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"So, we're there?" Videl asked questioningly as she leaned against the wall of the command room. It had been roughly two and a half months since they had departed from Earth by her estimates, and things weren't looking as bleak as they once had been.

Gohan had started talking a little more to Goten, and suddenly the young boy wasn't locked in the confines of their shared room any longer. She was a different story but then again, she never had really abided by the unspoken rules that had been laid out in front of them.

"Not yet. We're only just nearing its orbit, however if we keep going at our current speed we should arrive within half an hour," Gohan spoke calmly.

If there was one thing which she had learned during their little trip, it was that the spiky haired man - Vegeta, according to Goten - was a horrible influence on him. Gohan was almost like an entire other person in his presence, and his entire demeanour changed at the mere mention of the man.

That wasn't to say the half-Saiyan was nice otherwise though; she'd discovered the hard way that he wasn't a kind person. It occurred to her that he was likely suffering from the loss of his parents, although he didn't exactly show it. His entire attitude was infuriating, but no more than the fact that she hadn't known him before the deaths of his parents.

Hell, he had only known them for a few days himself... but nevertheless she couldn't tell if he was just an asshole by nature or if he was attempting to shut her away because he saw her as some kind of a link to his late parents.

"Wouldn't it make sense to slow down then? The locals or whatever could always sense us coming and they might not take to our arrival too well."

"Namekians are far too primitive to sense us coming and they hardly pose a threat to us anyway," he said with a sophisticated tone to his voice. Oddly enough, he didn't sound half as bloodthirsty as he normally did. More like a scholar, but given their current situation a tactician sounded more like it.

Videl almost opened her mouth before hesitating. It was possible that Namekians could naturally sense Ki signatures, much like humans could after honing in their abilities but given the fact that Gohan referred to them as primitive she doubted it.

"So how does this work?" Videl asked inquisitively. "I've never been in space before, so I don't know how to land... it's probably similar to my jet-copter right?"

She received no response save for an irritated scowl. Taking that as her sign to leave, the young girl promptly walked out of the command room; Goten had probably gotten himself into some form of trouble anyway.

Sighing as she walked through the corridor of the spaceship that she had become so very accustomed to over the last few months, she paused for a brief second to gather herself. She had been forcibly taken along - no, kidnapped - to babysit Goten. All the abuse she had experienced, all the grief she'd been through... it all boiled down to what would happen next. Gohan was searching for someone on Planet Namek and she had reason to suspect that it was one of their locals. Come to think of it, it was entirely possible that the bounty hunter who had killed Goku and Chichi had also been a Namekian.

A Namekian who had tried to kill off the rest of a very much-nearly extinct race... if her gut feeling was right, she was about the witness the mass genocide of an alien race.

'Value your enemies life as you do your own and love it like you love the life of your loved ones. With immense power comes immense responsibility, so make sure that you don't go abusing it.'

She grimaced as she remembered her teacher's words. The first sentence didn't really sound like something that Goku would normally say, so she suspected it was something that had been passed down to her from his own teacher, but the second one had his name written all over it.

She knew that if it came down to it... she was going to have to kill anyone who opposed her and their little group. If she didn't, she was almost positive that the two elder Saiyans would kill her for not doing so. While she hadn't necessarily taken Goku's lesson to heart - why would she ever have to kill anyone? - it was difficult knowing that she would have to betray his teachings.

He really was the best teacher she had ever had, the tutors that her father had hired were no contest, so while she knew she'd have to go against what she was taught it hurt a little inside to betray what such kind man had taught her. She just hoped that he would forgive her when they met in the afterlife. If not, she wasn't sure that she'd be able to live- even while dead - with the guilt.

Suddenly a loud, high-pitched wailing sound echoed throughout the aircraft, snapping Videl from her thoughts.

"Warning! Warning! Warning! Security breach! Code 074E in area 8D!"

A security breach...? That meant one of two things; either one of three idiots on board the ship touched something they shouldn't have, or they were being invaded.

Whatever the case was, she needed to grab Goten and get to safety as quickly as possible. The damn kid was sure to get himself in trouble, knowing his insanely high level of curiosity. Videl swore violently as she broke into a sprint, stretching several strained muscles from various exercises that had served to keep her in shape.

She noticed the corridor was suddenly eerily quiet, almost as though a living soul hadn't walked through it in centuries. It wasn't that it was frightening or anything... just empty.

She had half a mind to turn back to Gohan and see if he had any answers, but given that she had no idea what area '8D' was, it was probably safest to stay where she was - where she couldn't hear anything except for the occasional sound of her heavy breaths.

Their room wasn't too much further anyway, despite it conveniently being the furthest away from the command room, so she hoped that she would find Goten there by some odd stroke of luck. It would be a royal pain to march all the way to the kitchen while keeping an eye out for potential intruders.

Holding her breath, Videl slowed down to a quiet tip-toe as her eyes flashed through the area in front of her, darting from every corner to dark spot. These Namekians sounded like they weren't too strong, but then again that was Gohan talking, the crazy half-alien who could blast through a bus without breaking a sweat.

They were 'primitive' which either meant that they weren't too technologically advanced or that they were a race of brutes - ones which hadn't quite evolved like the rest of them had. Brutes she could handle, and probably outrun given that they were usually stupid and slow, but she wasn't too sure about the other option. Nevertheless, Videl found herself praying quietly that the intruders were as far away from her as possible. Or better yet, that there weren't any aboard the ship and that it was a false alarm.

Sighing, she attempted to relax herself as she reached the the last door in the rather large corridor. It was her room, and hopefully the only sentient being within it would be an eight-year old boy who still wanted nothing more than to cuddle up to his mother once more.

