dagnu who almost filled half of the hall. The invitees discussed about the presence of the High Herodian Leader on the summit.

Ignoring anything else, Treysca scanned her surrounding until she noticed a group of Metal Elves. One of them came closer and said,

"Treysca, so you are here too! Glad to see you!"

The Calliana Queen replied coldly, "Prince Neto, I see that you are invited as well."

"Of course!" the purple-skinned elf said enthusiastically, "This is about Three Races, isn't it? We must not let them do what they please! So I attend this summit!"

Treysca sighed, "As I thought…so, I will see you at the meeting." Not noticing her expression, Neto spoke,

"Yes, see you too!" Once he left, Freysca said,

"Sis, don't do that to Prince Neto…we know him well."

The elder Calliana retorted, "It doesn't mean I have to be nice to him…" Before they argue, the Herodian Vizier called aloud,

"I beg for all the invited ones to gather! We shall begin our meeting!" Everyone gathered around the huge, long marble table that was enough for all of them. The Herodian represented by the Vizier, located at the end of the table, and below Dagnu. The Callianas were at the left, after the Metal Elves and Novajans, facing the Vafers.


Not for long, the summit was open with the 'heart pouring' of the races, especially the Vafers. The large Vafer King spoke aloud,

"Few months ago, my brother was killed ruthlessly by those tin cans! It can't be allowed! My people demanded vengeance!"

"Wait a minutes!" A Snatcher cut, "My people were massacred by those midgets! Don't you think that only you who suffer! The Snatchers also being abused by them! We want their blood too!"

"Wrong!" Everyone turned to the Passers, "The Passers were the only one who deserved to be avenged! If necessary, the Corites and the Bellatos must be exterminated!" Then the meeting turned into a heated argument. Dagnu watched everyting below without any interest. Dagon was giggled like an idiot, while Dagan merely smirked.

In other hand, the Callianas and the Metal Elves kept silent. Watching that, Freysca asked her sister,

"Sis, you don't speak?"

The Calliana Queen said, "Let those fools argue without any directions! We won't stoop ourselves like them!"

Neto praised, "Wow, that's brilliant!" Treysca just nod her head. The Herodian Vizier let the debate dragged for a moment, before he intervened,

"Gentlemen, please calm down! " Then the situation was calmed and he continued,

"We had heard everyone about Three Races. The question is what shall we do with it?" Once again, the noise and riotous sound broke, and everyone spoke no senselessly. The Vizier shook his head. He turned to the Callianas and the Metal Elves beside him.

"Your Majesty, do you want to say something?" he asked.

Treysca replied calmly, "A queen won't lift her voice amidst the gathering of the fools…" Suddenly, everyone went silent and stared the Calliana Queen hostilely.

The Vafer leader roared, "What did you say? How dare you to insult the Vafers!"

"That's right!" the Snatcher leader joined, "Just because you are beautiful, you don't have a right to say that!"

One of the Crawler/Novajan shouted, "We demand the apology right now!"

Treysca stared them one by one, and then said, "What if I refuse? What will you do?"

"Insolent b$#^!" The Vafer Barbar leaped over the table, while lifted its huge axe. Then a slim figure blocked him with a mechanical pincer…the figure was Freysca. Both of them knocked afar. As the rest was ready to attack, the Metal Elves had pointed their firearms to them. Neto himself had pulled a large knife, and gave a sidelong glance,

"Don't even think about it…" At the same time, a loud but slow growl echoed and it came from Dagnu. Seeing that, the disputed parties immediately held themselves…they didn't want to incur Dagnu's wrath. Dagan and Dagon look restless.

The Herodian Vizier reminded them, "Gentlemen and ladies, please hold yourself! Don't make Lord Dagnu angry…you won't like it." Once everyone calmed, the Herodian turned to the Callianas.

"Perhaps, Your Majesty wants to explain something?"


With victorious pose, Treysca raised and stared everyone around her, saying,

"Before that, allow me to apologize for my words awhile ago. I don't mean to say everyone present here was fool, but we had done the foolish things. The Accretians, Bellatos and Corites were the newcomer at Novus Sector. They had killed our loved ones, including us. The Callianas knew it too well.

"We can't fight them by ourselves; because they were stronger and well-armed…we can't fight them alone, but together…"

"Wait!" One of the Vafers cut, "You are proposing an alliance?"

The Calliana leader said, "Yes! An alliance…the Accretians, Bellatos and Corites were fighting each other to be the strongest at the Novus. We could use this by creating an alliance among ourselves; once they grow weak, we would take the chance…" Everyone started to discuss the suggestion. The Vizier commented,

"That's a good idea, what about the others?"

Without being asked, Prince Neto said, "The Metal Elves supported Queen Treysca's suggestion!" Then Belhagoz from the Belphegors added,

"The Belphegors seconded the suggestion…"

The Vizier announced, "If that so, let take votes to determine who agree and who are not!" From the present, only the Vafer opposed. The rest supported Treysca's suggestion.

