Before We Were Caught 5

Julian called Marti that night after he got Nikki to sleep. He had something he wanted to ask her but he digit know how she would respond, If she would think he was moving too fast, or pushing her into something.

"Hello," Marti answered flirtatiously.

"Hello," Julian replied and smiled.

"How'd the day go with your daughter?"

"Good," Julian scratched his cheek, hesitant to have this conversation, "she asked about you."

"She what?" Marti sounded surprised.

"She was asking questions about you."

There was silence on the other end for a moment, "what did you tell her?"

"That you were someone very important to me," on the other end, Marti smiled and bit her nail, blushing a little, "I was thinking... How would you feel about attending an appointment with my talk about Nikki?"

"What about Nikki?" Marti asked.

"Just about us, our relationship, and whether now is a good time to introduce you into her life," Julian explained.

Marti froze and the tone of her voice turned defensive, "why?"

"I just want to be sure that I'm introducing her to a strong relationship. She needs stability in her life. We talked about that."

"I know we did, but you should be able to know for yourself if we have strong relationship. Are you not sure if this will be for the long run?"

"Marti I don't mean it that way-"

"But that's what is sounds like," Marti snapped, "I'm not going anywhere. I don't need a shrink to tell me that. If you do then you don't understand US."

"Marti-" before he could try to rectify his words the line clicked and the emptiness of the dial tone filled his ears.

Julian bit his lip then in a burst of rage, threw the phone across the room.