Figuring that it was now or never, she turned the icy-cold metal doorknob with an air of cautiousness about her. Peering inside the relatively small room, she found a lone figure standing by the bed. At first the spiky-hair scared her a little before she remembered the ridiculous gravity-defying hair that carried itself on the young boy's head.

He wasn't sleeping, but he was breathtakingly still. She couldn't see all that much from where she was, but it looked as though his arms were pressing his knees against his chest. He was curled up in plain sight, but at least his back was towards the wall.

A nervous feeling overcame Videl as she slowly stepped closer towards the young boy. Perhaps the Namekians had already been through the area, and dealt with him... Perha- she shook her head in an attempt to prevent her mind from wandering any further.

With luck, he would be completely fine, if just a little shaken. If anything had really happened to the little guy she knew that she wouldn't have been able to forgive herself...

"... Goten? Are you alright, buddy?" she asked slowly, making sure to sugar-coat her voice and hopefully reassure him a little.

"S-stay away for me!" Goten yelled in an attempt to get her to back off, the terrified undertone to his voice making it clear that he wasn't thinking completely straight.

"Ssshh," she cooed as she dared to take a step closer. "It's alright Goten, it's me, Videl. Now don't be too loud or they might hear us, and come looking for us."

The child turned around somewhat fearfully before hesitating slightly. "Oh... it's you! I sensed a Ki coming, and you had me scared for a bit there."

Videl resisted the temptation to snack her forehead - a Ki check, why didn't she think of that? - as she grinned at the boy's sudden change in attitude. He definitely took after his father, alright.

"Yeah, there are a couple of guys on the ship... I'm not exactly sure why, but they had something to do with that siren you heard a little while ago. It's probably a good idea if we just stay in here and hide this one out, okay?" Videl sighed. She hated hiding, she really did, it went against her upbringing, but there wasn't much that she could do at the moment.

"But they're not even that strong! I could totally take 'em!" Goten exclaimed as he threw his arms up in protest.

Stretching as she reached her own Ki senses out for the first time in a while, Videl shuddered slightly. It was still pretty unnerving to think of the difference in power between herself and the younger boy sitting next to her... the weakest guy that she could feel was at least twenty times stronger than her. If all the Namekians were that strong... she was going to have a really tough time.

"Then why were you hiding?" She chuckled slightly, hoping that the slight reminder of the fear the young boy had been feeling a little while ago would be enough to convince him to stay put.

"I wasn't hiding!" he yelled childishly, as he stuck his tongue out. "I... was just looking for something under the bed."

"Sure you were," she grinned as she brought her index finger up to her mouth, gesturing for the younger boy to quieten down. "But anyway, we need to be careful here Goten. These are aliens that we're dealing with, they could have special powers that we've never heard of before-"

"So what, we can shoot Ki beams from our hands!"

She grimaced. "-or the technology that killed your father."

As a shocked look overcame Goten's face, she realised that in hindsight she probably shouldn't have said it. All of the boy's innocence seemed to shatter as he looked up at her and nodded.

"We should probably suppress out Ki signatures too, that way they won't be able to find us."

Wordlessly, the pig-tailed girl nodded as she motioned for Goten to hide in the closet. If the bedroom was small, then the closet was minuscule with barely just enough headroom for a grown man to stand and barely enough standing room for just one person to fit in. Thankfully, her height came in handy as she was nowhere near as tall as a decently tall man would be, and after they huddled up really close, the two of them managed to get the door shut.

"... I've got to pee."


Gohan growled as he fumbled around with the controls of the ship, finally managing to get the alarm to turn off. The damned thing was too loud from where he was, and while he found himself somewhat impressed with the humans' ability to get the alarm to vocalise the location of the 'security breach,' he really couldn't care less. It was less than helpful, he had no idea where in the hell area 8D was, and it let whatever intruders that were aboard the ship know that everyone was now aware of their presence.

If there weren't any intruders, he was going to make whoever or whatever was responsible for the triggering of the alarm pay. Even if it meant turning the damn ship around and going to find the pesky humans that made it. He hadn't slept in about twenty hours and some false alarm was the last thing he wanted to deal with.

Cursing as he stood up from the pilot chair, he quickly left the control room as he now realised that Vegeta had the only scouter on the ship. The prince hadn't been kind enough so as to bring him a scouter, and Gohan hadn't been stupid enough to ask to borrow his.

While he really just wanted to blast a hole in a wall and let one of the intruders come to him, he knew that it would be much more rational to go and find Vegeta and then sneak up on the aliens - Saiyan pride wasn't worth suffocating in the vacuum of space, especially not over a bunch of intruders. All that though, did nothing to help calm the urge.

Vegeta's room was usually where he would be. He'd evidently decided to leave control of the ship and the two "Earth brats" to Gohan, but he didn't expect to find the proud man there. No, he would be rushing headfirst into the danger.

The problem though was that Gohan didn't know where the danger was, so it was either staying stationary and waiting until he heard a loud explosion or hoping that he'd run into either Vegeta or the intruders. He wasn't complaining either way.

Gohan had half a mind to try and find Goten and the Earth girl as well, but that wasn't exactly on top his priority list at the moment. The girl was a coward with a hairpin trigger of a mouth, and he had no doubt that she'd heard the alarm so she was probably hiding somewhere. And he was confident that Goten could hold his own, he wasn't bad for an eight year old but that didn't stop him from walking a little faster.

Something told him that the kitchen was his best bet, the wall was made of some kind of transparent material. Frieza's army wasn't unaccustomed to such materials, they were quite common but useless too. It was likely that the material was glass, a material that provided almost completely accurate transparency with no real sturdiness or strength. It figured that these humans were stupid enough to fit the exterior walls of a spaceship with glass anyway.


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