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Each day for the past 13 years he had grown stronger and stronger under the guide of the Saiyans. Every morning the three Saiyans woke to find him in the gravity chamber pushing his body to the limit, trying to live up to his mentors' expectations. They no longer saw the little boy they had kidnapped when he was only four years old, they saw a true warrior. Unfortunately, they weren't the only ones noticing.

Vegeta arose from his bed, several distinct cracks were heard as he stretched, his tail finding its way around his waist. After putting on his usual attire, ensuring that his hair stood the way that it usually did, he made his way into the living room of the house. Over the past decade, the Saiyans had quickly risen in rank and strength with the boy's inclusion and thus had been given their own private residence with training grounds provided. He found Nappa and Raditz eating breakfast whilst sharing jokes with one another while the familiar sound of the boy training pounded through the walls. After a few messy years, the Saiyans had grown to like the boy they stole and had made part of the "family."

"When was the last time anybody checked his power level?" Vegeta asked with a grunt, already knowing that the answer was beyond knowledge. "Last I heard it was only nine thousand."

"You might be thinking about when he started fighting alongside us, I couldn't get a scouter to read his power level two years ago so I have no idea," answered Nappa, the light from the roof reflecting off of the top of his head. No scouter had been able to keep track of any of their ratings; no form of technology had the power to withstand the force the Saiyans emitted.

"It can't be too high," said Raditz, his gravity defining hair sticking straight up before flowing halfway down his back. "Every time he comes out of his training we spar with him and defeat him every time. He had a better chance when he didn't train before breakfast."

"Does anybody know what gravity he has been training at?" Vegeta asked the group.

"Well I train at one hundred and twenty times this planet, funny since this planet and his home have equal amounts of gravity, and he trains at ninety," Nappa said pointing at Raditz. "I get tired after about two hours so the kid must be working at about sixty, maybe even seventy."

"No wonder he's fatigued when he's facing us," said Vegeta finding the answer suitable. He trained at one hundred and fifty times gravity so what should he worry about. It would be simple to check the data but he didn't really care to be honest, so long as he was trying to make himself steadily stronger.

"Do you reckon that last solo mission got to him?" asked Nappa, a serious expression spread across his face.

"In what way?" retorted Raditz, curious to know what Vegeta's bodyguard had to say.

"Well, when he got back two months ago he has been doing his training ever since. Maybe something irritated him," explained Nappa.

"Well he completed the job and came back unscratched, although it was a fairly easy mission. Maybe he wants a challenge," said Vegeta, knowing that those would have been his thoughts had he been in the kid's shoes.

"Perhaps," concluded Raditz. He briefly recalled the day 13 years earlier when he had taken the child from Kakarot. He knew when he lifted off that Kakarot was still alive and that this would be his eternal punishment for being so pitifully weak. As years went past he became the father figure and cared for the boy as if he were his own son. Vegeta and Nappa hated to admit it but they too cared for the boy dearly. There had been talk about returning to where Kakkarot was, to see whether or not he was strong enough to join their forces but due to frequent missions it was always pushed to the side.

The sound of the boy training continued as there was a loud knock on the door.

"It's open," shouted Nappa before whispering to his comrades, "Is anybody expecting anyone?" Both Saiyans shook their heads as the door opened to reveal three people standing in the doorway. In rapid succession, all three Saiyans dropped to their knees and bowed.

"You honour us with your presence Lord Freiza," said Vegeta showing his respect, or the false respect that he was forced to show in order to protect his life. Vegeta truly would have loved nothing more than to punch a hole straight through Frieza's head and become a free man but he feared he wasn't strong enough.

Frieza walked forward, Zarbon and Dodoria by his sides. "Where is the boy?" said Zarbon speaking for Frieza who was in his first form. He would have been floating in his usual transport however it had needed maintenance in order for it to be in perfect working order.

"He is just finishing his morning training in the gravity chamber," stated Vegeta, curious to why the self proclaimed ruler of the galaxy had interest in a teenage Saiyan.

"Lead on," said Zarbon with a flick of his hand. Standing upright, the Saiyans led the way to where the gravity chamber lay. As they reached it, they turned and watched through the Perspex screen to saw the boy training at incredible speeds which could hardly be seen in their weakened states (having found out many years ago how to hide their true strength). What were once giant robots now lay in pieces of scrap metal. Blood dripped down his arm where it hung numbly by his side. With his free hand he successfully fended off several attacks from robots thrice his size.

Vegeta pressed a button and the simulation came to an end. The pieces of metal disintegrated into pure matter and seeped into the floor. "Gohan," Vegeta shouted. With cold eyes, Gohan's head turned to look to where the group stood, a trail of blood seeping over his right eye. "You have visitors," Vegeta concluded, a scowl spread across his face.

Gohan stood silently for a moment in the centre of the gravity chamber, several deep gashes were bleeding from his chest and back but they didn't faze him in the slightest. "Switch the training back on Vegeta, I'm not finished yet," commanded Gohan, his voice booming with power. Frieza's eyes tinted slightly, not used to being ignored in such fashion.

"I like a little spunk in them," said Zarbon licking his lips while brushing a lock of green hair behind his ear.

