Disgaea: The jewel of the gods: Chapter 1: The summoning

I do not own, or claim to own Disgaea, or any characters. I am not in any way affiliated with Nipponichi. This is for entertainment. Thank you for listening.

At morning, in a desert area, in a certain Netherworld, a strange knight cloaked in armor and a cape with dark aura around him, was with a red fungus like monster, with a mushroom on top of him.

"My lord." The knight said who shockingly was taking orders from the mushroom headed plant monster. "I have the hair of the only three who can stop us."

"Excellent. And do you have the fake toenails from the netherworld joke store gee?" The plant thing asked. "What do you take me for? And idiot?"

"Yes I do. Now hurry! I want to finally complete my plans gee!"

After a sigh, the knight put in three strings of hair, all with different color into a mixing pot. One was pure white, another was crimson red, and the last one was blue. He then put in 2 fake overlord toenails, and a fake demon hunter toenail.

"Now let's go! I don't want to be trapped here forever!" The plant yelled.

The duo then walked to the dimensional gate and out of that netherworld. Not long after, a sleeping boy with blue hair, no shirt, red shorts, and antennae to make him look taller came out of the pot. He didn't do much but sleep until two others came.

A red haired boy, with a white shirt, and a long red tie fell out. "Augh. Where am I?" The boy asked. He was called Adell. The main character of the second Disgaea game. He then looked at the sleeping boy.

"That's the kid who Hanako is now working for. What's his name again, Laharl?" Then, the pot activated one last time, sending a white haired boy with glasses, and a red jacket on the rocky floor.

"What the hell was that!" He yelled. "I was just about to experiment on prinnies, and swap their explosive abilities, with those of a humanoid character!"

He then started thinking. "Demon slayer perhaps? Shaman?" He then started drooling over the possibilities.

"Hey!" Adell shouted. "You're the dean of evil academy."

The boy stopped drooling. "That's right. And you're the first of many to sign up to be teachers. But where are we!"

"I thought you would know." Adell answered. The third boy was called Mao. He's the main character of the third game, and principal of evil academy, along with overlord of his netherworld. And if there's two things he loves, its video games, and experiments.

"Damnit! Now what do we do?" Mao asked.

"Let's try waking up the brat." Adell answered.

"Better yet, experiment on him!" Mao was getting his tools and ready to dissect Laharl, until he woke up.

"What fool dares awaken the great Laharl?" When he got up, he knew exactly what was going on, and attacked Mao and Adell.

"Shit! He woke up!" Mao yelled in frustration.

"Hold it brat!" Adell shouted. "We don't want to fight!"

"Well I do. I'm not letting anyone else steal the main character role from me!" Laharl yelled. He's the main character of the first game. He's loud, rude, selfish, stingy, and has a huge ego.

"What are you talking about?"

"Don't you see? We're obviously in some idiot's fanfic. And I'm taking whatever I can get to be the main character."

"Wait!" Mao screamed. "Our levels, they're all at level 1!"

"What!" Both Laharl and Adell screamed.

Then Laharl noticed something. "I remember you. You're the guy who helped me beat Baal."

"And you're the shrimp who pretended to be my dad."

"But you did a lot of bad things to. You messed up Thursday, kidnapped Gordan, messed up Etna's and Flonne's orders, stalked and tried to dissect the latter, and worst of all, said you had a better evil laugh than me!" (For information on what Laharl said, see Disgaea Infinite)

"That's right! And I won too!"

"No you did not!"

"Then let's have a rematch!"

"Bring it on!"

"How do I see my stats anyway?" Adell asked.

For 5 hours, Adell tried to find out how he checked his stats, while Mao and Laharl had their laughing contest.

"Muhahahaha!" Mao laughed.

"HAhahahahaha!" Laharl Laughed.



"Could you guys just shut up!" Adell shouted. He finally found out how to check stats, and realized Mao was telling the truth.

"We obviously need to find how this happened, get our levels back, and return to our world."

Just then, a number of enemy slimes appeared. Our 3 heroes weren't intimidated in the slightest.

"Until then." Laharl began to say. "It's time to kick some ass!"