Herodian Vizier adding, "So all agreed that the alliance between the creatures in the Novus is the best way to deal with the dominance of the Nation Accretia, Bellato and Cora. What about the Vafer?"

"OK, The Vafer would support the proposal ..." said one of a largest Vafer, "Now who will become leader of the alliance?"

The Vizier said, "Surely the one that proposed it. As representative of the Herodians, I have proposed the Queen Treysca leader of Novus Alliance! Anyone opposed?" The Vafer, Crawler, Belphegor stunned, but they saw Dagnu nodded. Inevitably, they agree.

"All right," said the Herodian continued, "Accordingly, the meeting decided that the Queen Treysca from Calliana will be the leader of our alliance."

Treysca herself bowed respectfully, "If so, I promise not to disappoint those present here. I will lead this alliance until the Three Nations extinct!" Simultaneously, all in situ express their agreement with the roar (for those who do not have hands) and applause. Dagnu even cleared his throat to indicate his approval. The Vizier said,

"Well, before we set the strategy allow me to introduce our guests who have come from earlier," Some of the figures entered the room and get strong reactions from those present ...

"They ..." Freysca surprised. Queen Calliana itself was stunned to see the presence of the guests that ... because they are the Rebels (Turncoats). Simultaneously, the Vafer, Snatcher and Crawler aimed their weapons to the Turncoats. The group was led by a white-armored Accretia but it was bigger than the other. Not to forget also, Nobuseri, Maeve, Titania and the serial killers such as Smiley, Erzebet and Calico Jack. Seeing the hostile response, they prepared to defend itself.

Treysca stared at the Herodian Vizier sharply, "What does this mean? Why are the traitors are present in the meeting?"

"Do not misunderstand, your Majesty!" Herodian says it explained, "We invite the Turncoats as observers ... there is no other purpose. Moreover, they all have been discarded by their respective nation."Then the big Accretia said,

"My name is Blackside ... the highest leader of the Turncoats! We're just an observer, not a spy. ... But after hearing the Queen's speech, we are interested to offer help ... for this young alliance ..."

A Vafer menyergah, "The only thing that can help you give is ... dead in our hands!"

Neto added, "Your nations are responsible for the extermination of the various creatures in Novus. Do not think you're not guilty about it!"

Belhagoz said, "What you can do for us? You have been discarded by your own society and you are just the robbers who are struggling to live ..."

Maeve responded, "A scathing comment ..." But the Lord Blackside immediately interrupted,

"Ah, it's true we've banished. But we still have a connection to our society ... which of course would be useful for you. Let me explain, you're not going to win when faced with the Three Nations in an open battlefield, but when using an intrusion ..."

"You expect us to use sneaky ways?" shouted the Metal Elf prince

"We just realistic ... but it was up to Her Majesty herself," said Accretia rebel. All turned to Treysca, which seem to hold anger in her face. Freysca was worried to see her sister. For a moment, it seems the Queen Calliana was furious ... but her mouth said a question,

"Why are ... bastards like ... you ... help ... us?"

"For revenge," replied Blackside, "Just like you who want to take revenge ... we can help each other. You can get what you want, so do we ..." The Herodian Vizier just stay quiet, he noticed them both. Freysca said,

"Sis ..." Treysca raised her hand, before she continued,

"My wish is to destroy the nation Accretia, Bellato and Cora entirely ... if it takes my body and soul, then I'm willing to do it! Well,Turncoats! Your proposal was accepted!" All who heard it was surprised, but Queen Calliana continued,

"Do not misunderstand! We do not accept you as an ally, but only as a means to achieve our goal! So our business will be completed after your nation gone from Novus! You agree canned junk?"

Blackside replied dryly, "Let such, at least we find a deal!" At that, Treysca nodded with satisfaction. Then a Vafer asked,

"Do you believe these traitors?"

"No," The Calliana snapped, "I do not believe them, which I believe is our current goal is the same!" Then you will let these rebels ... understand? " The answer was met with a growl by the Vafer. Moreover, Dagnu did not react whatsoever on what happens. Treysca continued,

"Now, let's talk about strategies to deal with them ..." While all of them busy, the Vizier speak telepathically to his master,

The meeting was interesting, my lord.Not unexpectedly, these creatures are able to fellowship with one another.

Absolutely, Vizier. Dagnu said, It reminded me of the last alliance that we face ... what's their name?

Taurus Alliance, my lord ... even this would meet the same fate as them.Let these lowly creatures fighting each other with the Accretia, Bellato and Cora.Once everything is completed, we will reap the results ...

Author's Note: I decide to release 'Ascent' English version. So you can read back-to-back with the Indonesian one. I hope you enjoy it!