Title: Tune-Up

Characters/Pairing: Klaine, mentions of Nick, Jeff, and Burt

Summary: Blaine is either really accident prone when it comes to cars, or Kurt can really rock the Grease Monkey look.

Disclaimer: I don't own Glee. If I did, this would happen!

Author's Note: I was prompted with Blaine gets turned on by Kurt's Grease Monkey look. This is what came from that! =D

In the beginning, when Blaine started to bring his car in for tune-ups, and repairs to his dad's garage, Kurt thought nothing of it.

If he was truly honest, he loved it.

There was something in the way that Blaine watched, practically oogled him while he worked, grease on his palms, sweat on his brow, that nearly made him melt, burn, and fumble a wrench here or there.

It was even better after the third time, when Blaine seemed to SNAP after he was done, and ravaged him in the back seat. He was so very thankful that his Dad had already left, and told him to lock up.

Working on Blaine's car made him feel hot and flustered, and it was obvious just how much Blaine enjoyed watching him do it, whether he was sitting in the chair across the room, or looking over his shoulder, arms around his waist and chest, slowly grinding him from behind.

As much as Kurt loved the attention, and the sexy times he and Blaine had together after fixing the newest problems, Kurt started to wonder just how accident prone Blaine was with his car. It seemed to Kurt he was pretty careless with it most of the time, with all of the scrapes and bumps he had with it.

It wasn't until Blaine had him realign his car because he, "hit a chicken", a frozen, store bought chicken that Jeff and Nick "accidentally" threw into the middle of the Dalton student parking lot, that he started to get the idea that Blaine might be doing things on purpose.

Kurt knew he should complain about it, tell his boyfriend that automobiles were to be taken care of. Like he himself took care of his precious Baby.

But as Kurt looked at the, "tragically pink spray paint accident", and pulled a misplaced trumpet and paper coffee cup from under the hood, looking back at his boyfriend, with his embarrassed shrug, yet smouldering eyes...Kurt really didn't mind. After all, if Blaine was into it, Greasy Monkey was clearly a look he could rock.

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