This takes place after Kurt returns to McKinley. It has some details from the show, but mostly it's from my head. I've never written one of these before so please review!

Chapter 1

Kurt inspected his new manicure as Mr. Sheuster droned on about the importance of chemistry in a duet. Blah, blah, good marriage, blah, passion, blah, he thought. Mr. Sheuster was his favorite teacher at McKinley High, but his lessons were usually obvious and boring. He adored being back with New Direction more than he could say, but admittedly enjoyed the brotherly comfort of the Warblers at Dalton Academy.

Kurt had been back at McKinley for almost two months now and was happier than ever. Most of the bullying towards him stopped, the class load was easier, he had his New Direction family back, which were headed to Nationals in New York next month, and best of all, he still had Blaine. Blaine, he thought; the curly haired crooner who was the star of the Warblers. The thought of him brought a smile to Kurt's face. Blaine was handsome, talented, smart, caring, and to Kurt's utter amazement, even after these past three months, Blaine was all his. He thought back to Regionals when Blaine chose him to sing "Candles" with. We had perfect chemistry. He was never a Hey Monday fan, but since that was the song that brought them together he grew to love the band instantly. Kurt blushed at the thought of Blaine confessing his feelings for Kurt after explaining why he chose "Candles" and followed it up with a kiss.

Their relationship hadn't progressed much further than kissing, but that suited both boys just fine. Kurt wasn't anywhere near ready for much else, but Blaine was open about the want to take things slow because he didn't want to screw things up. Blaine was so perfect in Kurt's eyes that he couldn't fathom Blaine even being close to screwing up tying his shoes never mind a relationship.

"So, much like in the past," Mr. began, "we're going to have a little competition. Everyone's going to pick a name out of a hat and he or she will be your duet partner."

"What does the winner get?" Santana asked

"Since dinner for two at Breadsticks seemed to motivate all of you last time, we're going to reinstate that as the prize." Cheers erupted. Neither Finn or Kurt particularly cared because they both went there as a family often, but the competition was fun.

The line up went as follows: Brittany/Mike Chang, Artie/Sam, Tina/Rachel, Quinn/Lauren, Puck/Santana/Mercedes, Kurt/Finn. Kurt was thrilled to sing a duet with his brother, but his excitement was quickly squashed by his stepbrother's confusion and preference for a different partner.

"Mr. Shoo, how can Kurt and I have a marriage or passion? We're brother's. It's gross."

Finn's lack of understanding abstract concepts was nothing new. Kurt was surprised at how everyone continued to forget that Finn's head seemed to be filled with Sawdust. "Then it should be easy for you because you both already share a common connection."

Kurt shot Finn an embarrassed look and Finn mouthed the words "I'm sorry." This would be a topic that would go undiscussed because it didn't offend Kurt and it would only end up hurting Finn's feelings at the thought of people thinking he was dumb, which was true whether it was discussed or not. At least he doesn't want to be my partner because I'm his family and not because I'm gay. That's ten steps in the right direction. He shrugged his shoulders and made a "whatever" face to let his brother know there were no hard feelings.

"Spy!" Rachel yelled as she pointed toward the door.

Kurt was elated to see his too-handsome-to-not-be-a-model boyfriend standing in the doorway. He wanted to rush down to greet him, but he thought better of it so he wouldn't embarrass himself.

Blaine lifted his hands as if the surrender. "I come in peace."

"I thought Kurt's boyfriend went to Dalton," Brittany added, further perpetuating the idea that she had a child's brain.

Blaine quickly glanced up at Kurt, flashed a coy smile, and winked as Mr. Sheuster invited him in. Blaine was followed by David and Wes, two Warbler counsel members.

Kurt was confused, thinking Blaine would have told him that he was going to be making a surprise cameo during his rehearsal. David extracted a white envelope from his Dalton Academy blazer and handed it to Mr. Sheuster.

Wes took center stage and the three boys stood a familiar stance to Kurt: shoulders back, feet shoulder width apart, hands clasped in front. Wes reminded Kurt of a business man or lawyer. He always wore a smile that was both charming and saying he was trying to sell you something. "The Warbler counsel has come to extend an invitation to the Dalton Academy Arts Benefit." The room filled with excited smiles. "we're so thankful for all the encouragement and support the New Directions have given us that we would like to offer our charity guests a concert of combined talent."

"Wow, that's very kind and hospitable of Dalton. What do you say guys?" Mr. Sheuster gestured to his students and offered the decision to them.

"Yeah!" and "Definitely!" were among the many things shouted.

"All the information is in the envelope. We must be going. Thank you for your time," Wes concluded. "The three boys exited the room, but not before Blaine shot Kurt another flirtatious smile.

The room started buzzing with elated comments Kurt saw an opportunity to scoot out of the room undetected and took it. He headed toward the parking lot and caught up with the boys near the rest rooms. He silently snuck up behind Blaine, grasped his right hand, and pulled him in the men's room. Wes and David were none the wiser that their fellow Warbler was not longer at their side.

In the privacy of the lone bathroom Kurt pulled Blaine into an embrace. Both boys exhaled as if to say "at last."