Disgaea Jewel of the Gods: Chapter 6: To hell with stealth! I'm busting right through!

After the fight with Etna and Flonne, things were explained to them. How their levels got down, and Baal was responsible somehow.

"Must want revenge for what you did to him before." Etna said.

"He stole 'that' from me , never returned it, and HE want's revenge!"

"What is 'that'?" Adell asked.

"That's none of your concern slave!"

"So basically, he wants revenge on you guys, and this is how he's doing it." Etna said.

"And the brat Laharl's half human right?" Mao asked. Etna and Flonne before told them the story of King Krichevskoy, and how he fell in love with a human woman.

What an interesting experiment. Mao thought.

The night passed, and the gang waked up."I hate sleeping on the ground." Etna complained. "Only prinnies should sleep like this."

"Quit complaining." Adell said. "Now let's go." He then tripped over Laharl who was still sleeping.

"He's still asleep?" "Yeah. He sleeps for a long time." Etna answered.

"How long does it usually take him to get up?" Mao asked. "10 day's dood." Epic answered

"10 DAYS?" Mao and Adell screamed. "Oh no, I am not waiting that long." Adell then started kicking Laharl. "WAKE UP!" Then Mao got an idea and started disecting Laharl. "A demon human hybrid... perfect."

"Here's how you wake the brat up the right way." Etna said. She started stabbing Laharl repeatedly with her spear. "WAKE UP!" She then shot him repeatedly, and used her Chaos Impact(which Mao had to suffer as well) for 2 hours untill the combined efforts of her, Adell and Mao, finally got him to wake up.

"Who woke me up?" He demanded. He then automaticaly used Overlord's wrath on Epic. "That'll teach you a lesson."

Laharl then had some pains inside him for some reason. Possibly his organs have been tampered with. Flonne wasn't doing so well either.

"Flonne, you look terrible." Laharl said with concern. Despite the way he acts he secretly does care about Etna and Flonne. As for Adell, Mao, and Epic, they can starve, burn, and then freeze to death for all he cares.

"I'm fine. I just stayed up all night." Flonnes' eyes were completely red. (Redder than usual because as a fallen angel, her eyes are red)

"Why did you do that?" Adell asked. Laharl, Etna and Epic suddenly realized why, and looked at Mao.

"Anyway, it's time to go to the Netherworld of the Banished's jail Dood!" Epic said in triumph. "I'll lead the way!"

"Bahahahahaha!" Laharl and Etna laughed. "You're a prinny! You think you can be a leader! HA!" Etna laughed.

"That was the funniest thing I heard in my life." Laharl stated.

"Well, unlike you guys, I know my way around. You either allow me to lead, or get trapped here forever Dood!"

"The prinny has a point." Flonne said.

Etna sighed. "Fine, lead." But she got closer to Epic with a spear near his head. "But make one move I don't like and… well, I hope that the nearby restaurant will accept the idea of Prinny shish kabob."

After a gulp, Epic shown them the way to the prison, too get to the dimensional gate. They traveled through swamps, desserts, and lava areas, but treated it like it wasn't a problem.

"Are we there yet?" Flonne asked.

"No." Adell said in an irritated manner. She's been asking this the whole trip.

"Are we there yet?"

"No." Etna said.

"Are we there yet?"

"No." Mao said while gritting his teeth.

"Are we there yet?"

"No!" Laharl yelled.

"… Are we…"

"NO!" Everyone shouted.

"But it's been 4 hours!" She complained.

"Well" Epic said. "It should be right around"

Epic wasn't looking where he was going and got electrified by a fence.

"AUGHHHH DOOD!" Epic fell to the ground. "Here."

"So this is how we'll get home." Mao said.

"But still, your levels won't get back to normal." Etna said.

"We'll find a way." Adell said.

"Alright Dood!" Epic said as he regained consciousness. "We need a plan to sneak in. There should be an air vent that we can fit through. Using it we'll sneak past security and…"

"TO HELL WITH STEALTH! I'M BUSTING RIGHT THROUGH!" Adell bellowed. "Stealth just sn't my style!"

"Isn't the first two sentences the title of this…?" Mao began to say, but Adell punched through the door, and started beating up the security guards.

"That low leveled demon actually has a point." Laharl said. "No fun comes from sneaking in." And with that sentence, he followed Adell.

"Damnit you guys!" Mao screamed. Then he, Etna, Flonne, and Epic chased after them.

They were doing pretty well. Most of the guards who were demon slayers, or brawlers were weaker than the main characters lower levels which were at 40, and the ones who weren't were distracted by Etna.

"Sexy beam!" She then jumped in the air and started doing poses, causing several destructive beams to be fired at 50 drooling, guards about to die.

"Wait a minute. Where was that fallen angel?" Mao asked.

Then Flonne ran and hid between walls, and other areas acting like a ninja saying sound efects out loud.

"Fwoosh!" She then ran and snuck into a barrel. "Nin nin nin!" She finally reached to where the team was. "ZOOM! Look's like nobody saw us." Adell pointed to the knocked out/dead guards in the struggle. "Oh."

"This is too easy." Etna said.

"Don't get cocky Dood. There's still the head jailer."

"So the jailer is a giant level 1500 reaper with a bunch of level 500 succubus's and eryngi at his control?" Mao asked.

"Yeah Dood. How did you know?"

"Because he's here!"

It was true. A giant reaper with eryngi and succubus's(much to Laharl's dismay) were right in front of the dimensional gate.

"Soul's to eat!" The reaper yelled. "I will kill you!"

Etna turned to Epic. "This is your fault prinny!" And then she impaled him with her spear.

Next Episode Intro done by Etna:

"The overlord Laharl has finally met his match!"

Laharl: What are you talking about?

"When a new overlord named Zetta appears, Laharl can't bear to have someone stronger than him exist so he declares war him!"

Laharl: He's not stronger than me! No one is!

Flonne: But Laharl, didn't we all lose to him before, even at the same time?

Laharl: Shut up Flonne

"Right when all seems lost for Laharl, she appears!"

Adell: She being who?

"Gun master Etna!"

Laharl: Must you always try to steal the spotlight!

"Gun master Etna knows she cannot beat the Badass, and Dumbass overlord, but commands her army with her wit to fight for her!"

Mao: Lame

"With Zetta busy fighting , Etna charges up her sexy cannon to use against the powerful opponent! Will she win?

"Next time on hot girl, gun master Etna! Chapter 7: The bullet of hope! The netherworld's final stand!

Laharl: How dare you say someone's stronger than me! You goddamn mother…

"Can't hear you, don't care."