Marti smiled and high fived some of her team mates after they rounded off practice them moved over to the bench to grab her water bottle.

Sitting down she looked up to see Julian leaning against the doorjamb of their gym. For half a second she was caught off guard. He rarely ever met with her in public, much less sought her out.

Marti pushed the surprise aside and stood up walking over to him.

"Hey," She greeted him, still breathless, hands in the pockets of her shorts.

"Hey," no individual word could sound so seductive as his greeting did in that moment, her heart the honey melting off his honeysuckle accent.

"What are you doing here?" she asked, leaning against the doorway as well.

Julian moved so that he had one arm on either side of her, his eyes burning into hers, "You know, you are extremely sexy when your exhausted."

"You are aware there are other people around," Marti mentioned with a joking tone.

"Yeah, I don't care," Julian whispered and leaned down to kiss her, "Stay over tonight?"

"Hmm..." Marti smirked, "We'll see..."

"Hmm," Julian leaned in for another kiss.\

"When I show up or don't," Marti said smugly when they parted again.

"You'll show," he whispered.

"How can you be so sure counselor?"

"I have it on good authority," he whispered and kissed her again, "Tonight."
Then he pushed off the wall and left her there breathless.

After composing herself, Marti walked nonchalantly back to the bench, picking up her water bottle and a towel.

"Was that ?" Savanah asked coming up next to her. Marti glanced at her but said nothing before returning her gaze to where he had lounged on the door frame, "Wait, isn't he your law professor?"

"Was," Marti corrected her.

"And your still talking to him?" Savanah asked with a tad too much surprise.
Marti turned to her, "How do you think I get all these favors from him."

"Your," She lowered her voice but the shocked tone remained, "You're sleeping with him?"

"No!" Marti retorted quickly, "Well yes, but not like that. We're dating."

"You're dating your teacher?"

"Ex-teacher. Savanah, there is nothing wrong here. We're both of legal age. He is NOT my teacher. It's fine," Marti moved to get her things.

"I guess I can't blame you. He is cute."

"Who's cute?" Dan asked, cutting in.

Savanah smiled at him, "Marti's new beau."

"Oh," Dan dragged the word out with a smirk.

Marti rolled her eyes, "I gotta go."

"Are you going to see HIM?" Savanah teased.

"No." Yes, she thought internally, but she wasn't going to tell her that.