"Bring him to me Zarbon," commanded Frieza in his cold voice, his eyes focused directly at the boy in the room.

Zarbon bowed, "As you command Lord Frieza." Smiling valiantly, Zarbon opened the door to the chamber, causing the gravity to briefly return to normal. He closed the door and the gravity started to build again. Zarbon walked forward with a purpose but as the gravity rose to what it had been, he found himself struggling to move.

Zarbon walked slowly, struggling to keep himself from collapsing entirely. "What gravity is the boy training at?" Dodoria asked quizzically.

"We believe the kid trains at approximately sixty times the gravity of this planet," answered Nappa.

"Zarbon isn't fazed by a hundred times gravity," said Frieza pressing a few buttons on the central control pad. A screen appeared on the window showing the gravity that Gohan had been training at over the past two months. He wasn't interested in the fact that four months ago he had started at sixty times gravity but was quivering as he saw how quickly he had improved. The Saiyans saw these numbers and were astounded as well. Gohan was training at two hundred and forty times gravity without it having a major effect on his body. He had been training at that level for several days now, for longer periods of time daily.

They watched in horror as Gohan slowly walked towards Zarbon, cold hate in his eyes. Dodoria rushed to the door and opened it, causing the gravity to return to normal. Zarbon breathed deeply as mobility returned to his body. Gohan walked past him but Zarbon appeared in front of him with lightning speed. With a vicious right hook he connected with Gohan's cheek, causing his head to snap violently, the green alien feeling cheated. Zarbon smiled, until his face turned to one of pure horror as Gohan's head turned slowly, not a single trace that he had been hit marking his face; cold eyes seemed to peer right into Zarbon's soul. "Do you mind?" he said menacingly, venom dripping from his lips. Zarbon stepped out of his way as Gohan walked out of the room towards Frieza.

"You summoned me," Gohan stated with hatred in his eyes, irritated by the fact his training had been cut short.

Frieza composed himself, the boy seemed to show no fear towards the strongest creature in the galaxy. "Due to your recent success I am sending you on a break," he explained.

"A break?" said Gohan confused, yet the tone of voice he had used made it sound like he didn't deserve it.

"Yes, we are sending you to a small planet called Earth for a recon mission, something a little different." The Saiyans became stiff as they heard Earth except for Gohan who matched Frieza's vicious stare. "Think of it as a brief time off period, I want you to find out everything there is to know about this planet to see what it is worth but keep the people alive, do not be the one to make the first move. You will dress like them, talk like them and eventually blend in with a crowd."

"I understand," said Gohan bowing his head, only because he knew he had to, not out of respect.

"Good, you're pod leaves at 0800 hours," said Frieza as he and his henchmen turned towards the exit, marching in sync they left, the door closing behind them.

Gohan lifted his head and saw the other Saiyans staring at him. A minute passed before the Saiyans looked away in disbelief, Raditz snickering on his way to the living room. "Can you get me all the data you can about Earth?" Gohan asked of Raditz.

"I can tell you a bit more then what'll you'll find in the system," said Raditz beckoning Gohan to sit with him as he placed himself on the couch. Gohan, however, remained standing as he looked down at Raditz. "Suit yourself," said Raditz with a shrug of the shoulders. "Earth, is the planet which you were born on, you are a half-breed, part Saiyan part Human." This news came as a shock to Gohan but he regained his composure quickly so that only those with extreme eyesight could have picked up the sense of.

"So there is a Saiyan on Earth," Gohan asked, figuring that part out himself.

"Yes, your father. This trip may be to try and entice him to join us but there may be other reasons behind it. Don't bother searching every strip of the planet for him; it's just too big with really rough terrain. Go to the nearest city but don't let people see you flying; it doesn't send a good image. We will get you some Earth clothes to wear, there's likely to be some money in the pod, and try not to let people see your tail."

"It's not my fault if people see it and I know well enough not to look at the full moon if I'm meant to blend in," said Gohan, irked that his uncle would think he would be that stupid.

"You've learnt well. Since it is a recon don't go kill anyone and if possible don't show anyone your true power. Now, let's chuck you in a recovery capsule so you're ready for your flight tomorrow morning." With that Raditz and Gohan walked out the door and flew off towards the nearest hospital.


"Why did you stray from the plan to have him join us on your mission?" Dodoria asked as they walked down the path towards the city.

"Because the brat is a loose cannon, you saw the way he looked at me," he said looking at the Saiyans flying overhead. "His strength was great enough to match my first two forms, possibly even my third. He has the power to wipe out my entire army and do sustainable damage to me in the process. We need a bargaining chip with him, something to control him, and what better way than by letting him to get acquainted with his mother and father. Then we can use them as threats if he chooses to rebel against us."

"Excellent plan Lord Frieza," admired Zarbon. "But I think Dodoria and I can handle him on our own and he will no longer be any problem to us. Once I have the chance to power up I can take him out without trying."

"No," said Frieza, "I will not risk it; I need you alive in six months time when we travel to Namek to find the dragon balls. With Gohan out of the way and the Ginyu Force joining us we should have no problem." They all laughed in agreement as they blasted off, flying through the air towards Frieza's palace.


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